January Workouts & February Goals

Rather than sharing my workouts weekly, I’m going to share them monthly. I had a rough start to January but in general I think I did pretty well!

I restarted the Bikini Body Mommy challenge. I jumped in around Day 16 of 3.0 with some mamas in a facebook group I’m a part of. I had grandiose plans of doing P90 this month but I got away from it. I have workout program ADD. But my goal is to make it to the end of February with Bikini Body Mommy and then start the new 21 day Fix Extreme in early March  because I figure if I can make it to day 45/60 of BBM, I’ll have some real measurable results just in time to go shopping for my spring wardrobe. Right? Right.

Why Bikini Body Mommy?

It works for me. I generally find that 3-5 workouts per week is doable. This month is really strength building since in February I start training for the St. Michaels Half which is going to result in 3 runs per week – 1 long run, 1 speed workout, 1 easy run. I don’t have much time to do more than that and that coupled with strength (well Bikini Body Mommy) 3 or 4 days per week (the program is 6 workouts but I typically double up or catch up on nights when hubs has class).

Plus Breanne is adorable and super relatable – she shares similar struggles to mamas of all kinds – working and stay at home moms alike.

So far I’ve stuck with it for 2 weeks which is pretty flipping good for me. I lasted with PiYo for about 3 weeks because of said ADD (and the holiday craziness so there’s also that).

Why Weight Watchers?

Hubs’s office is doing it. So he decided he wanted to do it. So we decided to do it together. In the past, if I was eating well, or trying, we’d usually end up sabotaging one another which is just…total fail. So it’s been two weeks and I’m down both weeks. I don’t feel bad if I go over my points as long as I stay under my weekly points and earn activity points.

As my father-in-law told me (my mother and father in law have both used weight watchers in the past) “if you stick to the points and don’t go over, you will lose weight.” it might only be a half a pound, but it’s better than nothing right?

What’s my goal?

Back when i was nursing, I was pretty much at my pre-baby weight of 139 (I was actually 135 before I got pregnant but was up to 139 when I got pregnant). My doctor and I agreed that 135 would be a good goal for me to have but realistically I’d love to be closer to 125/130ish. Where am I now? At the start of 2015, after the holidays I was at 155. When I stopped nursing, the weight just came on…every so slowly and I’ll raise an eyebrow if I’m in the 140’s but the 150’s are just not okay with me and my 5’2″ self so I’ve been battling the bulge pretty much since I stopped nursing in October 2013. Despite my best efforts, my doctor confirmed that my metabolism has slowed to a crawl and/or went on strike so it’ll take a little bit of extra effort to get to my goals.

So how was January?

january workout recap

Workouts: 20
January ending weight: 152.3
Total loss from January 2: -3 lbs
(I weigh in on Fridays for now)

Workouts? Averaging 3-5 workouts per week is pretty goo. I’m pretty good about getting workouts in during the week (especially wednesday and thursday – that’s when hubs has class) Tuesdays i usually have Junior League stuff going on, and with an exception of one weekend when hubs had drill, I was good about working out at least one day on the weekend. The yellow days? Workout changed from what I originally planned. Red days are obviously missed workouts. I had intended on working out this past weekend but was a bit under the weather with a small head and just haven’t gotten around to updating the spreadsheet.

All in all? I’ll give January a B+

Goals for February

Weight wise I want to stick with my 4-6 workouts per week and tracking 5-6 days per week and hopefully be well back into the 140’s which I haven’t seen since I stopped nursing E over a year ago.

– My first race of the year is on the 14th with a 5k and I just want to run the whole thing. That’s all. I also want to add in 1-2 spin classes or rides on my trainer each week.

– Complete the Green Smoothie cleanse which I’ve started today alongside a pal who is also following the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge

– Workout 22 days in the month of February. I hit 19 in January but I’m in a routine for the most part so I think 22 days is doable in February despite the shorter month.


What are your workout goals for February? How did you stay healthy in January?


Care for a cupcake, cupcake?

Once upon a time, I worked in an office that loved cupcakes.

Cupcakes, as we all know, make people. Smile. Cupcakes.

We’d get them for free, I got them from the hubs.

But ultimately, if you’re trying to eat healthier, when do work treats become more of a nuissance?

