The Cherry Blossom 10 miler that Wasn’t

So I didn’t run the Cherry Blossom Ten miler.

DC cherry blossoms

I was okay with this. Hubs’s drill schedule changed about a week and a half out from the race and his drill was moved up a week. For those of you who haven’t run the cherry blossom 10 miler, it’s a fantastic race and I highly recommend it, but it’s an early race. I would have had to leave the house by 5:30 – latest. Before Hubs left mind you – to get to the race. I probably wouldn’t have gotten home much before 11a so even if we got a sitter for when hubs left around 6:30a, it would have been 5 hours so between $50-75 for a sitter – roughly the cost of the race.

I’m not about doubling race fees for baby sitters. I don’t roll that way.

So, knowing the transfer period ended, I took a shot in the dark and emailed the race director explaining the situation – no family, no babysitters (seriously, the likelihood of me finding a sitter on short notice for 6am on a sunday?! LOLOLOL) and a husband with National Guard duty that changed last minute.

Bless them, they made an exception. Relief!

Had I trained better, and actually gotten my long runs in,  I might have been more disappointed/pissed at the situation. But there was a lot of life over the past three months (we moved! bought a house! I changed jobs! we hosted family for Easter! And had Ethan’s 3rd birthday party at the house! ) so my training didn’t go as I had hoped and I was very much okay with this outcome (even more so when I saw the weather forecast – bravo to ALL the runners who ran on Sunday – especially in those conditions!)

So what did I do?

Registered for another race, duh.

I’ll be running the Sole of the City 10k in Baltimore next weekend. I’ve been solidly running 3.5 – 5 miles the past couple of months so I feel okay with this despite…a kind of…m’eh training for the 10 miler

It sets me up quite well for Zooma training though! And that race, I’m itching so hard for a PR – sub 1:00? I’ve got this. Next weekend will set a good baseline since I haven’t run 6.2 miles since the bridge run in November.

So how am I preparing?

Well, to date my longest run was just short of 5 miles so I’m not in awful shape as far as distance goes.

This past week I fit in ~10 miles. This upcoming week:

Monday: Run 3.3 (for my 33rd birthday which is technically on Tuesday but I have a busy day Tuesday so I know it won’t happen)
Tuesday: rest (or another 3.3 if i feel like it)
Wednesday: 3-4 (hills?!)
Thursday: rest
Friday: yoga? maybe?
Saturday: 10k!

Speaking of Zooma…

They added a 5k for Annapolis! How flipping awesome is that?! There’s less than 60 days until the race now, so register early before the fees go up! Keep in mind for Zooma Annapolis or ANY of the Zooma series races in Florida or Cape Code, you can use code HEIDI16 to get 10% off your registration fee. Come run/train with me! 

How do you handle race set backs? Did you run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler? How did it go for you? 


10k Training Week 1 Recap

So I started my 10k training last week. I wasn’t expecting to be as…slow as I was? Or as sore as I was…but despite the hurdles I’m currently stumbling over to get myself back into shape, it felt really good just to be in the race again if you will.

I did 3 of my 4 scheduled workouts. Sunday’s 3 mile run got scratched when baby decided to not really sleep well/at all after 3:30a. Poor kid has super bad gassiness and just couldn’t get comfortable. Pretty sure hubs and I were alternating getting up every 10-30 minutes each. It was rough. Then we met up with a mama friend of mine at the barBayQ festival and after that? Ethan and I were both spent so no running was done. But that’s okay, because I still got in a few miles last week.

Monday was raining so I got started on the elliptical with a high resistance interval workout. It was okay, but I find the elliptical  to be, on the fun scale, lower than the dreadmill. It was boring but it did feel really good to work up a sweat again.

Tuesday I rested because it was rainy again so we didn’t do much. Whoops?

Wednesday I got in a run! Yay! I did 3/2 run/walk intervals that were originally on Monday’s workout plan with a nice walking warmup and cool down. I was out for just about 30 minutes and did just under three miles. Felt good to be moving but my hips ached and so did my lower back. To be expected given the elasticity of my joints still post-partum.

Thursday was another off day. I should have gotten in a strength workout but I didn’t. It’s okay though – I’m not pushing it all, I’m listening to my body.

Friday it was beautiful out, and I had a 3 miler on the schedule – 40 minutes later. I let myself walk when I was tired, and man, my boobs just hurt a lot more when I run – even after nursing Ethan before I went out.

Saturday was a bust since my dad came to town, and Sunday I was utterly exhausted since baby hasn’t been sleeping well due to excessive gassiness. The poor look of discomfort on his face when he keeps waking himself up is just heartbreaking. Regardless, was so tired, we ended up sleeping on and off till about 11.


But my Newton’s are just…super happy to be back out and hitting the pavement though this week I’m going to check out new sneaks. Considering the Saucony Kinvara, the New Balance Minimus, and of course…a new pair of Newton’s. But I have some gift cards to Charm City Run, so we’ll see what’s in store. All I know, is mama needs a new pair of shoes.

Lessons this week: Listen to my body. Don’t be afraid to walk it out. Nurse before running. Never underestimate the value of a good jog bra (I never had these problems before. They’re new to me…don’t judge). I can’t emphasize the importance of listening to my body – whether it’s walking or knowing when to skip a workout.

