Currently Loving…

I wanted to do a real post – I even started a monday materialism post but it’s sitting in my drafts. Instead, you’re going to get a list post of all the things I’m currently loving.

* The weather. It was 80 degrees here in Stamford today – AWESOME!
* Spinning. Went to an awesome spin class this AM and felt so energized for the rest of the day!
* My store. Seriously, it’s such a huge difference working with a boss who gets you EXCITED about going to work. Love it. Love my job.
* My birthday unsurprise. Hubs got me a Garmin 305 for my birthday/very belated Valentines Day gift, so excited for it since it came TODAY!!! Seriously, can’t wait to break it out tomorrow or Thursday for a nice run!
* Spending a day in the city either this Friday or next with my dad for my birthday which means shopping and checking out the Lululemon’s in the city for a little birthday shopping!!
* Did I mention my birthday is in SIX DAYS?!?! So. Excited. And my birthday party is Saturday night! Woo!!!

Note: I did go to my spin class, I have done my jump roping every day (it’s hard yo!), I got my stuff booked for Liz’s wedding, all in all… I’m getting my to do list knocked down.

What are you loving these days home slices???


I will…

I am blessed to work for a company that is all about goal setting and self-affirmations. Seriously the manifesto? Is amazing.

I want to write big words, inspire my fabulous readers and even have time to put up a Monday Materialism post – but man. Life is crazy and when life is most crazy, that’s when you have the most to write about with the least amount of time.

So, this week I’m trying to set goals for myself. Things I want to get done, things I will get done.

*I will go for a 12 mile run this week
*I will do 6×800 speed workout
*I will finish reading my latest book and have my review posted by Saturday
*I will spend one night with Hubs without a teevee on
*I will call my T-pup (bff) before he leaves for Taiwan this week
*I will go to a spin class
*I will go to two yoga classes this week
*I will update my Fitness blog
*I will add two new posts for my examiner blog
*I will write here. More than once a week. I feel like such a slacker.
*I will jump rope every day as a part of my 30 Day Jump Rope Challenge (5 of 30)
*I will have my hotel and train booked by the end of the week for the fabulous Liz’s wedding. I can’t believe I haven’t booked it yet! Egads!

What are you affirming that you will get done this week?? Any big goals to accomplish??


On Hold

I got an email today.

Dear Substitute Applicants,

If you are interesting in subsituting for Stamford Public Schools please give {redacted} a call at (203) xxx-xxxx.

I applied to almost every school district in the area for a substituting job back in December/January. I was told they were turning them away because they had too many. I put my dreams of teaching on hold, for a variety of reasons, not including the daunting process of becoming certified. Then I applied to my current job. I was hired and the rest is history. With my new job, one that fosters growth, it is, quite simply, everything I could have hoped for and more. And yet I feel bad.

I feel bad because for so long I was certain that teaching was what I wanted. And it’s not that I gave up. It’s something I intend on pursuing in the future but for now? I’m kind of happy where I am. For once, I feel like I’m in a company that fosters growth, that encourages goal setting and accomplishing said goals.

I feel valued, a part of a team. I’m encouraged to go after what I’m passionate about – for me, right now it’s social media and well, I’m kind of stoked about that. All of it.

So for now, I’m going to, essentially, keep calm and carry on. I’m happy where I am. Doing what I’m doing and I just need to be. I don’t want any changes, and after reevaluating everything, I just don’t think being out of the workforce for 2 years or so is feasible. Will I pursue my masters in education? Definitely. Eventually. But for the foreseeable future, it’s on hold.

Sometimes, life throws you curve balls. And you have to be prepared to make tough decisions that are ultimately the right ones for YOU and you alone. Unless you’re married. Then you’ve gotta think about the team. But that? Is precisely what I did. I knew it as soon as I told my dad today that I was putting school on hold, that I was happy with my job, that it was exciting and fun and I really want to see where I can go with it.

And where can I go with it? Well, that’s yet to be determined but I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit of a whirlwind in the very best way.

