Back in ’04…at the DNC, I was lucky enough to have so many opportunities –

I met John Cusack, I met a number of Vermont Politicians as an alternate delegate for our delegation, I saw President Obama speak before he was a senator, I was on stage when John Kerry accepted the nomination but – the only meeting that mattered that week to my now husband who wasn’t even a blip on my radar back then, was meeting Bono.

Note the awful quality from my 2004 era cell phone. I didn’t even know what blackberries were!! I thought flip phones were the shizzle!!!

You see, Hubs has a man-crush on Bono. He’s seen U2 9 times now – we’re going to his tenth and my second show…tomorrow down at NC State. It was my wedding gift to him, bought way before the wedding, knowing that he was bummed to see them only once stateside this tour, but when I found out they were within a five hour drive?! On a saturday?! And we’ve never been to Raleigh?! The tickets weren’t expensive so it seemed worth it.

It is worth it.

Super Fan Boy – taken during the show. He got really excited. It was awesome.

But then…so was all of this….

My sixteen year old self cried a little bit when they played “with or without you” during the encore, I have a very vivid memory of my first heartbreak and hearing that song play out of a car with an open door when my high school “sweetheart” and I saw each other for the first time after he confessed to “cheating” on me with a girl he met online that he was supposed to breaking things off with. She gave him a hickey that weekend – the triteness of it all is amusing but my sixteen year old self was not so amused after telling him she loved him only a week earlier or so.

I still love the song, it marks a moment in my past but Tuesday night – as Hubs has said before was truly a religious experience. There’s nothing more moving than hearing “New Years Day” dedicated to one of your favorite politicians ever. Never has music been so moving to me. And “beautiful Day” was the song we were introduced to at our wedding (well…ish) so it all…just hit a spot. A spot that needed to be moved by music so incredible you’re left just saying “wow” at the end of it all.

Totes bad a$$.


A Year in Blogging

To commemorate year 2 as a blogger….there’s a giveaway over at Legallyheidi Loves

Technically, I’ve been blogging since 2001. It started as a love affair with Livejournal. Followed by another, “different” livejournal (I changed usernames) followed by starting today. Back in 2007. I quit the LJ. Saved entries. Deleted the rest. And then as of last year, here I am.

Living my life…in a lot of pink. And a lot of JCrew.

This year I … wrote about wedding planning, I ran another marathon and PRed, lost my job, tried to freelance (and failed), fiance lost his job, I got a new one, and in one week…from today, I’m getting hitched. I started blogging for DC Nearlyweds, as well as Gals Guide. I got a chance to meet so many amazing bloggers thanks to my trek to Chicago for BlogHer 2009 – my first time leaving the Eastern Timezone (in the US – I’ve left my time zone to go to Singapore and London and Amsterdam). Additionally, I was chosen as a Gap Brand Ambassador (which I’m still recounting over at Legallyheidi Loves – my review blog) which was incredibly exciting for me (since 1. I love to shop 2. I love the Gap!). All in all, it’s been an awesome year of blogging.

So I enter year three. I can’t wait to see the people who will come into my life, write as my first year as a newlywed, and see some of my other favorite bloggers get hitched as well!


Check out the Happy Blogoversary Giveaway over at Legally Heidi Loves….

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended!!!

Happy blogging!!! And happy blogoversary to me!!!


Too Slow

Alternatively titled: A lesson in shopping online.

Say you get an email in your inbox that says “JCREW – NEW STYLES ADDED TO FINAL SALE!” Say you get a little bit excited because well, you like final sale as much as the next person. And then say you find an adorable pencil skirt for $29.99 down from $88 in your size and a color you like.

Do not wait to purchase.

If you do… then you will find that by the time you are ready to purchase said skirt (say after you get off work) then you will find the same skirt, only available in size 0 and bright “fresh” orange.

Of which neither is your size nor preferred color.

Not that that happened to me. I’m just sayin’.


Friday Fashion – Sassy Skirts

A new feature here at Legallyheidi is going to be Friday Fashion – anything you want to see? loves? Hates? Something you think should be featured up here? Send it to heidi[at]legallyheidi[dot]com

Aside from my love of shoes (a well documented love), I have another great love.

Pencil skirts.

Now that I’m back in a professional setting, I have a reason to dress up again and pencil skirts are a staple in my wardrobe.  I love them. Today, for the first installment of Fashion Friday, check out a few of my favorites!

[Via Newport News] In a variety of colors, this one is not only adorable but also affordable!

I love this one from Victoria’s Secret – still coming in under $50 – another classic, budget friendly pick.

