Baby’s First Easter

Ethan celebrated his first Easter today with Nana (my mom), Auntie Shannon (my sister), Adam and myself – we had a glorious but easy to prepare dinner of Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Risotto, salad and an almond pastry from Trader Joes. He even wore a cute Easter onesie (the one from Carters above) from his Great Godmother (Adam’s Godmother – Aunt Mary) which he looked adorable in (but was not pleased when we put him in it – I’m pretty sure he’d rather be naked and wouldn’t be dressed at all if he had things his way). And many of those goodies were in his first Easter basket from Grandma & Grumpa (Adam’s parents) – a lovely, lovely treat.

Happy Easter everyone! (Or Happy Passover if that’s your jam!)


Good Riddance

So yesterday I was watching the 11p news and saw that it was “Good Riddance Day.”

{image via WorldStudio}

According to this post from NPR,

“The day is designed to say goodbye to the worst memories of 2012. In New York Friday, a mobile shredding truck along with a dumpster and sledgehammer, will help you say goodbye to things you don’t need heading into the new year.”

I thought about what I would say good riddance to. I mean there’s been a lot that I’ve done away this year. I’ve gotten healthier, ran a bunch of races, got pregnant. In general, a lot of things I’m proud of and have no real regrets for 2012. But there were some lingering habits from years past…

I say good riddance to…

…My crazy boozehound days. Though I gave up “heavy drinking” when I stopped working in DC or mostly when Adam went to BCT, I had a couple of lapses in the early spring….noticeably no further lapses since May or so. I do miss a good glass of wine though – (will just make it that much sweeter and tasty once I’m able to safely drink again), I never want to go back to that feeling of being out of control and 2012 really taught me a lot about appreciating my limits and setting boundaries for myself.

…Toxic people. I’ve surrounded myself by an amazing group of people from work, Junior League, old friends, new friends and family and I couldn’t be more appreciative of them. No more surrounding myself with people who are bad influences or who are otherwise unsupportive of myself and my decisions.

…Excuses for slacking on workouts. I’m not going crazy on the workouts these days for obvious reasons, but when I get back to hitting the pavement, I will be much more appreciative of the miles I log since I will have spent 6+ long months of not running. No excuses…play like a champion. I miss you running, I miss you a lot and I take back all of those mornings that I slept in instead of going out for that scheduled run (this is me blowing my neglected Newton’s a kiss. /end nerdiness).

…Bad debt. When hubs and I got married and we both had a lot of debt from post-college low paying jobs. Which somehow, is a problem we still haven’t grown out of (the low paying jobs I mean…), but we’re on track to pay off a large chunk of it before March which is a really good feeling. Time to keep up the momentum and keep cutting back in life.

Being a bad blogger. I’m so passionate about blogging but I let myself get overwhelmed by work, life, and other things and let blogging go by the wayside. I (and this is not meant to sound egotistical) think I have a good voice, and really want to make something out of the blog. If I put time and energy into it, I think that’s doable. Time to stop slacking and procrastinating and make something big out of this.

What bad habits do you say good riddance to in 2013?



Are filled with…


image via Denise Muncie Photography


…and good food and sweets.

This has been one of our last #tripnorth’s before Baby Schmidt arrives on the scene in roughly 13 weeks and it has been absolutely perfect. From the drive to Vermont, stopping at the Yankee Candle Factory on Thursday heading up to Vermont, to dinner with friends downtown on Thursday night, visiting family and spending a lovely day with my mom around Burlington on Friday, seeing my grandparents and cousin on Saturday and driving home through snow on Saturday evening. Sunday was spent in Manhattan with Adam’s family at the Nutcracker followed by lots of laughter and amazing food – a generally joy filled day Yesterday was spent with more friends, a lovely mass, and baking up a storm.

All in all, the past few days have resulted in the most perfect holiday. I am however, looking forward to getting home as the to do list in regards to preparing for baby’s arrival is growing longer and longer each day, and we’ll be back north in a few weeks.

Hope your holiday has been filled with love, joy and laughter!!


A Runners Wish List

Even though I’m not running right now, I’m still a runner at heart. Last year, I survived the winter without hubs by running after work, knowing that each week I got through my half marathon training plan was a week closer to having him home from AIT.

So, I realized, even though runner wish lists are a dime a dozen, I’m going to do two for you – a runners wish list and a mama-to-be’s wish list. Stay tuned later this week for the mama-to-be wish list.


