On Motivation and being a mama

A common theme I’ve seen amongst mama’s as we strive to get back to our pre-baby bodies is motivation or lack thereof.

I get it. Trust me, I get it.

But the problem as mama’s is that it’s easy to make excuses.

I’m tired. Nay, exhausted. I only slept for x hours or baby was up x number of times. 

I have too much to do around the house.

It’s too hot.

Here’s the thing, as women who are looking to get fit, it starts with setting goals. Duh. My goal is the Baltimore Half/Army 10. I have four more races on the docket for the rest of the fall and so while I’m not looking to finish with a PR for either the Half or the 10 miler, I do want to run a race I feel proud of and know that I trained my best and am comfortable with where I am.

When we make excuses the only person we’re doing a disservice to do is ourselves. I’ve been using the sleep excuse as a crutch for who knows how long. And the past couple of weeks my training has really suffered. Thankfully I have been keeping up with stroller strides, and we did a fun little 5k as a family and now that the weather has cooled down, I don’t really need to wake up at stupid o’clock after being woken up 2-3 times in the night so I can get my 3 days of running in.

But really, whether you run at 5am or 8pm, just take the thirty minutes. Tell the husband that baby is down for a nap and you’re going out. Go after bedtime. Hell, let the husband deal with bedtime. Whether you walk, run, skip, jump or fly  – just move. Not only will your muscles feel better for being pushed – even just a little bit – but you’ll feel better for taking the time to clear your head and get a peace of mind to working out by yourself for 30 minutes.

Making excuses is just going to restart the cycle of “I feel awful about myself” and then making up excuses…none of my workout clothes fit…I’m too tired…I don’t have the time…and the cycle repeats itself. So stop the cycle and get out – better yet if you can’t find 30 minutes for you? Take the baby out and go for a walk. Even when I haven’t ran, I’ve been pretty good about getting out and walking anywhere from 3.5-6 miles at least 2-3 times per week and after those walks, everyone is happier.

This week’s workouts

I found that a large reason my training has suffered over the past few weeks is that I stopped my weekly workout updates. Traveling. Whatever. It screwed up my groove. These little updates keep me accountable after all, no one wants to post a big fat “I sucked last week” so I’m going to get back to posting.

Mondaystroller strides (now Monday evenings at the Naval Academy Stadium! Come get your butt kicked by Erin with me!)
Tuesday – stroller strides
Wednesday – Free intro session @ Crossfit Old Bay (am gunning for Adam’s intro time of 7 something. Will blog about it later 😉 )
Thursday – Traveling to South Carolina
Friday or Saturday – Would love to fit in a 5-10 mile run but we’ll see.
Sunday – rest up!


How do you get out of the cycle of making up excuses? What do you do to get back on the wagon after you’ve stopped working out for a couple days/weeks?


Fitmama Reviews: Stroller Strides Annapolis

So last month or so I tried out Stroller Strides over at Broadneck Park. I really liked it, Broadneck is a a “hike” for us – not really but anything over the Severn River Bridge I consider a hike so that’s just me.

{stroller strides at Broadneck Park}

Either way, in case you’re unfamiliar with Stroller Strides, (aka FIT4MOM) it’s a workout designed for mamas that incorporates strength, power walking and toning activites as well as songs for the little ones. It’s an hour long class and they have locations all around the country.

Recently, Karen – the owner of Fit 4 Mom Annapolis – opened up a second location that meets twice per week at the Naval Academy Stadium. The classes taught by another mama, Erin, thoroughly, have kicked my butt.

Erin Michelle Photography: Fit4Mom- Stroller Strides Grand Opening! &emdash; {images via Erin Michele Photography}

The power walking, running if we want to (usually towards the end), the High Intensity circuits she’s planned are seriously tough. But the great thing about Stroller Strides is that while I, now 5 months post partum, amidst training for my 5th half marathon like a little extra butt kicking, the 2nd trimester pregnant mama may not and may need to modify her workouts a bit. Guess what? That’s cool and encouraged!