I was inspired by this WSJ article entitled “Are your colleagues making you fat?” Which made me think, then feel bad and then get angry. What if it’s not your coworkers inspiring all this bad eating but rather your company?

THere were these (sent by the hubs the day after he left for basic)

Then there were these. ALL THE TIME. Every Friday at 5p or in some cases Thursdays at 5p. And Saturdays.

Some work environments definitely not conducive to healthy living but here’s the thing that I live by: moderation.

How do you work in an environment always treating its employees and not balloon up?

Moderation Say yes to the cupcake. But say yes to one cupcake. Not five.

Learn to say no. Don’t want a beer with your coworkers? Just say no. Don’t do it because everyone else is. Peer pressure is for 13 year olds not for 20 somethings in a work environment. Don’t feel the need to imbibe or stuff yourself with sweets just because they are there.

Find healthy options. I love me some Chipotle and California Tortilla. And I loved me some lunches out with coworkers enjoying them. A bean and cheese burrito bowl from California Tortilla, when I did the math (and looked it up) only has about 400 calories if you leave off the guac and lettuce. Which really isn’t that bad. You can go to Chipotle and get a Paleo friendly burrito bowl with meat, veggies, and salsa (leave out the rice, cheese and sour cream) for about the same. It’s all about finding healthy options at your favorite joints.

I’m pretty excited that I can finally kick my soda habit for good now that there aren’t two coolers of soda staring me at the face. It was definitely a weakness at the previous gig. Here? No soda. Anywhere. Thank sweet jebus and today? I noticed I hit the 135 mark. HUZZAH!!!!

How does your workplace fare on the healthy factor? Do you have any other tips or tricks to staying healthy even when your colleagues may not be? 


Life Changes

Today freaders, is my last day commuting into DC. It’s a bittersweet sadness.  I adore my team and am so, so, sad to leave them.

happy hours


and races and everything in between.

I still expect to see their shining faces on a pseudo-regular basis but I’m so excited to be working 15 minutes from home, regular hours that won’t change every 3 months. Not being late to Junior League meetings. Enjoying happy hours on the water with hubs when he gets home. And running. Lots and lots of daytime/morning running.

Tonight, my coworkers/friends are joining me at Iron Horse in DC for a farewell happy hour. I know there are going to be tears. I mean, these peeps saw me through hubs and I’s separation thanks to his National Guard training. They’ve been my family and then some for the better part of a year now (really since July when this team was created).

So it’s a slightly bittersweet departure but a welcomed change.

Currently my day to day is:

6-630a wake up (unless I drag my bum out of bed in which case I wake up around 5:30-5:45a)
7:15a –
leave house
7:30a – get on commuter bus
8:30-8:50a – arrive at work
9-6p – work
6-6:25 leave/get on bus
7:15-7:30 arrive home in Annapolis
7:45-8:15 get ready to work out/check mail
8:15-9p run
9p dinner/talk to hubs.blog/watch TV
11-11:30 bed

On other days I’ll have JLA meetings from 7-8:30ish. Those are days when I am least likely to fit in a workout.

This weeks workouts have really been a wash and the scale is showing. It’s only been a 1-2lb differential but I need to fix that ASAP. I’m heading in the wrong direction but sushi lunches out, and celebratory glasses of wine and everything in between have not helped. I’ll still fit in my 3 mile run tomorrow and my 8k on Sunday but I’m considering the rest of this week a boondoggle when it comes to my workouts but I’m okay with that because Monday is a new week, and I have NO EXC– USE to not get up at 6:30 (the same time I’m waking up now) to fit in a 3-4 mile run and still be able to leave my house at 8:30 to get to work before 9a. THATS AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTE DIFFERENCE!

Things I’m looking forward to…

*Evening runs with Fleet Feet Annapolis. Including their St. Patricks Day Fun Run! If you’re in Annapolis come out and join me and my pal Sarah!

*Yoga @ Charm City Yoga. I checked out their Hot Vinyasa Community Class last Sunday and just about melted with happiness. I’m so excited to start practicing regularly again. ]

*Not being late. I’m chronically late for meetings for JLA. So I’m very much looking forward to changing that and actually being able to make it to social hours and weekend events without missing out on half the event.