1. lululemon run brisk mittens ($28) Every cold weather runner needs a pair of gloves or mittens. I have the gloves of this style but I adore these mittens.

2. Born to Run ($11) Nothing says amazing than reading an inspiring running story to make you want to get off your bum.

3. Zensah Sleeves ($30) I’ve never tried Zensah sleeves personally, but I’ve read amazing things about them, they’re a necessity to preventing sore muscles and

4. Foam Roller ($13) Want to show your runner you care? Foam roller. No further words necessary – their IT bands will thank you.

5. Moji Massager ($30) This was recommended to by my amazing friends at Fleet Feet – great for legs, arms, shoulders, and backs. A perfect gift for those achy muscles.

6. Garmin Forerunner 10 ($120) I’m pretty sure that I could not get through my runs without my Garmin. I have the Garmin 305, but this one is simpler, comes in cool colors and if you’re just getting started on the GPS scene, this is a good starter.

7. lululemon run socks ($14) I live and die by these socks. A good pair of running socks is NOT cheap, and these have stopped blisters for the past two years and going strong. A great stocking stuffer!


What’s on your fitness wish list???


Cookie Swapping

For the past few years (well this was the 4th, my darling friends Lexi and C have been hosting a Christmas Cookie Swap. Saturday, we opened it up from being a ladies only affair, to being a husband and boyfriend and baby affair. We had…tons of fun.

There was food, merriment, punch and cookies of course. It’s become one of my favorite traditions since we made our home in the Annapolis/DC area – one that I look forward to continuing on for many years with this amazing little group of friends I’ve created.

So yesterday morning, I spent skipping my favorite yoga class, baking and cleaning the house a little bit. Hubs was up at Reistertown for some National Guard stuff, so I had the house to myself. I like to take advantage of those rare occasions since I know they’re going to be few and totally far between soon enough. He got home and we headed into DC.

I brought an old favorite of mine Peanut Butter Blossoms- they always seem to be a big hit at the holiday party circuit. But seriously – this isn’t even the whole spread…

Peanut Butter Blossoms

1/2 c. butter
3/4 c. creamy peanut butter
1/3 c. sugar (plus extra to roll)
1/3 c. light brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp coarse salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 & 1/2 c. unbleached, all-purpose flour
Hershey’s Kisses (I usually buy an 8oz bag and have leftovers)


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Using a paddle attachment, mix together peanut butter and butter until smooth and creamy.

Add both sugars and beat until light and fluffy.

Add egg, vanilla, baking soda, and salt and mix until thoroughly combined. Add flour in 1/2 c. increments and mix until blended, scraping side of bowl as needed. Place extra sugar on a plate and roll the dough into small balls then roll through the sugar. Place coated balls on parchment paper lined cookie sheets. Bake for 10 minutes.

Remove from oven when golden brown, immediately place unwrapped Hershey Kiss into center of cookie. Transfer to cooling rack and let cool completely.

Enjoy while warm, when Hershey Kiss is soft from the heat of the cookie. NOM NOM NOM.

What is YOUR favorite holiday cookie recipe?



I didn’t get around to doing a thankful for post yesterday – I was much too busy napping and cooking (food post drafted).

This year I have so much to be thankful for…

Mostly for this guy who never fails to make me laugh, who loves me for me, who rubs my back or my feet without me having to ask and is going to be the greatest father to our growing baby boy. I can’t wait to embark on the next stage of our life together as parents come March and I can’t wait to grow old with you. Quite simply, he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

I’m thankful for friends – new and old, near and far. The people that we have surrounded ourselves with are inspiring, caring, and smart people that I look forward to having as good influences on baby Schmidt’s life in the years to come. They have been there through thick and thin and I couldn’t ask for a better circle of pals!

I’m thankful for family. I’m thankful we get to spend Christmas with our families this year – especially my beloved Nana who has not has the best year this year. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to know Adam’s grandparents. I’m thankful our parents are loving and supportive and that both of our families are as excited about our new addition as we are.

I’m thankful for my job. I sometimes get caught up in the negatives but ultimately, I love what I do. I love who I work with and I’m so very thankful to have amazing supervisors who support me and my long term goals. I know what it’s like to be in a position where you have none of those things, so I’m so very grateful to be where I am.