Erin Michelle Photography: Fit4Mom- Stroller Strides Grand Opening! &emdash; {image via Erin Michele Photography}

If you’re a new mama, or even a seasoned mama (there are toddlers in class – which is cool because we finish up near a playground so they all get to toddle around) and want a tough-as-you-make-it kind of workout, I HIGHLY recommend stroller strides. If you’re in Annapolis let me know! I love meeting new mamas and am a regular to the Tuesday and Thursday classes since they’re…less than 2 miles from our house. (The other day, I ran down and it was awesome though by the end of class Ethan was a cranky, cranky panda)

Erin Michelle Photography: Fit4Mom- Stroller Strides Grand Opening! &emdash; {image via Erin Michele Photography}

It’s been so nice to have two workouts per week outside and in the company of other moms. In addition to classes, they also run the Plum Moms Group – you don’t have to be a member of stroller strides to be a part of the PMG, they offer play dates and mom’s night out’s. I’ve been to two MNO’s and am signed up for a few play dates coming up that usually happen after classes.

I’m a big fan. Of both Stroller Strides and Plum Moms Group! Check out the website for a location near you!

{all opinions here are my own and I was not compensated for this review nor asked to review – just wanted to share an awesome fitness program in the Annapolis area!}


Confessions of a Playgroup Hussy: The Meet-Up Dilemma

hussy1Friends it’s time for another volume of confessions of a play group hussy and boy do I have a rant for today.

I don’t think i’ve been play group hustlin’ as much lately so my tales are fewer and further between. Perhaps it’s the whole going back to work part time thing that’s cramping my style. But really, we’ve found a couple of nice play groups and we’re quite content.

Regardless, I got an email today that kind of made me laugh and I’m about to boycott meetup.com because of it and the second part of this post.

So the  first part of my rant. Dues.

I’ve noticed a few groups charge dues. They’re not absurd (not like the $40/year that another group in the area charges. That is absurd) but I’m cheap so I’ve put off paying them. Whatever. Meetup says it’s okay to charge dues and that’s cool.

So I get an email today from one of the SIX groups that I like to stalk/am a member of. I’ve been to play dates hosted by three of them, but the other three are a little intimidating for a number of reasons (smaller, older kiddos, etc…) so I’ve begged off from most of the play dates. I haven’t seen many “blanket babies play dates” which are totally our jam.

But today I got an email notifying me that I got booted from one group for not paying dues. And for not going to any events. The latter is totally legit, I get it, you want active members, but so many of your “meetups” have 1, maybe 2 mamas confirmed.

Now dues are legit. If you can say where they go to. One group (which I will pay dues for – $6 by December) has a whole page to revenue, and expenditures. They paid for a pavilion for a big family picnic and bought supplies. They paid for the meetup costs ($70/biannually). But they list it all out. That my friends is legit.

$5 a year, from 90-100 mamas, what the EFF are you doing with $500?? Because you’re not paying for my drinks at mom’s night out, and you’re not renting pavilions at Quiet Waters. No, no, you’re posting flipping Barnes & Noble Story time.


Okay. No big loss. We’re down to like…5 meet up groups. (And five on facebook – 3 over lap groups from meetup).

So the same goes for another group – except this one is bigger. I haven’t been kicked out of this group…yet. Though I haven’t paid my dues which I think were due in July.

I was going to go pay them, to be all legit since there’s a couple of events I plan on going to coming up.

So as I go to the paypal page…I notice an extra 30 – 50 cents for Maryland Sales Tax.

What the effing eff?

You’re not selling me anything. And if you’re not smart enough to set up the proper pay pal sale then no. No I will not pay your  five effing dollar dues. Pardon my (implied) french family but really? REALLY? Be smarter than the internets friends. Be. Smarter. I’ll pay them, but I’m not going to pay that effing sales tax my friends. I will get around it whether I have to hand the organizer a $5 bill the next time i see her.

The best was the comment from a pal of mine who runs another group of a couple hundred mamas that I have had great luck with mind you…

 I agree. I’m part of a group of over 200 people and they started charging $5 per person… The meetup charge is $70 every 6 months. I’d like to know why they need so much extra money and never disclose where they spend. Chances are they pocket it.

Now if you disclose what it goes to then that’s all groovy. But with no disclosure? How do i know you’re not just pocketing the dough? I dunno, if you have so much time that you can stay on top of members who attend events and pay dues then I commend you. Shiiiiit, I can barely stay on top of our chores around the house let alone

In the mean time, time to stalk down more mama groups! The more the merrier right?


MommyCon Philly: A Review

Confession: I feel like half my blogging persona is a healthy living blogger – writing about running, eating (pseudo) healthy and other yogi persuits.

The other half embraces the inner mommy blogger in me.