This one from Old Navy comes in a few different colors – but I really like the pin stripes – coming in at $30 but only available online.

If you’re looking to spend a bit more, check out this lovely one from JCrew, I love all of their pencil skirts but the pattern on this is so feminine that I can’t help but lustfully stare.

I couldn’t help but notice this one from JCrew as well

$895 for a skirt seems obscene to me – do you think that skirt is worth nearly $900? Apparently enough people did since it’s sold out!

What’s your wardrobe staple??


Any Excuse…

After last week’s brief forray into blogger solitary, I worried I had lost my blogging mojo. Fret not freaders, I just needed some much needed R&R and a brief hiatus.

You see, I can’t blog during the day. Not that I have time even if I wanted to (which I do but well not at work). I’m being kept on my toes, and the great part about it all is that I enjoy every minute of it. It’s kind of a nice change of pace. Kind of a bummer that it came so quickly and sometime within all the wedding planning madness, I seem to have forgotten to enjoy summer.

Anyhow, I’m bringing back Monday Wants – the old regular feature here that is simply a forum for my materialism. With fiance still out of work, my shopping habits have been curbed way back. However, I have gotten to treat myself to a few wedding wardrobe goodies like my rehearsal dinner dress….

On sale at JCrew.

Oh yeah, and when I was in Boston I bought these beauties – which reminds me, I owe a post about the awesomeness that was my bachelorette party and the Sunday night emo-ness that followed when I was hanging in the city by myself for the first time ever since 2006.

Ok so I can’t find a picture but imagine bubblegum pink 3″ pumps. Rounded toe. They screamed to me from the lighted shelves at Nine West in Copley – a place I spent way too many hours at throughout my five years in college – and after trying them on and determining that they were meant for me, they became my bachelorette night glass slippers.

The other gems that I have grown to love?

Steve Madden. $20. No sales tax (thank you massachusetts). Love them.

What do I wish I had the $$ for. Oh plenty – a few shirts and skirts over at JCrew that I’ve been lusting over. Some honeymoon beach attire (need a good bathing suit cover up – anyone have any suggestions?), and some attire to “go out” in. I found this weekend that I seem to be lacking a wardrobe that isn’t either super casual (like lounging) or business casual. This doesn’t bode well for nights out on the town like this past Saturday when a pal of mine showed up in town and we ended up having a few drinks over at Fox and Hounds (a new favorite bar) so much so that fiance had an unfortunate morning after, and left me driving my pal to BWI. That’s what friends are for though right? I had a great time. Even if we got little to nothing done in terms of wedding planning (aside from paying off the cake).

Anyhow, you can thank last week’s hater for the inspiration and welcome “Materialistic Monday’s” into the regular line up taking the place of former Monday Wants. I do love an excuse to go shopping online! (Who doesn’t?!)



You’re Nobody ‘Till…..

Someone on the internets hates you enough to make a faux twitter account in honor of you…

My friends… I have made it.

Why was this started? Because I tweeted about a wedding gift that came in, that was a total surprise. Sorry, we’re 29 days out apparently when people care about you enough to send you something, it arrives unexpectedly at your door. Sorry I’m “materialistic” enough to tweet about this. (I am slightly materialistic, but I admit it, and…it’s not like I don’t care about other things too…)

And for the record? I didn’t come from a wealthy family so I didn’t get super awesome gifts when I was younger, they were heartfelt and wonderful but getting tons of them? Was never my family’s style. So there.

Apparently, I’m kind of a big deal. Trying not to take it personally…trying not to get upset…trying to focus on the task at hand…which at this moment? Is picking out a song for our bridal party to be introduced to…if anyone has suggestions? Feel free to leave them!


Blog Made It Big Time

Today, there was an article about me in the Washington Post.

Not gonna lie, I feel kind of bad ass.

I’ve mentioned this interview once before, as I spent the last five months contemplating what the eff I wanted to do with my life, I was contacted by them to talk about my “quarter life crisis” and my job search and how I was figuring out that eternal question – what do I want to be when I grow up?

I had no idea. I thought I had an idea but two horrible jobs that left me with tear stained cheeks one too many evenings, left me not wanting to get out of bed wondering what the eff I ever found interesting in politics. I questioned where my “real” passion was, what I really wanted to do.

Anyone who knew me in college knew I loved being in the thick of things. Making a difference. Having a say. I – and probably a few others – considered myself one of the more outspoken members of the student senate. Some say that’s a bad thing, I say it was a passion. Being involved. Having a passion. Knowing where I wanted to go with my life.

I wanted to make a difference.