*Running in the AM. I really enjoy waking up, running as the sun comes up and getting my day started right. However, the past year that desire has been coupled with the fact that I am just…not. a morning. person. at all. Ever. So now that I can still wake up at the time my body is used to, I can get up. Go running. Eat breakfast. Watch Morning Joe. And leave at 8:30a. Without rushing around like a freakin’ mad woman.

*Cooking meals I’ve been eating rather unhealthily over the past few weeks, mostly out of the fact that I don’t eat dinner until between 830p-930p on a good night. I’m too rushed in the morning to make a lunch so I usually buy it. My hope is to bring my lunch every day (I don’t want to have to drive to pick up lunch that’s just a waste of gas and money), and start making dinners for the leftover factor! Huzzah!

*More time to blog. My blogging has been slightly lackluster lately because some days I have TONS to say and other days I got nuffin’ but I am looking forward to being on a better schedule. Having time to include more pictures (that aren’t months old ah-hem, this post) and being a better healthy living blogger. Commuting 3 hours/day hasn’t always been the most conducive to being a baller blogger.

*Only 48 days left. There is nothing that I am looking forward to more than hubs being home. For good(ish) (I say ish because the reality is at some point he will likely get deployed. That’s reality but I’m okay with that. Surviving the past seven months has made me confident that we can survive pretty much anything. That being said, he’s my partner and we have a slue of races I’m signing us up for.

I miss him. A lot. Isn’t he so handsome? The Army has done good things to him. More on that later though (it’s a work in progress but hubs is writing a guest post for me on his healthy living changes!)

What’s your day to day like? Where do you fit in workouts???

{Make this friday even happier by voting for me forbest healthy living blogger in Fitness Magazine’s Fitterati awards!}


RIP Steve Jobs…


“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on” – Steve Jobs (found here)

It’s so inspiring…to think of everything he accomplished in his short life and this quote especially resonates with me. After my experience and lululemon and further here at LivingSocial, I have found that while the positions I’ve been in maybe aren’t my dream jobs, the companies I have been blessed to work for, have inspired and driven me to always be hungry for more. To set big goals and expect nothing but the best out of myself and others. It’s so true…if you’re not inspired, or motivated…find out what does inspire you. Find that spark. Otherwise, what is life? You spend 40 hours+ per week at your job so you might as well enjoy what you do and who you work with right? If you don’t, then what’s the point?

RIP Steve Jobs. Your accomplishments and inspiration live on.


It’s a Small Small World

Shortly after hubs and I decided to move to ‘Naptown here I found out a dude I dated like six years ago and  haven’t seen in as many years and was also relocating to our new hometown.

No biggie. No biggie. Right? I mean I’m an adult. I don’t have social anxieties. Well…I just…I don’t do well in certain situations. I get awkward. Socially awkward and uncertain of how to react to that fight or flight thing.

I sensed that someday, I’d probably run into homeboy. I was certain it would be fine. Better than fine even because duh, I’m an adult.

But I wasn’t really mentally prepared for seeing him again at work. On a day when I almost just wore leggings and a hoodie because it was cold and I had cramps. I should have worn my baggier pants what the hell am I saying. I almost ran out the door without putting make up on, and god forbid I actually remember to do my hair. Or something. No, no, I looked half way decent and even if I didn’t well, whatever. No, no, I looked presentable but mentally felt like hell.

But you see, I wasn’t prepared to run into him and her. Much like I’m sure The Ex wouldn’t care to run into hubs and I in Boston or where ever. Things didn’t end so great six years ago with this dude and after getting over all the bitterness, we remained cordial but there was never a reason for us to stay in touch. That’s fine, I just hate being on bad terms with people. I don’t like when people don’t like me. I’m a perfectionist and I strive for acceptance. It’s just how I am.

So today, I was looking at some new product that I lust after. Cursing my lady cramps to myself and heard “Hey Heidi” in his voice that I hadn’t heard in so many years.

There he was. Not changed really. I looked up and then, not knowing what to say (hello awkwardness – thanks for that trait ‘rents) I said “Oh hey!” Then bowed my head walking away and cowered in the shadows of my two bosses.


In my head, I should have said something like “oh hey! How’s it going? How are you like Annapolis? Is this your girlfriend? Nice to meet you, I’m Heidi” and then made an education point on whatever it was she was looking at because, duh, that’s mah job right? But no. That’s not how it went.

