Adventures in Shopping or Why I Hate Pushy Sales Ladies

This past weekend, I got the lovely pleasure of hanging out with The Modern Gal (again! Yay!) in NYC. I’m still learning the city, and thus haven’t visited many places – recently I briefly explored the Upper West Side after a race, one afternoon I explored briefly the Upper East Side when picking up said race packet. After gallivanting around the lower east side sunday, I explored SoHo per her suggestion.


I had no idea what I was missing. But I’ll tell you what it was…heaven. I was missing heaven.

For a self-proclaimed shopaholic as I’ve deemed myself in the past, being in the presence of all of my favorite stores was a small piece of heaven. Of course, with hubs and I’s budget  (or lack there of) it resulted in much window shopping and less actual buying…which is always a good thing.

So I meander into White House Black Market, as I’m searching for a top for Liz’s bachelorette – black top. With jeans and heels obvi. Sassy, sexy and classic. Why didn’t I think of this store before now?!

I fell in lust with a top. All $88 of pointelle goodness. I felt really bad, but the sales gal was a bit pushy, and I don’t like that. Ever. She kept picking jewelry, and gave me shoes, and all that jazz. Generally, I like to try things on without feedback. The occasional “That’s cute” is sometimes helpful (like when I buy dresses that I probably don’t need that aren’t as deeply on sale as I had initially thought cue purchase at Ann Taylor Loft yesterday) but lingering, adding accessories? Too much for this gal. I had to tell her I don’t wear big hoop earrings, I don’t wear platform shoes, and I don’t wear bangles on my wrists. She was sweet, and I appreciated her attention but it was just too much. I don’t like the pressure.

All her help led me to feel super bad when I didn’t end up buying the top. It was super cute. It looked smokin’ on me.

It’s damn near perfect. Classy, sexy, and it was incredibly slimming on me. It was what I needed. But for $88?!?!

I’m indecisive, but man, if I could find that shirt for like $40 less? We’d be golden. What say you freaders? Got any pet peeves when you go shopping??


Happiness Is…

To re-start my motivation and happiness after this awful week, I thought, since Yoga this morning, about what makes me happy, there is a lot, but sometimes, we all need to be reminded of the little things that are worth being thankful for like…

Spending an extra ten minutes in bed with hubs cuddling; cuddling with my puppy; sitting in a big cushy chair in Barnes & Noble reading; free wifi anywhere; a good, cheesy, chick flick; long conversations with good friends; the familiarity of going to a city you once lived in again; the silence of snow falling at night; microfleece blankets; good books; winning a game of scrabble; a cup of hot chocolate made right from dunkin donuts (with skim milk and whipped cream); laughing till your stomach hurts; a massage; the high after a good workout; a good yoga class; meditating; a nice bottle of wine with a candle lit dinner; comfy sweat pants; a hot bubble bath; a tight hug; meandering around a mall aimlessly looking at the styling in stores like JCrew, Ann Taylor Loft and Forever 21; down comforters, and down pillowtops on the bed; flip flop weather; a cute outfit; making new friends; my favorite song on the radio; Ugg boots; seeing my kitchen clean; a good veggie pizza (in the oven!!!); good conversation; a good acoustic playlist; Taylor Swift in the car; Lady Gaga when I’m running; a good opportunity; feeling inspired and hopeful.

What makes you happy?


But Leggings Aren’t Pants!

I have a confession freaders, I switched teams.

Up until recently, I was vehemently on the “anti-leggings as pants” team. Until I started reading this blog. This blog? Gave me a renewed appreciation of all things leggings – now granted I don’t own $78 Lululemon leggings (but I will! Soon! Thank you state of virginia!) I own cheap little $5 ones from Forever 21 (but I upgraded! To $15 ones from Macy’s!) but the comfort level was pretty high and I…am a big fan.

So I’m using that blog, and some polyvore-age to inspire myself to wear leggings. As pants. More often.