So when some moms in my group planned a trip to Mommy Con in Philly, I jumped. I’d never been to Philly and since it’s close I figured why not. So, even though book club was planned for Saturday morning (whoops?) we still trekked up there after. I should have skipped or rescheduled book club but alas, I’m a chronic over scheduler. All told though, there was no way I was leaving the house at 6am to drive to Philly for a 9am conference start time. Nope. No way.

We stayed right in Center City where the conference was going to be thanks to the outstanding group rate they offered. That they were able to upgrade us to a king from a standard double was a super win. Royal Sonesta Philly for the win.

We headed out to dinner shortly after we got there since we knew we weren’t going to stay out too late and after a little online searching we trekked over to Nodding Head Brewery. Despite it being upstairs, it was surprisingly kiddo friendly and Ethan did great while we ate.

Nodding Head Brew Pub

The food was outstanding. I had a vegetarian puttanesca, and adam had a duck BLT – both were incredible.

bacon blt

Adam’s Duck BLT.

nodding head brewery vegetarian

So many noms. My meal was a polenta puttanesca and was delightfully light and hearty at the same time. I could have done without the olives but m’eh.

If you’re ever in Philly, I highly recommend checking out Nodding Head – it was delicious – both food and beer. So good. We met up with friends of ours for brunch on Sunday AM and though they picked the joint – we ended up back at Nodding Head completely by chance. Brunch? Also delicious!

I digress.

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel which had an Elephant and Castle in the lobby to enjoy a night cap which was ended abruptly. The demon baby came out and did not settle down until almost 11:30. I should note we headed up to our room at 8:30pm. Though it was closer to 10pm when the crib came up but he didn’t end up sleeping in it anyhow and instead crashed in bed between us which was fine since he woke up at 1:30a, 3:30a and 7am.

Sunday morning, I met up with my mama pals bright and early. E-man and I grabbed breakfast in the lobby (no brekky for the conference? Fail #1.)

Mommy Con Philly

The first session was on Baby Wearing. I’m a big fan of my Tula and I really enjoyed the K’tan Breeze
until it got to stress my back too much. But this session? Was sponsored by Becco & Ergo and I felt like it was  “Here’s the Moby, the gemini and the ergo…kbye.” Literally, it lasted ten minutes. Talked briefly about the ages each carrier was good for and that’s it.

The other morning sessions were just okay. Nothing to write home about I didn’t think. I skipped one at 11:30 just before lunch so we could meet up with our pals. When this awesomeness happened. Dualing car seats atop upside down high chairs (who knew you could do that?! Outstanding!!)

We headed back, I skipped a second session on cloth diapering (101! Yes there were two. of the same.) and tried to nap before our late check out. Monstr there in the blue and white had other ideas and decided it was not in fact nap time, and he was going to SCREAM. Hellooooo over stimulation. #mamafail

Eventually we made it back, met up with our mama group, and then this happened. Hello sleeping, happy, baby!

A sleeping baby is a happy baby.

Baby Guy NYC Mommy Con Philly

We saw jessica from the Leaky B@@b who was, simply put, incredbile. The Baby Guy – who was hilarious and did the giveaways. No I didn’t win anything and no I don’t want to talk about it. They also had a great talk on carseat safety which is always helpful. There’s so much information out there but this was super helpful about everything from infant bucket seats to convertibles. Not all in that order but you get the point.

After it was figured out that I didn’t win anything, I met up with the hubs (who kind of just hung out during the day. He saw it as a vacay and had zero interest in the conference) and we popped out to grab a quick dinner at Honey Grow a few blocks from the hotel. Oh em gee, the biggest thing I miss about living in the city is super interesting little joints like this who pride themselves on farm to table. I had a little stir fry and it was deeeeelish.

Of course, after that we had the drive home from hell thanks to an accident in Maryland on I-95. A 2 hour trip took us almost four hours (with a short stop to feed Ethan in Delaware). 45 minutes of screaming later, somewhere in Maryland on 95, homeboy finally fell asleep. But not before I seriously contemplated opening the car door and throwing myself out of it. Into hardly moving traffic. There is nothing worse than a screaming baby in a car. In traffic. Nothing.

Oh em gee.

Thankfully, we finally made it home. We’re all mostly recovered (traumatized I tell you. Trau-ma-tized.) and baby’s sleep regression rolls on into another week. Another week, another hour earlier he wakes up….what’s the difference at this point? Sleep is for babies…other babies.

