Caturday Saturday

Your weekly kitteh love on Caturday Saturday

{They get cranky when I try to take pictures of them}

I’ve got nothing to say but thank god for kittehs to keep me from completely breaking down last night after Christmas shopping excursion. Hearing Bono sing “Baby please come home” made me pretty much break down – even though I’m down to only 18 days left before I tackle hug the crap out of him.

Still…holidays are our favorite time of year and hearing all the sappy holiday music just makes me the loneliest I’ve been over this whole 12 week ordeal.

Stupid Bono/U2. Stupid Wham. Stupid Maria Carey. Stupid holidays. Can’t the world just…not start celebrating til December 14th? Pretty please??

/end pity party

*sigh* At least I’ve got cute kittehs no?



This year I am thankful for…

This guy. And the fact that we have survived 8 long weeks apart. Only 3 more to go. This distance has solidified our relationship and my love for him in ways I never thought possible. I am incomplete without him.

Family. Parents. Siblings. Grandparents.

Good friends. Seriously amazing friends. Old friends. New friends. Near friends. Far friends. Just friends – the family that I have created and has been my rock for the past two months.

Team 6 and LivingSocial.


Lilly. Tory. JCrew. lululemon. And all my other favorite brands.

And of course all of you. My blog readers. This whole blogging world. So thankful to be a part of it. Thank you all for reading and for being amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

What are you thankful for??


#tripnorth Independence day edition

So this past weekend we went on another #tripnorth.

It was a 3 parter. Part 1 in MA camping in the Berkshires with my dad for his birthday.

We got up there Friday afternoon around dinner time. We had driven up to CT Thursday evening after I got out of work at 1. Long day, long drive. Traffic was not as bad but still not great.

Friday AM was my in-law’s anniversary so Hubs and I made them a super nice breakfast of muffins, whole wheat blueberry pancakes, mimosas and a touch of bacon. Nom. They were really pleased and we gave them some family pictures of the wedding framed since his mom just hasn’t really gotten around to printing her copies off yet. She loved them 🙂 #winning.

In the afternoon, we headed up to Historic Valley campgrounds in North Adams, MA to visit my family for my dear old dad’s birthday. It had originally planned on being a surprise but apparently my step mom’s facebook notices were going to my dad’s cell phone so it wasn’t much of a surprise at all.

Saturday started with a nice 3ish mile trail run with my step brother. Historic Valley is nestled at the edge of the Mohawk trail so there are some great areas to go trail running nearby. I hadn’t been trail running in years so it was a bit slow for me but we weren’t really running for speed which is fine. My step brother just finished his undergrad in Physical therapy/sports medicine at UVM so it was really neat to hear him talk about injuries, training and cross training.

After, we went mini golfing. It was so freakin’ hot! We drove into town and it was at least 10 degrees hotter in town than it was in the mountains where we were.

After mini golf, we went back to the camp ground and my step brothers, dad, hubs and I took out a couple of canoes. Another thing I hadn’t done in years. I forget that as a youngster my family used to go camping a couple times each summer and I used to spend all my free time in the summer outdoors. It’s easy to get away from that as you get older but it was nice to go back to my roots.

We were out for about an hour the “lake” was really an oversized pond but it was still fun skirting the outside of the lake, and trying to coordinate paddling. Apparently, hubs told me, I’m just not that coordinated. Wamp wamp.

Later, we celebrated dad’s birthday. We had tacos for dinner (I should preface the term camping with the fact that my family uses a camper. However, hubs and I slept in a tent. On an air mattress. So no, its not back country camping but still. You’ve gotta wear shoes in the shower and the bugs are relentless. That’s camping to me.) and then enjoyed s’mores later.

Happy birthday dad!

Sunday we woke up to rain. Thank goodness we were getting ready to go. We had a party in New Haven that afternoon/night for the wife of one of hubs’ good friends. And you know, America’s birthday too.

We headed over the Mohawk Trail (aka Route 2) over to Route 91 to go down to New Haven. The trip was absolutely beautiful – some stunning views, it was too bad it was raining because we couldn’t really enjoy them. And we got to go up this baller hairpin turn. Seriously. It’s really kind of bad ass.

The party itself was pretty fun. I drank…way too much. I’m still detoxing. I don’t party that hard anymore so once in a blue moon is okay with me. There was grilling, poker, beer pong – you know, the usual antics of a late 20 something house party.