I’m thankful for my health, for my strength. For where we live, for the home we’ve built and the community we’ve grown to love. For the opportunities I’ve had through Junior League, for the people I’ve met.

I’m thankful for all the men and women who serve in uniform – I grew up in a military family and know and appreciate all the sacrifices members and all their families make for our freedom.

What are YOU thankful for this year? 


A Festive Fourth

Yesterday was really the best Independence Day we’ve had in quite some time. Last year was great in CT, but this year was just us, friends, some beer and fireworks via boat – by far a show that compares even with our days watching fireworks on the roof of Longworth House Office Building on Capitol Hill – those were the days.

(Fun fact: hubs was originally going to propose to me with the fireworks on top of Longworth on July 4th 2008, but the ring burned a hole in his pocket so he proposed on 6/13/2008 in Georgetown instead)

We started the day being a bit lazy then went for a short 20 minute jaunt in the stifling heat. Horrible.

Sarah Jane had a pseudo-house warming party. Was supposed to be in Bethesda but got moved back to Annapolis after she and her beau lost power. Either way, it was lovely and festive!

Everything was delicious, I may have indulged in more than one cupcake. But they were worth it. And Adam and I split the second one. I couldn’t not.

Later we headed over to Eastport for a quick dinner at Davis’ Pub. Fun Fact: In Fall 2011, this divey joint in Eastport had Guy Fieri of the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives  stop by. It’s a favorite of ours, I can’t believe I didn’t realize that they were on that show (another favorite of ours) til last night when I saw the “Guy was here”  logo spray painted on the wall. Can’t wait to see it air!

We headed over to Eastport Yacht Center to meet up with my friend Jason who also invited the lovely Sarah and her beau Mike out for some fireworks action.

Us on the boat heading over to Annapolis Harbor.

Sarah & Mike.

The fireworks show was by far among the best I’ve ever seen.

Fireworks, freedom and beer. Yay America!

How did you celebrate Independence Day? 


St. Patricks Day 5k

I had resigned myself, when I awoke at early o’clock on a Saturday that I would run my scheduled 9 miler on Sunday. After all, I had had one too many Magner’s out on Friday night and wasn’t feeling hot. I had plans to go bridesmaids dress shopping with Lexi and her friend Michaela for Lexi’s sisters wedding. I drove to the metro at too early, forgetting completely about the Marathon and Half marathon until I woke up. Thankfully I left after it started so the metro wasn’t really that bad nor was traffic.

We met up at 10:30a in Georgetown, Lexi tried on some pretty dresses and some not so pretty. After, we got lunch at Serendipity 3. They had both been in NYC, but I had only heard of the amazingness.

I had a taco salad to start. It was pretty noms. The taquitos were pretty tasty too!

Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate. Apparently Serendipity is famous for this – can’t say I disagree. It was amazing and also voted one of the best desserts in DC by the Washington Post! It’s billed as having 20 types of chocolate in it. It was…amazing. Not too rich, but tasted like hot chocolate. Chocolately and milky and icy but not overbearing on the ice cream flavor as some milk shakes can be. It was…just yum.

After that, we did a little bit of shopping, then I headed home. It was absolutely beautiful yesterday, so I got home and was like hmm maybe I should run tonight? I had gone out on Friday night with a friend for a couple cider’s and some good irish fare at Galway Bay and didn’t really have any plans for St. Patricks Day but did see that the Annapolis Running Shop was having their St. Patricks Day 5k so I got the bright idea to run 6 miles downtown (I didn’t want to drive since they were having DUI checkpoints on Rowe Blvd coming home and I knew I’d be drinking after the race) and then run the race and meet new people at the after party to get my 9 miles in and still not sit at home on St. Patricks Day. BRILLIANT SMITHERS!

Mile 1: 11:38 (I walked the first .2 miles to warm up)
Mile 2:
10:28 (more like it! That’s where I want to be!)
Mile 3:
12:02 (then I got lost…)
Mile 4:
Mile 5: 11:31 (feeling a little stiff and ran into lots of drunks down on Main Street. They have no regards for runners on the sidewalk)
Mile 6: 10:32 
total time: 1:06:57
{10 minute rest to register/get started}
Mile 7: 9:59
Mile 8: 10:22
Mile 9:  8:35
total Mileage actually: 8.8
Total time: 1:35:53

If I keep this training up (I like to keep my long runs between 9:30-10:30 miles but the route I picked which was around the Naval Academy Stadium which turned out to be a lot hillier than I expected and I couldn’t remember the route I picked so I cut it short by about .25 miles. Whoops.), I should be on track to hit 2:15:00-2:00:00 for the half in April. I’m running 10 miles next weekend and then I’ll do 9 miles when I get back from CT the weekend after and then 11 the week before the race. No taper, but tapers I’ve found for half training don’t really work for me.