I was an idealist. I’m more pragmatic now, a trait I consider myself to have nursed since my early days in politics.

But my new job. The not so glamorous one that I just started yesterday, that I wrote about in all it’s fabulousness?

I’m excited. I found my passion.

I should have found this job 2 years ago and I would have been ecstatic. Yeah sure, being a scheduler/executive assistant is nothing glamorous, but the people are incredible. The job has potential, and all that I thought I wanted to do when I “grew up” when I had a career? Well? Here it is. For me to touch.

I’m here. I’ve figured it all out. Do I still want to write? Ummm yes. Most definitely. Would I still love to publish that novel? Oh sure! I will some day. I know it.

But for now? I’m fairly certain I’m right where I need to be. It only took me almost three and a half years to get here. I came here because I have/had a passion for public policy, for figuring out the who/what/why/how to policy-making. I’m finally lucky enough to have the opportunity to see it from a new perspective. I’m thrilled, I’m happy and I wake up in the morning excited about going to work, not because my job title itself is super badass, but rather because the people I work with and for are brilliant and there is so much I can learn from them.

But my passion, the reason I moved to DC, my passion for politics and policy and legislation and strategy and all that fun wonky crap….I’m happy to say…it’s back Jack.

Fret not my lost friends. You’ll find your way too. It just takes a lot of luck and a little bit of networking. Don’t say networking doesn’t count because even though I’m wretched about it, and most of us hate it, it does matter.


Socially Awkward

Tomorrow night, I get to see some of my best pals from college.

College, better known as the years I grew into myself. Up until then, while I claimed “social butterfly” status, the truth is, I look back on myself and see more social awkwardness. Also known as, trying too hard. Like, really hard.

I never went to a party in high school, I didn’t date anyone at my high school, and my hair? Well. It never fell perfectly into place. At least, I wasn’t a cheerleader…they had skittles thrown at them at games.

Welcome to college. Post 9/11 in Boston. I immediately, fell into a relationship (bad), thinking, always thinking, that I needed a “man” (though I’d hardly classify the “guys” I dated in college as “men”). I was shy. Painfully shy. So shy I spent too many nights those first few months crying in my dark room out of loneliness in front of my computer screen.

As the years went on, I got more involved – RSA, SGA, College Dems, pep band, you name it.

I made friends. Genuine, actually-give-a-damn-about-you friends. Friends that I am so flippin’ excited to see tomorrow night as four of us (two of them weren’t really my pals but were roommates of one of my best gal pals) make our way back to Beantown for a weekend of debauchery I’m certain for very, very different reasons.

But, I realized, not only as I got the facebook invite about this weekend but also after blogher. At some point in my life, I need to stop questioning what people REALLY think of me, and wondering if they’re talking shit about me behind my back like so many so-called friends did as I grew up. At some point, we grow out of that gut wrenching paranoia and given that I’m 27 and about to get hitched and be a missus, I should grow out of it.

I didn’t do that once this weekend. I didn’t question the fabulous bloggers, because you know what? Thats the great thing about blogging, you don’t have to pretend to like someone. If I don’t like someone’s blog? I don’t have to read it. If you don’t give a crap about what I say here or about me? Unsubscribe by all means! But the bloggers that I met this past weekend were friends/readers who I genuinely gave a crap about. That I’ve emailed with and cried for, and rejoiced with and been ecstatic for. The events that have happened to all of us that have been shared here and around the blogosphere (sans that one blogger who faked everything…) is genuine and real and those people that I got absolutely wrecked with Saturday night? They were real too and I love them all like I had known them for years.

The BlogHer 09 crowd!

Some quality college pals. Including two of my bridesmaids on the right.

I think, and correct me if I’m wrong, as we get older, we start appreciating people who don’t give or tolerate bullshit. And I’m not gonna lie, I’m definitely one of those people. I learned that more so after BlogHer. No drama, no bullshit, no fighting, no anything that might make me want to throw things.

Tomorrow night, and Saturday night, as I party with some people who have seen me through my very best and definitely my very worst of times, I’ll have more appreciation for people who know you almost too well. People who don’t put up with your crap and vice versa. But most of all, low maintenance, there for you no matter what friends.

Even the most socially awkward gal – former or not – can appreciate that.


Why I Blog

In 2006 through till September 2007, I felt loneliness that I hadn’t felt since my freshman year in college. A loneliness, that despite my loving relationship with now fiance, encompassed me to the core. Lacking people to share the ups and downs and tribulations of a post-graduate life.

Then I started blogging.