My partner (not the husband because he has awful beer pong skills) and I killed it on the table. Which was not my intention but still a good time anyhow. 80/20 rule right? As long as I’m healthy 80% of the time… 😉

The downfall was the hangover. And i stayed up way too late. I reminded myself why I don’t do that anymore. Monday, we headed back to the in-law’s house in Southbury and enjoyed another bbq. Less booze (thankfully) – for me by choice.

I had a nice plate of a hot dog (I know, I know but it’s so 4th of July!) some brocco slaw, 3 bean salad, and rice salad with strawberries. Everything was delicious!

Later, my MIL, hubs, and the sister in law and one of her pals headed over to Washington, CT for some amazing fireworks. Next year we’ll be better prepared – people had spent all day tailgating and picnicing. We however, forgot snacks, beverages and blankets. But the fireworks were so worth every minute.

Owning the night like the fourth of July… in the words of Katy Perry 😉

How was your Independence Day weekend? Do you stay active while traveling? If so, how??


Wanted: Boots that Fit.

So i desperately wanted Hunter boots for Christmas this year. It was all I told hubs to get me, thus prompting him to be helpless as to what surprise me with. Someone couldn’t go buy my size, without me trying them on. Which does make sense.

So today, after finishing my shopping for hubs, I went into Nordstrom with high hopes. I read that they ran big. I was so excited to have a pair of boots to wear with my favorite pants that might actually fit.

Not so fast.

I tried on sperrys and Hunters. The sperry’s i could have tried up a size but I was hoping for the Hunters to work out. They were too big in the foot and too small in the shaft. As is often the case with me finding boots.

Which prompted the conversation with the salesman, about how there is a need for boots that actually fit a normal woman’s calf. I mean, I run. I’ve started running 3 days a week again, I do yoga pretty regularly, so there’s no reason a normal freakin’ pair of boots shouldn’t fit. And that’s what the dude told me “I don’t understand why they don’t make bigger shafts.” He told me how he had had a woman come in a few days earlier who was a marathoner as well who couldn’t fit into a pair of boots.

I’m not asking for a pair of leather riding boots. Or even a set of knee high boots with a 3″ heel. That’s not what I want.

I just want a nice pair of wellies that fit to keep my feet dry when there’s snow and rain outside. Boots that I can wear in the winter with a pair of fleece socks. So this is my call to boot makers everywhere. Get a woman with normal sized calves who’s not 100 lbs and 5’7″. With a normal body, normal legs and measure HER legs. Getting a pair of boots for normal sized legs shouldn’t require a special order. Having ONE size shaft regardless of your shoe size seems ridiculous no?

*sigh* Let the search continue for perfect wellies.

Do you have this experience shopping for boots???


Lost the spirit

I’m annoyed.

With life mostly. But really cranky and annoyed. I feel like a dark cloud is just lingering over me and the result is of me being annoyed. Annoyed with what?

Annoyed that I can’t find Christmas cards that fit last years card in them (they were photo cards with pretty wedding pictures on them that I never got around to sending last year for the same reason that I’m procrastinating this year). Annoyed that we couldn’t seem to agree on how the Christmas lights should go on the tree.

Annoyed that sometimes I wish my husband would just do more – do more to find a job, do more around the house. Annoyed that I feel like I’m working my ass off – oh wait I am, and I feel like he doesn’t do enough. Annoyed that we’re not unpacked yet.

Annoyed that we have no money to go Christmas shopping. Like my wish list? There’s not much on it, but what is on it is a bit pricey, thus I’m realistic. While my husband hopes and dreams for an iPad and a Kindle, I can barely stand to browse amazon for all the books I would like to buy, and don’t even get me started on nordstrom, I really want a Tory Burch Wallet – especially since my JCrew wallet has seen many better days.

Annoyed that my dog is still crazy and she’s just generally overwhelming me. I feel like we’re over our head, she’s costing us a lot of money we don’t have (she just broke 2 more teeth on her crate!), and I’m losing patience. Yet, I’m the bad guy for even thinking there might be a better place for her.

Annoyed that I feel like I don’t have a social life. Not that I’ve really had one since we left DC. But I’m so close to so many great friends, and I feel like I have no time to see them.

Annoyed that I’m losing motivation for my 30 day challenge. I’m 3 days behind. Today I went to a yoga class that was just…not good. Seriously. It was not good. I can’t even talk about it.

Annoyed that I’m annoyed and am not in the holiday spirit when I feel like I should be.

Maybe I can chalk it up to PMS but I dunno, I feel like even trying to pretend that I’m okay is exhausting all of a sudden. I’m tired. On the verge of a breakdown – similar to the one I had to my sister this weekend when all I could do was cry because how the hell did I get here? How is this my life?