Ever change your mind on something you thought you wanted really, really badly? How’d it turn out??


Tweet Tweet or Why You Should Read and Tweet About This Book

Fellow bloggers,

Before the fun starts this week with recaps of Martha Stewart with Junior League, and Liz’s bridal weekend of Awesomeness, I’ve got a favor to ask.

You see, I’m a brand ambassador for this amazing woman – the very one who set up – a great website for women to find like minded women and mentors among many, many other things.  She recently wrote an amazing book, of which I have a copy to give away to one lucky participant.

Here’s the request:

I’m looking for some fabulous tweets (or if you’re motivated a blog post!) for a 3/30 campaign for Gabriel Bernstein. What’s a 3/30 campaign? We’re trying to start a massive amazon campaign – to get the word out about her book!

Haven’t read Add More ~ing by Gabriel Bernstein? Well, it’s on amazon for a great price and is so worth picking it up! I loved it, and I absolutely adore Gabriel Bernstein – so if you already have the book, make sure you sign up for her amazingly, inspirational community as well. I read the book earlier this year and I’ve gotta say, while certain parts didn’t stick with me as well, many of them did and were amazing at changing parts of my life – especially the part about forgiveness.

I fully believe in paying it forward and I recently won this through retweeting something, and thought after I got it, would be perfect to spread the love about the book because it really is amazing and her voice is so personable, you really feel like she’s talking with you and not at you like most “self-helpy” type books. Hers? Not self-helpy at all but rather speaks from anecdotes, and experience.

However, I will send a copy of Add More ~ing to one lucky reader who blogs and/or tweets about this:

Sample tweet: If you haven’t read it already, check out this book Add More ~ing To Your Life

If you’re looking to blog about it, let me know at heidi(at)legallyheidi(dot)com. In order to be entered for my own pay-it-forward to my awesome readers contest, you must comment here with the link(s) to the tweets/blog post. Feel free to tweet multiple times – as long as it links to the amazon page (and isn’t negative obvi!) just make sure to comment with the link to each tweet!

Finally, the contest will only be open TODAY (thus the 3/30 campaign) and comments here will close at 11:59p EDT on 3/30/10 and I will announce the winner, to be picked at random (thank you for my extra copy of Add More ~ing.

So get tweeting freaders!

{disclosure: this post was not paid for, the words are my own and are not at all sponsored by or Gabriel Bernstein despite my brand ambassador relationship. The book give away is my own, and was not sponsored in any way.}


I can haz confidence?

Once upon a time, I was a self-proclaimed perfectionist.

I had good self-confidence, despite my incredible amount of paranoia of what others thought of me, and was a go-getter. I set goals for myself and went after them – achieving awesome goals such as interning on Capitol Hill at the age of 21, interning in the MA State House at the age of 19, graduating from college, running a marathon (make that three almost four), among many, many others.

Somewhere along the line, that self-confidence took a beating. Maybe it was my first real boss out of college telling me I couldn’t handle high stress situations. Or losing my job on my honeymoon via email, or getting laid off and later finding out a co-worker essentially staged it because “it needed to happen.”

I felt, for a while after that, lost. Really, really lost. Like, what-the-eff-am-I-doing-with-my-life kind of lost.

Then I realized my passion lies in social media, blogging/writing, being healthy and fit and running and yoga.

Recently, I was given an opportunity to start a monthly podcast as an expert in [insert topic here] from Stiletto Woman. A great magazine if I do say so myself.

But now that I have this amazing opportunity, I feel like I’m standing at the edge of the deep end of the pool and afraid to jump in. Afraid to just, in the words of Taylor Swift “jump then fall.” My biggest worry is that I’ll have nothing to say, what the eff am I an expert in? Surviving some of life’s biggest hurdles? I mean, I know there’s much worse out there but not going bankrupt when the two of us were unemployed for so long, was HUGE! I’m still amazed we kept our heads above water for so long and now we’re both employed happily, with our health, and a good roof over our heads.

I’ve never felt so blessed.