Later, as I was showing my new manager some of my mad skillz, they came up. Oh noes. She was buying something. I couldn’t run away twice. Thankfully, new boss – the fabulous gal she is – talked them up. They introduced themselves, I smiled nicely and after they walked out, and I’m pretty sure I got color back in face and stopped shaking – holy heart racing batman! – I told her the story of how I “dated that dude back in college six years ago.”

“OH MY GOD! WHAT A SMALL WORLD!” She exclaimed in her Virginian accent.

Yes, small world indeed.

I’m sure we’ll run into each other again, unless by the fact that I work where I work, his girlfriend become a Lucy aficianado, and maybe next time I’ll introduce myself properly. I mean come now, where were my manners???  After all, we all remember this song no?

Disney could teach us all a thing about life.


New Life Starts…now(ish)

It’s been a whirlwind weekend freaders. Very whirlwind. Here it is in like 3 parts.

The Plagued weekend…

My main question/remark is: Are men universally big babies when they’re sick or just my husband??

I kid. I kid. The dude was legit sick. How do I know this? Because Monday night at about 11pm I came down with the same black plague.

Seriously, I was up every hour either..well I don’t think I need to say what was going on here, we’ll say I was both sitting on the porcelain throne and worshipping the porcelain throne. No one likes either of those things. Tummy is still not right but it’s certainly on the mend. Nothing like laying on a pile of blankets surrounded by boxes with a fever and a tummy awake that would make even someone with the worst digestive issues cringe. It was gawd awful homies. Stomach virus’ are a bitch. Let that be known.

The move…

So Monday AM, when the alarm went off at 7:30am to finish packing up the “few clothes” that hubs and I had strewn about his childhood bedroom, I was in pain and still incredibly nauseous. It felt like someone was ripping my innards out. Hubs left an hour or two later with the pup in the car. The BIL and FIL left a couple hours after that after we finished loading everything up. I helped the best my poor weak body could, and about a half hour after that my mother in law and I left with me bedded down in the back seat under a pile of blankets.

We moved in. It went about as well as a move could go. But we have a home! We have our bed back and a sofa and and oh em gee. It’s amazing.


And. Better news. I’m getting a promotion at work! Can we say HUZZAH!? HUZZAH!!!! Like filling out paperwork this week and as I was told I’ll getting the “shit trained out of me.” That may not be a direct quote.

I’m pretty stoked about that. Cross off one goal off the sheet.


Next goal? I’m starting a 30 day yoga challenge with my coworker tomorrow. Not sure December is the best month (though it does fall in line with my goals) to do it but we’ll make it work and we’ll be done before New Years so why not? And it’ll certainly help take off that 5-10lbs I put on in the past month since we moved from Stamford. What is a 30 day challenge? Just what it sounds like – 30 days of yoga once per day. One of the new gals mentioned it today when I brought the mom-in-law in to try on the “oprah pant” as she calls them, and I was like “dude. I’ll do it with you!” So now that I said I was game, I’ve gotta stick to it! Right? Right.

In conclusion…

Things are certainly looking up or at least it feels like they are. Maybe that psychic I saw in Greenwich by happenstance when Liz was visiting me our last weekend in Stamford wasn’t so wrong after all. Things are getting better. There was a lot of travel. It was all good (well good but tiring). Now if Hubs would just find a freakin’ job. *sigh*

Yay life! Yay Annapolis! (not so yay for the still gazillion boxes that need to be unpacked. Ugh.)

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Crash and burn

And that’s why I’m wondering why you had to tell me
What’s going on in your head what’s wrong
Come around to another time when you don’t have to run
And when she says she wants somebody else
I hope you know she doesn’t mean you
And when she breaks down and makes a sound
You never hear her the way that I do
And when she says she wants someone to love
I hope you know she doesn’t mean you
And when she breaks down and lets you down
I hope you know she doesn’t mean you..”
-Howie Day “She Says”

I heard this song on my iTunes today and it brought me back to college. I don’t remember which year. There were probably a few points in college where this was a regular on my iTunes list (previously WinAmp…2001 what what?) I get a little nostalgic when the going gets tough, usually through music, what of it?