Yet, despite the good holiday memories, especially the ones with Hubs over the past few years, I remember all the disappointment from Christmas’s past, and maybe this Scrooge-ness is of my own making, and reminiscing on the disappointments and letting the negativity linger is just my way of not dealing with shit.

So on that note, I’m just going to say it. Maybe this’ll make me feel better.


/end annoyed rant



I had grown accustomed up until last year, to spending Thanksgiving with my loud and boisterous extended family.

I would wake up, wish for snow, drive over to my aunt’s or have someone pick me up at my mother’s, we’d eat, drink and be merry. We’d watch football, we’d gather around the kitchen anxiously awaiting a turkey that was usually named “Tom” or some other stereotypical name of the sort. We had a paper mache turkey that we’d all tape feathers to that listed what we were thankful for. My father’s side of the family would grow each year – from my father and his 3 siblings their spouses, to my grandparents and all 11 of us grandkids. We grew up – my cousins and I – having partners and spouses of our own, and in some cases children. There are now too many of us to have Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house.

We discovered this last year.

This year, with me working a quasi-retail job, I had to work here in Maryland today, black Friday. Going back to CT or Vermont was not an option. We were supposed to be driving up there as I type, instead I’m listening to Taylor Swift, and writing this. We spent the day over in Virginia with family friends – with too much food, more dessert and even more wine. It was the type of Thanksgiving that made me long for home and wish for those snowy thanksgiving’s of yore.

So I give you my list:

+My husband. Because he just…gets me and puts up with me and my quirks and loves me unconditionally even when sometimes I wonder if I deserve it.
+My family. More specifically my amazing generous in-laws, my parents, my grandparents, my siblings, especially my brother who will be returning from his tour in Afghanistan in a week or so (yay!).
+My friends. I could list them all here but that would take far too long, you all know who you are and I am so grateful your ears, your emails, for making me laugh, smile and listening to me cry when I needed it. For not judging, for supporting and most of all for being inspiring.
+My job and my coworkers. I can’t even begin to tell you how relieving it is to work with people who inspire you, who make you thrilled to be at work, to not want to leave, to be your soul sisters, to want to work harder. Team, you all (and even some from my former team!) are amazing and inspiring and I love that I get to call you gals friends/family/coworkers all in one.
+The Junior League for making me a better person. Seriously, I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing organization filled with such inspiring and driven women who all rally around giving back to the community. Thank you JLSN for making my year in CT so amazing – looking forward to moving onto JLA but I will miss you all oh so dearly.
+Other more ludicrous items include but are not limited to: lululemon wunder under pants, yoga…in all forms, my macbook, tall boots, JCrew, Taylor Swift, lululemon be still pants, franklin covey planners, Glee, Gossip Girl, cable television, down bedding, not having allergic reactions to laundry detergent (the stuff the hotel uses has made me break out in hives for the past three days. It’s awful and I itch.), wordpress, google, twitter and of course, last but not least, facebook.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life. You’ve made me the luckiest and happiest girl in the world.
{photo by Megan Garrison Photography}

And a very Happy Valentine’s day to all my freaders, may your Valentine’s Day be filled with love and happiness regardless of your relationship status.


Thankful for…

Alternately Titled: How mom saved Thanksgiving and why Ham isn’t the same

Under normal circumstances, my Thanksgiving is spent at my Aunt’s house on the shores of Lake Champlain. There is laughing, booze, and lots of family members. Football/The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade are on the big screen television and the sound of pitter pattering feet stifle the sound of the adults gossiping in the cramped kitchen.

This year, the first Thanksgiving of my newlywedness, I was hoping to bring Hubs back to that. To be in the crowd of my beloved family, hoping for snow, and enjoying a full thanksgiving meal – to finally celebrate with the family that couldn’t be bothered to travel to my wedding make it down for the wedding.

There was drama, too many little kids around because of cousins having…what I would deem as unsavory people with a few illegitimate children (between two cousins – 8 illegitimate children, not including the other 2 who are legit), my Aunt that usually hosts didn’t want to host the crowd of kiddos that my other aunt’s kids would be bringing along to the festivities. Thanksgiving was split up.

I found out about it a few days before. My Nana informed me, she’d be cooking dinner. We’d head over there for a noon dinner – as per usual, nothing new there.