Rules for wearing leggings as pants:

1. Thou shalt not wear see through/sheer leggings
2. Thou shalt not allow camel toe
3. Thou shalt not allow panty lines
4. Thou shalt not allow wedgies
5. Thou shalt add color!
6. Boots. Or flats. Boots but preferably not Uggs. (as much as I love mine)


{image via Lululemon blog}


{image via google search}

Note the differences. You’ll see me wearing leggings as pants on days when I don’t really need to leave the house, or on days when I do have to leave the house but not to do anything but maybe go to the gym or run errands. Definitely not for Junior League events, Alumni events or job interviews/tutoring days. You will always see my ass covered, you will never see sheer leggings or metallic leggings (WHY!? WHYYYY????.

But aside from the fact that I realized my leggings were slightly more sheer than I would have liked (I expected more from you Forever 21!!!), I was rather comfortable (they were also a little more low cut than i would have liked but i had a sweater covering my bum so that made it better) and you know what? I’d wear it again. That’s why I used a gift card to spend $15 on leggings today.

Hubs you should read this: for valentine’s day? All I want is this, this, and this. {and of course my garmin, and new sneaks. but those are coming next month anyhow for marathon training.} Yes I know that’s all extravagant – I’m exaggerating clearly. I know we can not afford all that, but still, sometimes, it’s fun to want. Isn’t it?

What say you all freaders on this debate – leggings as pants or not…?


Loving It…

While Hubs was up here working, pre-official #movenorth, I had a lot of free time in DC that I probably should have spent packing to catch up on my favorite television.

It was then I fell in severe love with Glee. Aside from the major hotties on screen… {insert swooning here}…

…the fashion doesn’t hurt either – most specifically Emma Pillsbury.

A while ago, Chic and Charming put up some CUTE polyvore collages for some Halloween costume inspiration. Me? I fell in love with the style.

Check these out:

I mean, holy cuteness! Also? I found these other 2 adorable sets on Polyvore thanks to Fashion Me Fabulous – I could never ever take credit for these fabulous collages – this is why I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger – definitely the furthest thing from it. I’m just a blogger with a shopping problem 😉

When I get me a real job (post grad school that is…) I am TOTALLY going to be the best dressed teacher at whatever school I teach at because these outfits? Are totally profressional, adorable and so my style it’s not even funny. Especially that pink one. Love.

Which celebrity/ TV character you wish you dressed more like??


Too Slow

Alternatively titled: A lesson in shopping online.

Say you get an email in your inbox that says “JCREW – NEW STYLES ADDED TO FINAL SALE!” Say you get a little bit excited because well, you like final sale as much as the next person. And then say you find an adorable pencil skirt for $29.99 down from $88 in your size and a color you like.

Do not wait to purchase.

If you do… then you will find that by the time you are ready to purchase said skirt (say after you get off work) then you will find the same skirt, only available in size 0 and bright “fresh” orange.

Of which neither is your size nor preferred color.

Not that that happened to me. I’m just sayin’.


Friday Fashion – Sassy Skirts

A new feature here at Legallyheidi is going to be Friday Fashion – anything you want to see? loves? Hates? Something you think should be featured up here? Send it to heidi[at]legallyheidi[dot]com

Aside from my love of shoes (a well documented love), I have another great love.

Pencil skirts.

Now that I’m back in a professional setting, I have a reason to dress up again and pencil skirts are a staple in my wardrobe.  I love them. Today, for the first installment of Fashion Friday, check out a few of my favorites!

[Via Newport News] In a variety of colors, this one is not only adorable but also affordable!

I love this one from Victoria’s Secret – still coming in under $50 – another classic, budget friendly pick.

This one from Old Navy comes in a few different colors – but I really like the pin stripes – coming in at $30 but only available online.

If you’re looking to spend a bit more, check out this lovely one from JCrew, I love all of their pencil skirts but the pattern on this is so feminine that I can’t help but lustfully stare.

I couldn’t help but notice this one from JCrew as well

$895 for a skirt seems obscene to me – do you think that skirt is worth nearly $900? Apparently enough people did since it’s sold out!

What’s your wardrobe staple??