In all reality, I must confess… I’m finding myself having a hard time dealing with life. Mostly because I’m rolling into a 5 year-out-of-college (homies, we need a reunion…) point and I’m not where I thought I would be. Married yes – though many of my collegiate pals would not have pegged me as one of the first to get hitched. But working in retail, three jobs to barely get by? Not quite the dream job, despite the fact that I’m happy (though, ask me that in a month after working 7 days a week).Was not how I envisioned my life.

I thought I had very much defeated my quarter life crisis earlier this year but I find myself retreating to it. I started the Joy Plan, but I lost track of it mostly because I just couldn’t find the time for it. I think I will finish it. I need to. But maybe this isn’t my quarter-life crisis rearing itself on it’s hind legs coming to get me. Maybe this is just me dealing with crisis – often turning introverted and self-combusting until things are okay again. Maybe it’s both.

And it’s not a crisis – yet – but I’m scared. There, I said it. I’m scared of not being able to pay rent next month. I’m scared of sending in the paperwork to ask for an “economic hardship forbearance” for my student loans. I’m scared of working so much but feel like I have to to survive. To eat, live, breathe, and pay my obligations. I’m scared of going bankrupt. I’m scared of our debts, creditors calling. I’m scared of all that happening. It’s happened before. Not bad, and we’ve gotten ahead of it all but I’m still frightened.

I know hubs will find a job. God forbid he takes another campaign job, I may considering divorcing him (I kid, I kid) but in all seriousness, what I’m lost without is stability.

You know, the days when I could budget for a month without wondering how much my next paycheck would be. The days when I knew how much play money I had to get together with friends, go out to dinner and go out for a night on the town (a night on the town often equaled us sitting at a bar laughing together sharing a couple drinks). I miss having a life.

Hubs reassures me constantly that things will be okay – he has interviews, and yadda yadda yadda. Our parents won’t let us go broke etc…

But sometimes, I feel like that’s all just words. And I’m scared because reassuring words don’t pay the bills. Despite the difference that I have a job and Hubs doesn’t, he makes significantly more than me thus my fear.

This my friends, is not the happiness I was/am searching for, but rather a sad realization that tricking myself into thinking I defeated that quarter-life crisis was not in fact true, and that money may not buy happiness but it does buy stability which does factor into the equation that ultimately equals happiness.



I promise…

…a blogher recap is in the wraps.
…that I will announce the winner of my giveaway.
…I will share my awesome news!
…and some not so awesome news.
…that one of these days I will blog consistently – not having a desk job kind of gets in the way of that.

Here’s the post with the news…

The Good…

I recently accepted a second job! This of course means I’ll be working 7 days/week but still not much more than 40-50 hours at least for now. That could change.

A colleague of mine informed me that a yoga studio she works at part time was looking for someone at the front desk a couple days per week. She asked if I was interested and I said SURE! So the other night, when I was at a Junior League event in South Norwalk, I got a call and she offered me the position.

Don’t you remember the days when you didn’t really need to interview jobs, people either liked you or they didn’t? I mean, I’ve met her before, I’m a big fan of her classes, and the studio in general so it’s not like she didn’t know who I was. I miss those days, and probably haven’t had one since in college at some point. Definitely miss those days.

A little extra money never hurt anyone. I explained it to my family the other day that it’s a sacrifice. Hubs and I really want to live a little more extravagantly than our means allow us to, and I want to work to pay off our debts so we get out of them eventually and live that extravagant life we both oh so long to lead. So in the mean time, I’m going to work my tail off to get us there. Just a sacrifice, not necessarily a long term lifestyle.

which brings us to …

The bad

Tuesday was primary day here in CT. I voted. In fact I ran up to the polls Tuesday AM. Go me? I think each candidate except for one lost. Wamp wamp.

Also, we’re moving. Likely to somewhere on the Gold Coast between Norwalk and Greenwich but it really depends on where hubs gets a new job. But with our 18.5% rent hike, we just can’t afford to stay here. But we’ll work on that in September.


One of those campaigns was the one that hubs was working on. Which means, his job ended. Which means, a new job search has begun. Which means, all spending has ended. No more eating out (not that we have been but I need to be a little more conscious of bringing my lunch), no more shopping (not that I’ve been buying anything lately), no trips to Vermont, Boston, DC, or NYC in the meantime.