Overall, Mommy-con was….fun. Mostly because of the people I went with. Would I go again? Ehhh, probably not to Philly. Baltimore or DC, maybe but no where that I would have to stay overnight or drive more than an hour. There was not enough variety in the seminars, the space was too small (did they over sell? I suspect they may have since their facebook page indicates they expected 200-300 and had almost 500 !!!) they ran out of water and snacks (uhhhh….nursing mamas need water yo!), the advertised “shopping” was non-existent and the swag was simply just okay (I like to go to conferences for swag what can I say). Never mind the fact that you have 100+ cranky infants and toddlers in one room – by 3:30p it was getting bad. Ethan was…aside from the earlier incidents a champ. He saved it all for the car ride home though. Of course he did.

That all being said, I paid like $30 for the ticket since our group managed to snag a discount code (thats what happens when you send almost 15 mamas) so I’m not too upset because I had lower expectations anyhow.

Adam and I got a night out of the house, I got to spend some time with my mama pals and that in itself is worth it’s weight in gold.


#AANurseIn…a recap

I get a little teary eyed thinking about the American Airlines nurse in yesterday at BWI. Watching the coverage, reading the posts. The comments in response to some of those posts get my blood boiling, but for the most part watching it all unfold has just been…mind blowing and truly shows the power of the internet.

To recap – here’s the original letter from American Airlines after our pal emailed them about her awful experience.


The post quickly went viral and has turned into an international affair as of yesterday getting picked up by the Daily Mail in the UK.

Here’s a clip from one of the local news stations taken yesterday at BWI.

It was a fitting way to end World Breastfeeding Week. Where the main goal is to normalize and bring awareness to breastfeeding. I mean, really, so many people say “it’s been happening for years…discreetly…cover up…” etc… and yet…if it’s been happening for years, why are people associating nursing with sex, strippers, and indecently clad women. I’m not slutting it up in a club, I’m feeding my child. Pretty sure there’s a big difference.

Why do I have to sacrifice mine and my child’s comfort because others can’t handle breasts in their most natural form – feeding children. Others have commented on any of the many articles and blog posts written up about it about “turning away when a cow or a dog feeds their babies/puppies?” Nope. Probably not.

bwi nurse in #aanursein

I keep getting a bit emotional when I think about this all. These women that I stood next to, and this sounds incredibly cheesy but it’s so true – are amazing. The community that they have built, is so incredible. Personally, I said this yesterday on facebook, but there’s no way three or four months ago when I was still getting the hang of breastfeeding, would I have ever had the confidence to go out there and be a part of this. Shit, we did a mini nurse in at Target one Tuesday because one of our pals got a dirty look and a snide comment while she was discreetly nursing her daughter and I didn’t nurse Ethan while we were out.

Three or four months ago, all of our play dates and errands were scheduled around his feedings. Yesterday, I nursed in an airport. Then at a play date at the mall. I bought airfare to visit family down in Charleston where Ethan and I will be traveling…alone.

This newfound nursing confidence didn’t come easily. There were lots of tears, nights when I questioned if I could do it anymore. It’s because of that community, those moms and their never ending advice and encouragement and support that I’m confident we’ll make it to six months. We’ll likely make it to a year. And I’m so proud of baby and I for sticking with it.

They say it takes a village. And it does. So new mamas, find a village and lean on them.

And next time you see a nursing mama, don’t offer her a blanket, don’t stare her with evil eyes…just turn away if you don’t like what you’re seeing. Be an adult and just look away.


Baltimore Half Training Week 3

Last week was a pretty good week training wise.

It didn’t hurt anything that the weather has been mostly cooperative. Thanks mother nature!

I had a solid run Friday night to get in my six miler, and Adam and I did a solid four miles for my tempo run on Wednesday night. I didn’t get my short three miler in, but I did get in a nice brisk 3 mile walk with baby on Sunday morning so that was positive.

This week, we’re off to a rough start…it’s already Tuesday and nothing yet. Whoops?


This week’s workouts…

Wednesday: 800m w/u & c/d with 200/400/800/1200/800/400/200 with a minute rest in between.

Thursday: Yoga or short 3 miler

Friday: walk 2-3 miles

Saturday: 7 mile run with Sarah Jane. We’re meeting at 6:45a….Will have to make sure to have everything laid out ahead of time!

