Craziness Ensues

Alternatively titled: This is why I left Vermont for civilization.

So I grew up in Vermont – it’s not an unknown fact – I’m quite proud of my roots though it took me a few years to really appreciate.

This weekend, I went back to the 802 by myself to see my big brother who was home on R&R from Afghanistan – coincidentally my trip coincided with his birthday (best sister ever? Me. Except not. I’ll get to that later.)

So Saturday, I hauled my butt to work at early o’clock, in hopes of leaving a bit early to start my 6 hour trek early to see a cousin who was in town.

Leaving early fail. I left the store around 2:30 only to get to my car and realize my keys were MIA. I searched, and searched and searched until it dawned on me. I left them in a bag sitting on the passenger seat – i switched out my bags at the last minute because I didn’t want to leave my laptop in the car.

FAIL.(FAIL #1 if you will)

Two hours after my original departure time, my coworker and I MacGueyvere’d our way into my car with a hanger, a pair of scissors and some packing tape. Thankfully I had left my drivers side window open a touch so my colleague managed to slip the hanger in and open the door handle with it.

Sometimes, I am not the brightest. And my original hair color shows it’s true colors (I’m naturally a dark blonde. Less brunette than I am now.)

So I finally get in the car, get through Greewich and make my way to I-95 with no problem. Then traffic in Norwalk. Then traffic in New Haven.

Traffic…FAIL (fail #2). By this time I had missed my family BBQ at my aunt’s house that I had hoped to make it to. There was just no way.

Three hours in, I get to Vermont. Halfway there. But hungry.

Sooo I make plans to stop in Brattleboro – except Brattleboro – a small town in the southeast corner of the state (exits 1-3 on I-91) is the only town on I-91 between there and White River Junction that has food.

I found this out the hardway. Hubs and I have stopped there for food before, I’m a big fan of Taco Bell since I like their little fresca menu – it might not be the greatest but I’m convinced it’s a million times better than a big mac or whopper any day.

I missed the exit. I missed the effing exit. Of course I did. I thought I was looking for exit 4 – no no, pretty sure it was exit 3.

EFF MY LIFE!(Fail #3!!!)

I stopped at a little parking area to gnaw on some of my trail mix I picked up for the road – smart move? Yesh.

So I get off at exit 5 (mind you I’m only going to exit 10 but there’s like a million miles between each exit on both I-91 and I-89 in Vermont) and realize after about two miles that the blue sign with the freakin’ dinner plate, fork and knife that promises food LIED. LIES LIES LIES! All. Lies. (fail #4)

I turn around and make it back to exit 5 and head up to the next exit. Same sign. Same promises. Same lies. (fail #8)

Except this time I got stuck in Bellows Falls – another small, podunk town. A town that happened to be having a fireworks festival that night. Hello detours and rednecks and some dude driving down the road in a fucking golf cart asking for money to pay for the $20,000 fireworks display. What. The?


I give up when I get back on the highway at the exit after that, stop again for more trail mix (I’m awful at multi-tasking when I drive – mostly because I’m kind of a nervous driver so I don’t like to be distracted by phone or anything – trying to eat trail mix when i don’t want any raisins is no easy feat when you’re going 65-75mph.) and vow to get off in White River to pop over to Lebanon, NH (aka CIVILIZATION) for dinner. At…taco bell.

How much time did I waste? About 45 minutes. FORTY-FIVE FLIPPIN’ MINUTES FOR NOTHING!

Do these podunk towns not eat or something? I mean jebus!

Anyhow, I made it to my mom’s at like 11pm. (fail #9)

Visited my brother Sunday for lunch – he treated mom and I to lunch – even though it was his birthday. Whoops? I owe him a care package. Big time.

Had dinner with sister and her boyfriend and his kids – a nice little cookout with salad, corn and steak tips. YUM.

Then i went home, watched The Next Food Network Star (oh cable how I missed you!) and caught up on the delightful trashy reality that is Jersey Shore.

Woke up at 5 to be out the door by 5:30 and over to my grandparent’s by 6. Had breakfast with my nana (omg. love her.) and left by 7am. Was on the highway shortly after 7:30 and back to Stamford by 10 of 1pm and at work for 2 after a quick visit with the hubs.

It was…a whirlwind to say the least but I’m really glad I made it home. As I’ve grown up I’ve really learned to appreciate my family much, much more than I have in the past and I’m incredibly thankful to live in a place where I make spontaneous trips home like that – you know, breakfast in Burlington with my nana and then home by lunch time. It’s nice.

This week has been crazy – lots of working and getting ready for BlogHer!!! Are you going? Are you going to the 20sb meetup Saturday night? I hear there’s going to be a mechanical bull (!!!!) – note to self, don’t wear a dress.