Crappy yo. Thankfully he’s got some leads so this is only a temporary hiatus from other spending.

I do have to say, that our one year anniversary is in a month and I just hope and pray that we will have a bit more stability before then. Especially considering we’ve had a lot of instability in the past year.


Bad Days

I sometimes forget that no one is perfect. I try oh so hard to strive for perfection in all I do – especially for the ones I love, but alas, I’m not perfect.

Now, I never claimed to be, however, I just try ensure everything I do is perfect – or at least close to it. I hate, hate, HATE disappointing people or hurting people’s feelings.

I had a rough day today. And I forgot as I was sitting waiting for my train back to Stamford, that everyone has bad days. Off days, I’ve had a few – especially recently.

But since Friday, I’ve been clouded with this persistent feeling of wanting to cry. It started with one nasty email. Then another. People I thought I’d never hear from again – I couldn’t even dignify the nasty words with a response – mostly because as Husband told me, they weren’t worth it.

He’s right. But the words stung.

Then I was confronted by my mother-in-law for my MIA-ness. I didn’t send a card, or call on Mother’s Day (though in my defense I did call my mother but not my Nana and not my step mother and no one got cards this year) and I didn’t tell her I couldn’t help with my brother-in-law’s housewarming party.

I felt awful. I really did.

Then I had a “situation” with a coworker that just…miscommunication and words got strewn about and as my other coworker said “people need to not be so over-sensitive” which is slightly true but I still felt bad because perhaps what I said was too harsh, but I dunno. Not going to get into it here but all day today she was upset with me, I don’t blame her but I apologized profusely for hurting her feelings because well, that wasn’t my intention.

That ended up feeding into today so when my manager asked if anyone wanted to go home early since we were slow I raised my hand up. And let me tell you, having the afternoon off to run a couple errands was incredible and much needed.

It’s frustrating how I get myself down so much when I feel I’ve disappointed those around me. I really took those three situations super hard on myself – hubs told me I shouldn’t. I mean, the emails especially since the two broads in question are just not even worthy of my time or feelings.

And my mother-in-law and coworker? Will get over it. The best I can do is say I’m sorry (sincerely! No one likes an insincere apology), and move on and try to be better to them right?

As for myself? We’re allowed bad moods, but despite my foul, glum mood I tried not to let it affect hubs or those around me – especially today. In the face of a foul mood, I deal with it by pretending things are good. In the interim, until you can get some time to process everything – figure out where you went wrong and in some cases (like me last night) have a good cry on your husband’s shoulder.

So this afternoon, after leaving work, reading a bunch and having a nice walk home in the beautiful spring day, I feel better.

I’ll feel even better after I fit in a yoga class or a run which I’ll do either tomorrow or Wednesday.

What do you when you’ve had a bad day? How do you de-stress??


Namaste…or not?

So tonight I went to a yoga class with a coworker.
It was an office space converted into a yoga studio with carpeting and floor to ceiling mirrors. There was an array of characters, including the lady behind us not wearing a bra, or the dude with m00bs without a top on.

Whatevs, I don’t judge. Yoga is yoga, and who am I to say what people should and shouldn’t wear right? Right.

So, aside from the fact that it was a quasi-bikram class – in that it was hotter than my usual Power Hot Vinyasa classes I’ve been going to on Sunday afternoons, but was more bikram style with the 26 or so poses.

It was nice to try something a little different. The instructor was super friendly which is always, always a plus.

But at the end of class, when you go into shavasana – meditation – which is also the most important part of yoga – to clear the mind and just….breathe, people just left.

There was no conclusion of our practice, no words of wisdom sending us off in peace and worse yet, there was no Namaste. The light in me honors the light in you. Or what you say to the yoga class when you are finished your practice (duh.).

The lights were off, but as my coworker and I rolled over onto our mats slowly like you do when you come out of shavasana, we realized we were like 2 of 5 left in a room that once held closer to 30.


So class just like ended? Just like that? Weird.

That being said, I’ll likely still go back if only because it’s literally right next to my store so the convenience factor is a major WIN.

Tomorrow night? Restorative yoga. Awesome-pants. Last week it was like yoga with a massage added in. Huzzah!