But still, that’s not a topic for a podcast right? I could talk about fitness but for as much as I love it, I’m still struggling – it’s an ongoing struggle really – to make it a regular part of my life. My motivation is such a yo-yo that I struggle to keep up with my self-set training schedules and not just get into a rut. I mean there are people that take years of schooling to do podcasts about being fit and healthy and eating well! I can do it but I certainly can’t tell you why avacado is good for you, but I can tell you that it’s incredibly yummy on sandwiches! (a fact that I really only learned recently)

My self-confidence is so low that I just feel like people are going to see me as a joke. A fraud if you will. I’m almost 27 years old, what the hell could I possibly be an expert in?

I feel lost, scared to jump in but at the same time, wanting to oh so badly, like I’m missing out on some sort of fun party that everyone else is in but I’m not. It’s intimidating. Very intimidating.

What say you readers, what do you do when you need a little boost in the confidence department???


And the book goes to…

Hey everyone,

Going to keep this short. Sweet. And to the point.

The other day I reviewed the book Size Eight in a Size Zero World by Meredith Cagen. I also promised to pay it forward and pass the book along, so, the winner of my random book give away is…

Jennifer from!

Send me your address gal and I’ll get it out to you soon (and by soon I mean when I go to the post office next, which will be when I buy envelopes. Which should be next week. 🙂 )!

Life is c r a z y b u s y, with only two days until Liz‘s weekend of bridal awesomeness (shower/bachelorette combo!) which I am beyond stoked to host – but oh man. Lots to do!!

My life has, for the past couple weeks essentially been: Work. Work. Junior League. Work. Clean clean clean. Work. Junior League. OH YEAH I HAVE A HUSBAND! Dog. Husband. Clean. Work work work. Junior league. RUNNING!!! (cause oh yeah, I have a marathon in two months! And a half in ONE MONTH! EGADS!!!)

The best part about the madness however? I love each. and every. Minute. Whether I’m actually AT WORK in Greenwich or if I’m writing at home for one of my many writing obligations (blogs) I love everything I do. I feel incredibly blessed by this all but I wouldn’t change a minute of it.

I get off by having a crazy busy life – I did in college when I was juggling a social life, an off-again-on-again relationship, multiple leadership positions in various student organizations on and off campus, a full class load and did I mention a thriving social life? But? I loved it. I wouldn’t change any of it.

Now if you’ll excuse moi, I’m going to get out of smelly work clothes, and get my butt to have a brewski with hubs before the craziness of the weekend begins.


To the Mothership!

Tomorrow, I will get up at the butt crack of dawn, hop on a train in my cutest outfit, meet fellow Junior League gals, travel downtown in Manhattan, and see the MOTHER of all things organized and pretty.

I am going to a taping of the Martha Stewart Show. Of course, this meant that I had to buy a cute new sweater, most of mine are black and they don’t recommend wearing white or black. So, I deemed it okay to buy a pretty new one. My shopping habits have…returned. It’s hard to keep them at bay. Now that I have a paycheck coming back in. Obviously though, I spend within my means, and will not, under any circumstance, put anything on credit. But this? Was a nice $26 which is well within my teeny tiny budget. See the complete, class-tacular, ladies who lunch outfit for the day tomorrow (as we are not just seeing martha, but also going to lunch at

Going to Martha!
Going to Martha! by

I deemed the sweater okay to purchase if only, because I didn’t already have one like it and while I can’t wear this kind of stuff to work, I don’t work every day and I do still like to go out to enjoy myself – which is when I will not be wearing work clothes. Although I am looking forward to wearing my work gear to my upcoming races – bold and bright!

Can not wait til tomorrow, expect many pictures, and a full recap – though likely not tomorrow but Thursday afternoon. Tomorrow night is the provisional-sustainer potluck (hope I didn’t over cook that pasta while watching Biggest Loser!)

Life is good freaders, life is very good.