Dinner, though wonderful, was ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, homemade pickles, and rolls. It was delish. But it wasn’t turkey. It wasn’t stuffing, candied carrots, green bean casserole, and there wasn’t pie. Not that I like pie to begin with, but I brought Hubs home to experience my beloved thanksgiving traditions, and they didn’t happen.

Thanksgiving, was dead.

Later, we had plans to meet my sister to see New Moon. We decided to stay at my Nana’s that night, and my cousin wanted to tag along, unfortunately, we had to run home to Mom’s – 30 minutes away – to grab our bags, especially since my sister and I had plans to go shopping at 6am. (shut up. It’s tradition.)

En route back to pick up my cousin, after Hubs and I discovered how hungry we were and after convincing mom to cook a turkey, I was in a rush. A 6:20 movie. We weren’t sure if there would be lines (hey you never know how hardcore those twi-hards are), so sister and I wanted to meet at 5:45. It was 5:20. I was going to be late.

Getting on the highway, I sped. Who doesn’t? Then there he was. An Essex Cop. Earlier, I had been bragging to Hubs about how “I’ve never been pulled over.”

Who get’s pulled over for the first time on Thanksgiving??

I got a warning. 61 in a 50 zone. Out of state plates. No ticket. Lucky. Purely. Lucky.

Still. I wanted to cry. I hadn’t given Hubs Turkey, he was hungry when he should have been in a food coma and I got pulled over making me even more late.


The movie was great, my bff T-pup met up with us to see it – so there was five of us, Hubs proudly proclaimed he was on Team Jacob “the werewolf totally gets the short end of the stick!” he proclaimed later in the car. Post-movie, we headed over to Colchester to a trashy townie bar. Granted the area is littered with them outside of downtown Burlington.

T-pup, myself and Hubs walked into the bar, ordered up a round and immediately asked if the kitchen was open. It had closed at 9p.


The bartender however, told us she’d start up the deep fryer. We had – for our thanksgiving dinner – fried mozzerella, fried ravioli, and chicken wings.

We toasted to good friends, trashy townie bars that play too much country music, and to fried food.

Six hours later, after getting dropped off back at my Nana’s, I was waiting in line at K-Mart with my big sister ready to take on Black Friday.

We finished today with Turkey, Stuffing, and all the fixings that mom whipped up today. Seriously, I have the best mom ever.

In short:

I am thankful for….

  • My Husband
  • My family (mom, nana, sister, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins)
  • Black Friday ($20 down comforter, $110 blu-ray player, $15 sweaters, etc…)
  • My mom. Especially her. She saved our thanksgiving.
  • My friends – who I miss every freakin’ day.
  • Movie theaters that are open Thanksgiving Day – hellllllo New Moon!!!
  • That nice Essex PD officer who decided not to give my sorry speeding butt a ticket even though I maybe sorta kinda lied and said I was late to Thanksgiving dinner (and by thanksgiving dinner I meant late to get our butts to the theater to see New Moon but I wasn’t going to tell him that…)

All in all a good thanksgiving was had. Happy Thanksgiving freaders!!!!

What are you thankful for???


Monday Wants – Wish List edition (part 1)

With less than five weeks till Christmas, Hubs and I have been talking about Christmas. I’ve pretty much decided that I’ll be shopping for myself (sans one gift that will be a surprise from hubs)

so for christmas this year? I’m looking at things that i may…justified as being needs. The following? Is my christmas list

1. Argyle Sweat from {the gap}; 2. Boot Cut Cords {the gap}; 3. Striped Sweater {old navy}; 4. Ruffled Sweater {old navy}; 5. Cady Knee High Boot {target}; 6. Argyle Tote {ll bean}.

There’s actually not that much that I legitimately want for the Holidays this year – I have everything I could want – my husband, a nice home, a crazy, cuddly puppy. We have a car to take us to visit our family and friends, we have our health, and hubs has a job. I would love the following less tangible items…

my brother to stay safe in Afghanistan over the next year

a teaching job

my mother and sister to be…legitimately happy. Especially my mum.

Feeling successful and happy.

Feeling in shape again.

There’s very little I want – sure clothes and books are nice, and it’s great having gifts under the tree but really? Isn’t it what’s around us that really matters? Family? Friends? Health? Happiness? That’s all I really care about this year. I’ve had an amazing year with many ups and downs but ultimately, everything that we go through – obstacles and all – make us stronger and bring us to where we are today. Today? I am MUCH happier than I was a year ago. We are in a much better place and…we’re married! What could be better than that?!?!

What are you wishing for this holiday season?