Sunday: travel day (at and coming home from Mommy Con in Philly)

Needless to say, I’ll feel good if I get my running days in this week. Thursday morning baby’s getting his four month shots and I’ll be working from home in the afternoon so he and I can lay low but I do still hope to get my workouts in with a little support from hubs.

And thats the thing I keep reminding myself about this training plan – I allowed myself flexibility. I am a lot stronger than


Slightly off topic but not really…going on in the mama world – a mama in my group was treated horribly on an American Airlines flight. The letter that she got in return has since gone viral on babble, jezebel, consumerist, and buzzfeed among others. Tomorrow AM (well Wednesday) at 10a at least 70 mamas will be conducting a nurse-in at the American Airlines ticketing area at BWI to let them know that their “policy” regarding nursing mothers is just not okay.

No matter what your thoughts on the matter are, whether you think that mama’s should cover up, here’s the deal from one nursing mom to the rest of the world – when you have a baby who doesn’t like covers? I don’t give a crap what your policy is. Ethan? Hates them. He flails, punches, and screams and pushes me away. I’ve said before that he’s never been a great nurser but when he’s covered? Uff. It makes us both miserable.

So when you experience any sort of ill treatment as this mama did, you feel like the rest of the world just doesn’t get it. And often times, they don’t. I love how among the many comments on the related blog posts and facebook shares, so many dudes are like “cover up” and other WOMEN without children are like “no one wants to see that.” Like nursing my child is the grossest thing in the world. What can you see?? Side boob? Hi. I see more walking through the mall. Don’t want to see babies eat? Don’t look. Its as simple as that.

Respect. I’m not going to shove my tatas in your face if you let me nurse my child in peace. My child will not starve or be otherwise put in discomfort while nursing to make the rest of the world not feel awkwardsauce. Sorry. That’s just how it’s going to be. Covers worked for Ethan for a while, up until really recently actually. And I still try to use them when I think he’ll cooperate but 99% of the time he’s like BLAHHHHHHH and screaming baby…in my ear…flailing and slapping me with his baby hands means nobody’s happy.

“If mama ain’t happy…ain’t nobody happy.” #truth

Either way, my point here is the next time you see a nursing mama and want to say something or tell her to put a cover on, rethink it. Mind your business and look away.

So tell me friends, what workouts are YOU looking forward to?


Our Breastfeeding Journey (part 2)

Confession….I’m not in love with breastfeeding.

Ethan and I have not had a great journey. There have been days when I’ve wanted to just give up. More than I’d like to admit.

The warm fuzzies? Haven’t ever really been there. There’s always been a bit of reluctance on his part – he’s not the type of baby who will happily stay latched for long periods of time until he’s off into a happy state of milky drunkenness. First it was that my nipples were too flat and we used a nipple shield which was just…messy and frustrating. As many advised, he weaned off of it around 8-10 weeks. Then came the latching which was okay, but he’s push away with a force I didn’t know he had in him.

The other night before bed, he hardly nursed at all and just kind of screamed the entire time. If there’s anything more heart wrenching than a crying baby, it’s a crying baby who won’t eat what you’re feeding him. It was like this much of the past few days and I’m torn about where to go from here.

I wrote a couple months ago about what people don’t tell you. The tears, the pain, difficulties.

Here’s another thing that people don’t tell you that’s been in discussion a lot lately, the judgement.

People don’t tell you that you’ll be judged in Target when you try to subtly nurse your child.

They don’t tell you that people will deny you entry into public places (illegally might we add) and call the cops on you for feeding your child.

They don’t tell you that you will be publicly scorned on an airplane for feeding your child in front of another child.

They don’t tell you that you’ll feel bad when you just get so tired you want to give up and it will through all of your emotions for a loop.

milk drunk baby

Instead, you find a community of women, who are passionate, educated and inspiring who make you want to keep going because you know this is what’s best for your baby.

Instead, you participate in an amazing community event where the love and warm fuzzies you’ve been wanting to feel for four months – they finally rear their warm, fuzzy heads and you look down at your baby in a crowd of 130+ other nursing mamas and feel the strongest sense of love and pride in what you’re providing for your child.

Thankfully, it’s not a journey I’m ready to give up on yet. There will certainly be bad days, every journey has bad days right? There will likely be nursing strikes, biting (he’s learned to clamp down, not fun. Not fun at all.), distractions, and then some.

Seeing my boy grow, every day, getting bigger and bigger because of my nursing him, and feeding him my milk is so rewarding and amazing and makes the whole rocky journey worth continuing on.

