Five Things to Clean Out of Your Closet this Fall

So I’m a big fan of purging. I’m also a big fan of shopping but that’s neither here nor there since my budget is NOT so much a fan of this habit. I try to keep a 1 in, 1 out rule – not so effectively most of the time. This past weekend, I purged my closet. I’m getting ready to move some fall stuff in (slowly since it’s still solidly in the 80’s here in Maryland) so I had to make some room.

There’s still some stuff that needs to get thrown out, donated, or recycled but I’m trying to do more micro-organizing that I read about in Girls Night In a few weeks ago to get on top of the clutter that sometimes takes over our house.

As I was cleaning things out, I thought about the things I’m trying desperately to get out of my closet. I recently listed a bunch of stuff on Poshmark (and subsequently shared said Poshmark page in a marketplace group for moms and sold half of what I listed), consigned some stuff (they didn’t take HALF as much as I thought they would), and now I’m throwing together a bag for Goodwill. I’m in full on purge mode.

But I went through my dressers and stuff hanging in the closet –  but not my scarves or undergarments – both of which desperately need some attention.

Here are FIVE things that I’m desperately trying to keep in mind when purging my closet:

Anything that wasn’t worn last year

Have those pieces that you thought were either a. a great deal or b. looked super cute and you had to try it but ended up collecting dust in your closet? Now is a great time, as you pull out your fall and winter gear, to reevaluate what you loved last year and what didn’t get so much time out of the closet. Either resell or donate that ish. Chances are, you won’t wear it this season so either donate or resell.

Worn out shoes

I have a pair of Tory Burch flats that I replaced a couple of years ago. The original pair, my first pair that I bought for my 28th birthday, still sits in my shoe wheel that my two college best friends bought me for my wedding. I can’t stomach getting rid of them but alas, this may be the year. Have a pair of heels that got so much wear that even your cobbler can’t fix them? It’s time to go. I have sandals that are stretched out in the back strap, and other flip flops that are so worn my toe practically scrapes the ground (God bless those $1 flip flops from Old Navy). But seriously, why still hang onto them?

Anything beyond repair or stained

Two of my favorite sweaters – Charley sweaters from JCrew Factory that I bought YEARS ago – now have holes. One of them, I could probably sew up but the other is a worn out hole in the elbow. This year? The sweater has GOT to go. As much as I love the burgundy color and 3/4 sleeve length, it’s beyond repair and would look terrible if I chose to wear it out. Anything stained where the spots can’t be treated or if you’ve treated and it still looks bad, toss it. Who wants to wear stained clothes out? It looks sloppy and unkempt.

Worn out lingerie

Overstretched underwear, worn out bras, and mismatched socks are NOT worth hanging onto. Hubs and I do a seasonal sock rodeo wherein we toss socks that are missing their match, and whenever we find undergarments with holes, they promptly get tossed. However, I STILL have a whole drawer that includes granny panties from my post-partum days, mismatched socks and lingerie that I bought in our early dating days (12 years ago!) that probably doesn’t fit my body anymore since….well, pregnancy. Why hang onto anything that either a. doesn’t make you feel sexy or b. is holey and overworn.


I have two of the same grey sweater. This year? I’m reselling one of them on poshmark (it was sold to me too small). Any other duplicates? Maybe too many cardigans (like my SIX JCrew Factory Cary cardigans?) Donate the dupes that don’t get wear time since they’re probably just collecting dust anyhow.


I typically do seasonal closet cleanouts – I typically take stuff to Uptown Cheapskate first, then I USED to send a cleanout bag to ThreadUp but they’re not taking anymore cleanout bags for now (!!!!) so I’ll either sell on the marketplace on Facebook or donate whatever isn’t taken at consignment.