Stay tuned for a post later tonight on my outfits for blogher, why I’m a lazy ass, and in the next few days, the winner of my #gapmagic giveaway (have you entered? You have til 11:59 ET tonight!!!)


Hate on me Haters

Last week I wrote about mean girls. I then wrote about my bad days after email retaliation.

I’m not going to respond because well, my mama always taught me if you don’t have anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all. So I’ll let my response be this…listen to the song. Live it. Love it.

“I’m gon’ be who I be
And I don’t feel no faults
For all the lies that you bought
You can try as you may
Bring me down when I say
That it ain’t up to you
Go on do what you do
Hate on me hater
Now or later
Cause I’m gonna do me
You’ll be mad baby
(Go head and hate)
Go head and hate on me hater
I’m not afraid of
What I got I paid for
You can hate on me”

Hater-aid just ain’t good for anyone. Right? Right.


On a healthy living matter, since I got back last week after my awful 14 miler (which wasn’t awful but it was for me) I’ve only been to one yoga class. I’m fixing that today by going to yoga this evening (yay hot yoga!!) here, and hopefully tomorrow morning hitting up a spin class or a yoga class in the AM. Because I’ve really learned – especially over the past month or so – that I feel like complete crap if I’m not active in some way shape or form at least once/day. My natural tendencies are kind of slothlike so I need to work hard to fight those. I know this about myself, and knowing…is half the battle.

Not to mention, yoga just makes me feel better about everything. So well, why not right?


Bone to Pick

Having worked at a gym for almost two years part-time in DC, I’m struggling with the new gym here in CT. Like, really struggling.

You see, out of caution, we don’t like to leave our crazed, separation anxiety laden, unable to be crated pup by herself. When we first moved up here, we got a package at a playcare facility down the road for a good price but I’ve been trying to save those days as much as I can since the package is running out and we don’t really have the money to buy a new one.

Today, I went, as usual, to the gym when hubs got off work. My days are spent hanging with pup, taking her for walks in the bitter cold, and applying to jobs, and waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting on certification programs. Because now, apparently, some private schools don’t hire substitutes that aren’t certified. A little part of me just died.

I digress, so going to the gym at 6:30pm, I’m not stupid, I expect the gym to be busy. This gym is significantly smaller than the gym I worked at. So much so that I had to wait 15 minutes for a treadmill.

In ADDITION, and this is where I get really annoyed – two points –

1. Put a lock on your locker. TWENTY lockers I opened – at least – before I found an empty one. Ladies, I know this is a tiny locker room without towel service (hate), but jebus. Put a freakin’ lock on your valuables or else next time you’re done not breaking a sweat on the elliptical, you’ll find your North Face fleece on the floor with my stuff in your locker with a lock on it. Always. ALWAYS use a lock. Much like a c*ndom. Protect thyself. Lock it up.

2. In addition, there are signs around the gym that say “limit your workouts to 20 minutes when people are waiting for the machines.” There were at least 3-5 of us waiting for a treadmill. Yet, still, I saw a number of people with 45 minutes or more left on their workout, that had already been on the ‘mills for at least 15-20 minutes. I get it, I’ve done the treadmill for an hour (against my will but it was too cold to do that 5 miler outside with no running gloves), but during peak hours? Right after people get out of work when EVERY OTHER MACHINE IS BEING — USED? That’s just rude and inconsiderate.

3. No towel service. No jaccuzzi. I never see floor staff around. People not wiping machines after use. Seriously, what kind of second rate gym is this place?? Towels just make it more sanitary. The jacuzzi, well, I was spoiled what can I say.

A big part of me misses DC. My gal pals, my book club, my gym, being able to have a life. A part of me is beginning to resent the dog – and I realize it’s largely our fault for not trusting her/training her well – she regressed while we were both unemployed. Not surprising but it’s not her fault.

At least I’ll have junior league starting next week, and I WILL get a job – sooner hopefully rather than later, and I have three races before June, so it’s not like I have nothing. Sometimes, it just feels that way. *sigh*

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You’re Nobody ‘Till…..

Someone on the internets hates you enough to make a faux twitter account in honor of you…

My friends… I have made it.

Why was this started? Because I tweeted about a wedding gift that came in, that was a total surprise. Sorry, we’re 29 days out apparently when people care about you enough to send you something, it arrives unexpectedly at your door. Sorry I’m “materialistic” enough to tweet about this. (I am slightly materialistic, but I admit it, and…it’s not like I don’t care about other things too…)

And for the record? I didn’t come from a wealthy family so I didn’t get super awesome gifts when I was younger, they were heartfelt and wonderful but getting tons of them? Was never my family’s style. So there.

Apparently, I’m kind of a big deal. Trying not to take it personally…trying not to get upset…trying to focus on the task at hand…which at this moment? Is picking out a song for our bridal party to be introduced to…if anyone has suggestions? Feel free to leave them!