How long will I nurse? I don’t know. Six months? A year? Who knows how long we’ll be on this journey but we’re back in gear, and we’re both in it for the long haul.

In case you weren’t aware – World Breastfeeding Week is from Aug 1- Aug 7, 2013!


Confessions of a Play Group Hussy: Vol 2 – Morning at the Mall

hussy1It’s time for another round of Confessions of a Play Group Hussy.

I cheated on one of my play groups the other day. With story time. At Pottery Barn Kids.

Per the suggestion of one of the moms in one of my groups, I hit up the Pottery Barn Kids Story Time. There are two key points that won me over with this story time.

1. It’s short. Pretty sure we were only there for about 25 minutes. Toddlers have short attention spans…even when Shark stories are involved.

2. After you get your passport book stamped five times, you get a $10 credit towards a book! Wahoo!

Baby wasn’t really sure what to think about it all – there was a lot going on and the toddlers well, it was more toddler oriented and he’s just not there yet. But he didn’t fuss too much and we learned about Sharks. Well, we would have if we had been able to hear.

First, let’s talk about sharing and indoor voices for a minute though – I may be singing a different tune when Ethan is totting around but for now I’m going to mildly judge-y.

Parents, when you’re standing around in the back, and you see you child yapping away and running about during story time, you may want to pull them aside and quietly tell them to shut their trap, that other kids are trying to pay attention. Maybe bribe them with whatever it is the kids like these days. A book, toy, or maybe that plush chair on sale for $50 they were sitting on. It’s distracting and when one kid is being distracting you’ve got like ten kids being distracting and then, the mama’s in the back holding their infants because they’re not rude enough to take one of the kiddie seats, can’t. hear. Which leads me to my next ish.

Grandpa, it’s cute that you’re bringing your granddaughter to story time really, it is. But let’s just say for the record, you are WAY too big for that wooden chair next to your darling grand daughter. It’s cool that you want to sit next to her, maybe to make sure she behaves but just remember the rule, you break it, you bought it.

But the real problem with this new story time discovery is that it directly coincides with my Tuesday morning coffee date with a group of fantastic mamas over in Eastport. A coffee shop that I currently hold the 4 square mayorship to (WIN!).

Coffee? Story time? Coffeeeeee??? Or story time….oh the decisions. Especially when there’s a $10 credit to pottery barn kids on the line here.

As I discussed with hubs tonight at dinner, Westfield really has the whole family friendly thing down. I mean, story time at Pottery Barn kids, but then, the reader noted that Williams Sonoma was making slushies for the kiddos. Followed by play time in the kids area, you’ve got your morning taken care of all in the luxury of free air conditioning (I hate having our air conditioning on during the day – we keep the temperature up around 80, and turn it on only when it gets warm, usually in the afternoon. Surprisingly our apartment stays pretty cool and comfortable) then, you go home after lunch in the food court, or maybe at CPK, and boom. Naptime or pool time.

There goes your day, for little effort on your part!

Baby, when you get a bit older, we’re going to have so much fun. But don’t grow up too fast. Stay little. Please.


Confessions of a Play Group Hussy: vol. 1

Hussy/Slut/Whore/Harlot/Floozie: When we hear any of these words, we think negatively right? Women dressed provocatively, being sexually promiscuous. Dudes who have no regards for the women they spend their time with, treating them like objects. They don’t have to be men or women, I think they generally speaks toward promiscuity of any sort of activity.

Earlier this week, I was called a “play group slut” by a friend of mine. I didn’t deny it. In fact, I embraced it.

It was joking term, and we all got a great laugh out of it. Secretly though, I spent the rest of the play date until Ethan fell asleep in my arms, begging to go home for his afternoon nap (one of three he took that day mind you – HELLO GROWTH SPURT!) – contemplating how I could make this term into something awesome.

Here’s my confession: I’ve been on the prowl for various activities and groups to keep E-man occupied and entertained and myself, well, many of these come in the form of coffee dates, or walks. I’m an advocate for both well-caffeinated mamas and being fit so it’s really win-win.

Here’s our current play group schedule. Major kudos to my main playgroup squeezes. We tried out a new one today over at Westfield Annapolis (walking at 9:30a), so we’ll see if we have a new Thursday date in the making.


As you can see, we’re in search of a Thursday and Friday play group. I do like Stroller Strides, though while it’s not a play group, it is a fun activity and they do have the Plum Moms Club which we did enjoy earlier this week.