Also, I’m reevaluating whether or not speed workouts are valuable, I need to just focus on my endurance and based on this past week, I’m going to stick to just walk/running to get back into it and not worry about the speed workouts.

This week’s training schedule…

Monday: Run – 5 min slow warm up/ 5x 4 min run 1 min walk x 6 /5 min easy cool down
Tuesday: Walk or strength (optional)
Wednesday: Run – easy 30 minutes
Thursday: optional – strength/walk
Friday: Run 3 miles
Saturday: rest or yoga
Sunday: Run 4 miles

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from working out – whether starting a new program or getting back into an old one after an injury or pregnancy? 


First Post-Baby Workout

I started my 10k training yesterday and already had to switch today and yesterdays workouts. I try not to be the type of person who gets all pissy when workouts don’t go as planned, the only reason I was cranky was this was my first run in way too many months so I was looking forward to it (and trying out my new Ta-ta Tamer from lululemon that I picked up this weekend. A high support bra was necessary for this nursing mama).

My training plan called for… a 30 minute run:  with 5 min easy w/u; 5x 3min running/2 min walking; 5 min c/d walking briskly.

But it rained yesterday. So I trudged to the gym in the rain. Then I waited for the treadmill (there’s only two in our gym), silly me going during peak hours. Even at our apartment complex…they still keep peak hours like every other gym (this was around 6-6:30p).

Finally…an elliptical opened up. Ergh. If there’s one thing I loathe more than the gym in general, it’s the effing elliptical. I think that dates back to the gym at college and seeing all the overly dressed ladies spend hours on the elliptical, with make up, never breaking out a sweat but still being a freakin’ size 2. I envy those types of people.

At least I had Pandora and the Nightly News with Brian Williams. And I like timed intervals. It goes by really fast. I haven’t listened to pandora in forever and it started with Journey “Don’t Stop Believing” and that my friends is when you know it’ll be a good workout.

The elliptical was however…not the same. But it worked. I suppose.

Thirty minutes. That was all. Not so bad. I told myself: “Okay, I’ll do the five minute warm up and maybe a treadmill will open up.” It didn’t. So I told myself I’d do ten minutes to get the warm-up and cool down portion done then move over to a treadmill.

The two treadmills opened up when I was 25 minutes into my workout with one set of intervals left.


Workout totals… (#proof)…

Elliptical workout

elliptical workout 2

I did 5 minutes high resistance to warm up.
then I alternated 3 min with high resistance and  2 minutes fast and easy resistance. Five times.

I cooled down by walking home.

Total time: 33 minutes (incl. walk home)
Total distance: 2.75 (incl. walk home)

Today, I’ll try to really go for a run instead of the walk that was originally planned. Perhaps it won’t have to be done on the treadmill . But yesterday was something. And something is always better than nothing.


A Six Week 10k Training Plan

So as I mentioned last week, I registered for my first post-baby race. Originally, I had intended on running the Women’s Distance Running Festival 5k in Annapolis in July – which happened to be my last running race before the triathlon and subsequently before finding out we were expecting. Last Thursday evening I promptly decided that the Zooma Annapolis 10k would be my first post baby race. It’s was one of my favorites from last year –  it’s local and I decided right from the get-go that I wouldn’t race it for time. During my training (which I’ll get into ), and once I find my beloved Garmin that hasn’t been used in ah-hem…nine or so months…and whose location is currently unknown… I won’t be looking at my clock or the distance unless my training says to (so when i run 3 miles I won’t set the clock or track my pace or vice versa, when I have to run for time on Mondays, I won’t track my distance).

My training plan…


This is how I set up my training plans – usually in the notes I write down my mileage (but I haven’t gotten around to that). Also, google docs (drive) is amaze-balls for creating training plans. I color code the workouts I finish and don’t, so I can see how successful my training was or wasn’t.

My mileage for this training is pretty low, I customized my training based on a 6 week 10k training plan from Fit Chick in the City and the Couch to 5k program. I’m a little short on time so the 6 week aspect was perfect, the mileage was largely great but I incorporated more of the walking from the C25k to make sure I wasn’t pushing myself too hard.

I’m not pushing it as far as my training goes as my OB warned me to still listen to my body. After yoga Friday, I especially know that – there were lots of postures that were difficult that hadn’t previously been. Including arm balances, planks, and hip openers. But that’s what childs pose is for my friends. My Wednesday workouts though incorporate speed, is largely to help the husband train for his next PT test for the National Guard, last year we shaved a good minute off his 2 mile time with lots of intervals. Also, I’m still going to spend a day or two each walking with easy walking workouts, mostly because I really like them, I like getting Ethan out of the house and I like spending the time talking with friends and/or the husband but I added them as “alternate workouts” so that they could be optional if I wasn’t feeling well or didn’t feel like going out.

Also, because I realized at the yoga class I went to Friday afternoon that my core and my arms are severely out of shape – well, stretched I would say about my core – my arms have never been in great shape but that’s something I want, nay, need to work on…strength training. Infant car seats with babies are HEAVY…and its only going to get heavier and my arms are struggling yo.

As far as weight loss goes? Now the real challenge begins. Adam and I have been doing really well sticking to the 80/20 paleo, and I really think that’ll help us stay healthy and stick to our goals.

Here are the numbers…
Prebaby weight: 
39 weeks: 164
5 weeks post partum: 141

I’ll update you all tomorrow with how this mornings run goes! Wish me luck!