Book Review: Size Eight in a Size Zero World

Back in January, I was asked to review the book “Size Eight in a Size Zero World” by Meredith Cagen. Given that she’s a quasi-local gal to me (Upper East Side in NYC so not really local but we’ll pretend) I was thrilled, because it’s rare that I’m asked to review a book that looks interesting. This one seemed right up my alley!

It took me a while to get to it, I’ve been reading a lot lately, though slower these days with the onset of the new job, but I got to it.

The story is based around Lindsay. A 30 something mother of two living in the Upper East Side, is unhappy. Unhappy with her job, her husband, essentially, her entire life. Then she meets “The Man Upstairs” a beautiful man who treats the opposite way her husband does – like she’s valued and respected. Insert torrid, neighborly affair here with it’s own ups and downs, and you’ve got a cause for a massive mid-life crisis. This book is about overcoming the obstacles to enjoying life, and finding that respect from the ones you love.

Meredith certainly has an interesting voice as an author, but let’s face it, chick lit is chick lit. It was an easy read, for the most part, when I wasn’t annoyed by the main character’s inability to make some change in her life. But I often do that when I read/get into books – I get frustrated when the main character acts petty, and seemingly, unrealistic. When I wish I could just tell them, for real, “OMG WHY WON’T YOU JUST DO SOMETHING WITH X, Y or Z?!?!” It’s my own little thing, and speaks nothing of the actual book or writer, it’s just me taking my books too seriously. Which I often do.

That being said, though the story was cute, I did find some of the conversations in the book to be shallow, mundane and unrealistic. But this is Meredith’s first book, and I hope first of many because it was an enjoyable read. While there were parts of the book I didn’t enjoy, I finished it, which says something (there have been books that I haven’t been able to finish because I loathed them that much). The plot was fast paced, a quick-easy beachy type read. There were certainly parts that had me laughing, and also parts that I could definitely commiserate with. But ultimately, I guess I had just hoped for more – but then again, I often do. Regardless of my personal qualms with the book, which are petty at best, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys chick lit or is looking for an easy, light-hearted read.

Review: 3 out of 5

To pay it forward, I want to pass this book on – leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll pick someone at random on Thursday March 25 in the afternoon and post it here.

{disclaimer, I was not paid for this review, the thoughts here are my own.}


Monday Materialism – Think Spring!

Freaders, I was walking over to the Party Store tonight after my weekly training store to pick up some cute items for my pals Bridal Shower I’m hosting and decided to randomly pop into Old Navy. I haven’t been shopping much, aside from work, because well, what I’m about to show you isn’t in my dress code any more. Except Junior League events obvi. Thus, when I saw the following, I fell in love, especially since I’m going to see Martha on Wednesday with said exceptions.

It’s unfortunate really, since I had like half a dozen Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic 30% off Friends and Family coupons for this past weekend – that I didn’t use. At all. Wamp. Wamp. So I was devastated when I saw these adorable gems but not. In. My. Size.


I may be making a trip back there. Tomorrow. After work. I will make this work. Picture the below, with a pair of skinny jeans. Working it – yes? Tell me how adorable these colors are from Old Navy’s spring line…they are fab, and I’ll take one of each plskthx!

1. Embellished Sweater {Old Navy}
2. Ruffle Neck Cardigan {Old Navy}
3. Fitted Cardigan {Old Navy}
4. Raglan Sweater {Old Navy}


Monday Materialism….Work Attire

Now that I’m going back into the working world, I’ve been doing a little research on what I should purchase in the coming weeks to be comfortable and stylish in my new role. New sneakers are a given since I won’t want to stand in my running sneaks for 8 hours and unnecessarily wear them down. I’m a big fan of flip-flops but I’m not sure if those are allowed so I’ll wait to see. Not to mention those, if they are allowed, will have to be worn sparingly because they’re not so comfy to stand in. Not to mention will require a pedicure, but is that ever a bad thing?? I think not.

1. Puma Simplice Sneaks [Zappos]
2. Hunter Rain Boots [Nordstrom]
3. Off the Shoulder Top [Victoria’s Secret]
4. wunder under pant [Lululemon]
5. Run: Team Spirit [Lululemon]