Then I started connecting to my “freaders.” Because to me, I don’t have an audience per se, I have readers. And friends. I’ve always written for myself. I’ve never written anything I wouldn’t otherwise share with my mother, and I would never post something I didn’t want my employer to read. Aside from previous posts about my unhappiness in my former job, I rarely, if ever, write about the workplace. Not worth the risk.

This weekend, I attended my first blogging convention, BlogHer 09 in Chicago. Breaking so many barriers for me. I connected with girls – nay, women – who I had been reading for the better part of two years. Women who shared the ups and downs – my engagement, wedding planning, the harsh reality of unemployment, and everything in between.

Their stories inspired me, they made me laugh, made me cry, and while I can argue about the tendency to err on the basic side of the forums/break out sessions, meeting the bloggers who have virtually held my hand when I needed it most, made every penny worth it all.

Would I go to blogher again? Absolutely.

Blogging for me, isn’t about getting the most numbers. It isn’t about getting sponsorship, or making money off ads. It’s about the community. The people you meet, that you read. The commraderie.

Sure sure, I do want to be published. I admit that. Am I using my blog to get there? Yes and no. I’m using my blog to make myself a better writer. Despite what some may say about my writing, I’ve found my voice. But my blog? Is my place. My little corner of the internets if you will.

Bloggy pals – the ones I met this weekend and the ones I have yet to meet – you all make blogging worth it. Putting myself out there to be judged, to be scrutinized but mostly, to be embraced for me.

This? Is my virtual thank you.

See you all at BlogHer 2010!!!


Blogher Day 1

Alternatively titled…why I hate flying longer than an hour and a half.

You know it’s going to be an interesting travel day when you get to the airport two and a half hours early (unintentionally) and find out your flight is 40 minutes delayed.

Furthermore, you know that traveling is not going to be fun when you sit down in your seat, on a full (over-booked) flight mind you, and find out you’re sitting in front of a screaming kicking toddler who won’t (pardon my french) shut the fuck up.

I kind of question parents who don’t try to calm their kids down in such a public, intimate setting like an airplane, no one likes tykes that screech. Especially when they’re mearly 18″ from your head, and no one likes a tyke who kicks your seat. As a gal I met last night said “it’s like they don’t realize that the front of their seat is the back of yours.” True that.

So tyke starts in before the door is even closed, and then my seat buddy sits down. First it was me and an older guy, minding our own businesses, I had just pulled out my book for SDBBE since it hasn’t yet been started, which meant putting aside the current book I’m reading despite absolutely loving it. Lady McDrinksalot sits next to me. I don’t know this because she bought a drink – though she did buy one for the dudes in front of us who didn’t have a credit card on them – but rather because she smelled of stale, stale whiskey.

Awesome. I hate that smell. I hate it when Fiance and I spend a night out drinking a lot and I hate it on a middle aged woman who’s sitting mere inches from me. Wait no, not really sitting. She reclined her seat back all the way (poor mom who won’t shut up her screaming kid…or not…) rolled onto her side as much as she could and had her backfat rolling onto my arm rest.


Upon cruising altitude, the guy in front of me proceeds to lay his seat back about as far as he could without hitting me – thanks man. You and your pals can just keep screaming at each other four rows apart. Aren’t plane rides supposed to be quiet?? No? Damn.

Upon our descent, my first thoughts? OH MY GOD, IT’S SO FLAT HERE!!!!!


Remember kids, I come from Vermont. Sure we don’t have the Rocky Mountains but we do have the Appalachian mountains which are older and still mountains in comparison. What is the tallest peak in Illinois? I’m curious.

Got in, saw an awesome hot dog joint that I recently saw featured on the Food Network that I may need to try just because I’m here…but they don’t put ketchup on their dogs. I need ketchup. I don’t care if that’s “not how you eat a hot dog.” Maybe not in your weird midwestern way it’s not but there’s nothing better than a snapper dog with lots of ketchup. If you don’t know what snappers are? We can’t be friends anymore.

Decided, after getting my luggage, that I was NOT in any way, shape or form patient enough to deal with trying to get downtown on public transit – as much as I want to ride the Ell – so I shelled out the cash for a shuttle. $20 was way worth it.

Until, the horrors of my travel day came to a peak. If there’s one thing every DC driver loathes, it’s motorcade traffic.

Apparently, last night Obama decided to jaunt over to Chicago. Leaving me stuck for about 15 minutes under the Hyatt hotel in motorcade traffic. I was…literally…two blocks from my hotel.


Alas, I arrived. We went to dinner. Life was good. The girls I’ve adored for the past, nearly two years, are all fabulous. The parties…well….I think it can be summed up with this….

With that…onward to day 2!!!