What’s key in our playgroups?

Kiddos of an age close to Ethan. He’ll be four months in a week and a half. Holy $#!t!
Cheap. Ain’t no one got time for expensive play dates.
Variety of play dates. Sometimes we’ll walk in the park. Sometimes we’ll have coffee.  Both play groups also have Mom’s Nights Out (I have one tonight! Hooray!)
Let’s also be honest, age matters. I’m not talking about kiddos here. While a 22 year old and I might both be mama’s…there’s a world of difference between us. When I was 22, I was doing the worm on the floor of Our House East not changing diapers at 2am.

My top 3 play groups in Annapolis so far are:

Anne Arundel Awesome Mommies (on meetup)
Plum Moms Group (via Stroller Strides)
Milk Makers Playgroup (on Facebook)

So go on over, while you’ll see the old tumblr blog material, the new material will be focused on our day to day, lifecasting more if you will, with funny mama tidbits. It’s me embracing my inner mommy blogger if you will. This space will still have some mama stuff, but more recipes, and workouts. Please excuse the dust, I’m working on revamping the design, but the logo is up! Huzzah!

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Check out my previous article on finding a “Moms” group (because really, when they’re this young they don’t do much playing).


In my diaper bag

Over the past three months since becoming a parent, I’ve learned what products are worth while, what ones are a waste of money and what are absolute necessities – like that extra outfit that LIVES in your diaper bag. Guaranteed the time you need it is going to be the time it’s not there. Some of that “worth while stuff” is really just nice to have and not necessarily a necessity. So I decided to share my favorite, must have items that are constantly in my diaper bag.

In my diaper bag

I have the Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag and it’s a great size for us, as well as stylish. It has a number of pockets and a front zipper to make it expandable.

We keep an extra onesie or two in there – I love these from old navy in case baby’s outfit gets messy from an explosion which has happened once or twice. I also keep this hat from the Gap (ours is actually navy striped but has the same strap as this terry cloth one), and a stick of Babyganics sunscreen for days in the sun (not that we go out in the sun much but you never know). He does have a pair of baby shades also, but they don’t always live in our diaper bag (even if they should) – he looks kind of baller when he wears them.

For me, I keep Method Hand sanitizer ($2 at Target for the travel size!), and some Yes To Cucumber Facial Wipes in there. I use them at bedtime, after the gym and after a walk with my mama pals before going for coffee. I also keep Munchkin Pacifier Wipes in my bag because baby drops his binky and who knows where it will land. I also love Burts Bees chapstick – I got it for freesies from Whole Foods at the Mothers Day event they did which was amazing. Who doesn’t love free mini-facials?

I won this Hobo Zara clutch at a JLA fundraiser raffle in February and it’s amazing. It’s easy to transfer and when I go out on my own for happy hour I throw my phone in there and just go. No worries about making sure I have my wallet with me!

I always make sure to keep a binky with me – so far baby only likes the Avent pacifiers so I make sure to have one in our bag at all times – not like yesterday at our coffee date when I walked in and realized I was binky-less and lo, about an hour later he had a meltdown that even a nursing session couldn’t fix. That seemed to the be the theme of today.

We love the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets and burpy bibs so I always make sure to keep at least one of each in my bag. They’re great make shift nursing covers, burp cloths, play mats and car seat covers in a pinch. I mentioned in my 3 month favorites that we love Honest diapers (many thanks to Jaclyn for getting me hooked with her rave reviews!) so I keep their diapers and wipes in my bag.

Finally, since baby is starting to grip things (like my hair. and my necklace which I’ll eventually stop wearing temporarily I’m sure), I’ve been keeping a couple small toys in our diaper bag to entertain him with (they usually sit with him in the carseat) – current favorite is Sophie (or this Sophie Teether). We also love this Bright Starts Elephant Teether – Ethan loves the crinkly texture, and this Bright Starts Rattle is a new favorite also (and is super popular in our playgroup!).

Not pictured: I always keep a notebook and pen in my bag for random shopping lists and blogging inspiration. Also, often I’ll keep my current reading material in my bag in case I get to read (usually if I’m going out with Adam).

What’s in YOUR diaper bag mamas??

Disclosure: some links here are amazon affiliate links meaning if you click & buy I get a tiny pay day! Also if you’re interested in trying out Honest products please feel free to use my referral link!