After the show it’s the after party…

The Annapolis Running Store was amazing enough to open it’s doors for an after party which included Guinness, Smithwicks, Murphy’s Stout and other edible refreshments.

It probably wasn’t too smart to end my 9 mile run with a Smithwicks and a couple cookies and a Guinness but you know what, I didn’t puke and when I got home I had more fuel to make up for it all and I brought a water bottle with me on the run so I was plenty hydrated.

It was a great crowd and I’m super pumped to start running with them on Wednesday Nights as a part of their group runs, I remembered seeing an article about Jon and Megan last fall in the Capital. Their dog Gordy was hanging out last night, he’s kind of a ham, but amazing.

{Gordy, he’s kind of amazing}

Either way, I got the sense that if I want to run fast, I should run with them. Considering Jon and Megan both coach high school track and field, I probably sensed that right. I can’t run with them this week, but next week? I’ll be there. It doesn’t hurt that they hit up happy hour after runs. I’m down for that.

{You could tell the party was dying down when Gordy decided to call it a night}

I managed to grab a cab home after the crowd petered out which was nice since I only ran down there with my house key, my ID and my debit card and a water bottle on my fuel belt. Note to self: buy shot blocks ASAP especially if I need to run 10 miles next weekend.

I got home, promptly showered because oh em gee. Rank. Then I ate, watched America’s Next Top Model and contemplated setting my alarm for yoga (I did not go by the way). It was, a perfect St. Patricks Day (well almost. Could have only been perfect if the hubs was here).

{Note: Race Recap only cross posted at NewlyMarylanders}
{disclaimer: this post includes paid link advertising however all thoughts here are my own and have not been influenced by any advertisers} 

How did you celebrate St. Patricks Day??


Out with the old…

Fare thee well 2011 and on to 2012. Sorry for my pseudo hiatus, but vacation with hubs was necessary and I was off line (exception: instagram) for most of the past week.

So let’s review last years resolutions:

I did not run 12 races. But I did run like 7 races and and I did PR in a 10k and a ten miler.
I did not read 52 books. I may have come close but I stopped keeping track. I’ll do better next year. Maybe.
I did not take the GMAT (YET!) but I did sign up for an awesome CSS/HTML Course that starts in March!
I did not lose 20 lbs but I am on a better track and have lost 10 lbs since hubs went away in October.
I may have tried a new recipe each month. But I didn’t blog about them so I dunno.

I also got a new job. PR’ed in a 10k. Ran 2 more half marathons. Hubs joined the National Guard. I lived on my own for 12 weeks. I

Be Healthier

Run 12 races by December 2012. (i have my first 3 picked out in Feb, March and April!)
Also record each run for a goal of at least 50 miles per month
Complete a 30 day workout challenge each quarter (January, April, July and October)
Record all workouts. Take measurements. Numbers = progress. Progress = healthier and faster.
Practice yoga once per week
hot, yin, bikram. home or studio. Just practice.
Workout 3 days per week also keep food journal 5 days per week.
yoga doesn’t count. Running, Crossfit, classes, elliptical, biking does.

More Money…less problems

Spend three whole months not shopping (do not need to be consecutive – by December 2012)
Maintain $100/month allowance.

Work Harder

Be a Certified Personal Trainer by the end of the year with five clients (by August 2012).
Any advice on this one friends???
Ace my HTML/CSS Class and pick up 5 freelance clients by the end of the year (by May 2012/December 2012)
I am a good student. Don’t let my collegiate gpa fool you.

Blog better

Blog 5 days per week
Set weekly editorial schedule. it helps!
Design a new Life in Pink that better reflects me and where I’m going. (by June 2012)
Stick with blue and pink but make more whimsical and organized. Or something like that.
Participate in Project 365 – because I just got a fancy new camera for Christmas, this will actually inspire me to use it!
Instagram is okay too.