2016 Intentions

Last year, I feel like I had a good year. Mostly.

I set my 2015 intentions and set off on my merry way for the year. Then I kind of forgot about them. My intentions this year are similar. Ish. I don’t necessarily think intentions should change drastically year to year because these are still the intentions I want to live my life by: take care of myself. be a good mom. be a good wife. be present in life. challenge myself. work hard. be passionate about my work and be an expert. It’s a lot but these are the intentions that I want to focus on every day. Last year, I just set those intentions.

I did not complete ANY of my 2015 goals….I think I need a better plan to you know follow through.

…I am not registered for a 2016 Half Ironman
…I did not bike a century ride. I would still like to do that but I’m not sure this is the year.
…No sub 2:15 half marathon…no half marathons actually.
…I did NINE races…so close to 12 but yet so far.

However, I also accomplished a number of OTHER things.

  • I did start a new job with a hefty salary increase. Working on the whole inbound marketing expert thing.
  • I did coach/mentor a 10k group. Not 25 people, but it was a great group.
  • I did place in my Age Group for the first time ever at the Hagerstown Duathlon.
  • I did rebrand my blog. But didn’t quite blog consistently. At all.

2016 Intentions (1)

This year, my goals/intentions are

  1. Run more. It makes me feel good, balanced and helps my weight loss goals. Why wouldn’t I? I don’t want to set a mileage goal, but I ran 340 miles in 2015 and I’d really like to hit 500 miles in 2016. That’s an average of 10 miles per week which I think is beyond doable. Considering I have the Zooma Run Love Challenge, Zooma 10k, the MD Sprint Duathlon, Dewey Beach Tri, Across the Bay 10k…among others. I think 500 miles is doable.
  2. Eat Cleaner. I have a sugar problem. This year? I want to kick it. Like really…really want to kick it. I can’t just have one cookie…i have 5. That’s an issue. So I’m giving up sugar (mostly).
  3. Be Present. I need to focus more on family when I’m home. Work when I’m at work. Myself when I have the time. It’ll help with my stress levels which will in turn help with other things.
  4. Write more. I love blogging and social media. I love this space and I hate when I neglect it. I invested a decent amount of time and energy into my rebrand and I need to reinvest to keep it going and to keep my mind sharp outside of work.
  5. Stress less. This goes hand in hand with my be present goal but I want to get back into meditation and more yoga…these are two things i know that keep me balanced so let’s stick to that. For sure.

What are your 2016 intentions or goals? Any big scary goals?


Friday Fives: Fall Favorites

There’s a crispness in the air friends. After spending last weekend in the beautiful lake region of NH watching two of my favorite people get hitched, I’m loving this pseudo-fall like weather.  The cooler mornings, the pretty trees…you  know fall like stuff. AND we’re going pumpkin picking this weekend with little man, so that’ll be fun! I still need to hunt down his costume, I’m not a 100% sold on what I bought at the wee-sale.

Anyhoozle, onto my favorite things at the moment!


1. My Bobeau Wraps

Seriously, these are the most comfortable things EVER. Go get one. Or two. Or three (I have three. But i’m dying for the camel one.)

2. Shakeology

So I became a coach mostly for the discount. But mostly because I REALLY like the product. I did the 3 day refresh before the wedding we went to earlier this month and had decent results (down 4.5 lbs). I’ve since gained 2 back but I’m trying to get myself back into my routine. It’s been really challenging with the darker mornings – you know, everyday struggles but I’m getting there. At least I’ve effectively kicked my soda habit (WAHOO!)

3. My new Mom-mobile

Last week, I picked up a new Honda CRV. I call it my happy mom-mobile. No, it’s not a minivan (or family fun bus as Liz would call it) but it’s bigger for me. Our 2001 Ford Taurus was about to gulp down another $1,000 in repairs and as Hubs just got a new job, and we just paid off our other car, we made the plunge so that we don’t need to be a pseudo-one-car family anymore. We were trading off the Ford depending on who was on drop-off or pick-up duties with Little Man.

4. Zucchini Muffins

I made some delicious zucchini muffins a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING. I have some zucchini that i need to use this weekend so I’m thinking of this bread (maybe muffins?) or something similarly inspired. Cue pinterest.

5. Leggings and Boots.

I don’t care what anyone says. Leggings and boots and long sweaters are my fall uniform. Nothing says fall more than a cozy sweater, a nice pair of leggings and some cognac colored boots. Forgive me but leggings can be pants any day (as long as your butt is covered).


What are you currently loving this fall?


The Wurst: Life Lately

So I have to step back and apologize for officially being a horrible blogger.

Life, man.

It started with the week of our anniversary – cramming two weeks of work into five days that didn’t have nearly enough hours and a lot of other crap going on. Thankfully we did get a date night and got to enjoy dinner and some live music out at Lures in Crownsville. Highly recommend!

Anniversary weekend was followed by a week long conference in Boston for work. During which I had the best of intentions to blog and workout but neither really happened (at all) but I did tweet a bunch and because the convention center where the conference was, I did manage to get in about 15,000+ steps each day. BALLER.

{with JL & Liz – two my awesome co-workers at Inbound Rocks with Janelle Monae}

We got home late Thursday night and I had an early (crappy) train ride to New York City, a mediocre lunch with my dad in Penn Station, followed by a m’eh train ride up to Brewster to meet Adam and my sister in law for a weekend at Hunter Mountain where we celebrated my brother in law and his fiancee at a joint bachelor/bachelorette party weekend. Little man stayed with the grandparents – all parties had a great weekend. Adam and I did in the mountains and my in-laws loved their time with the little guy.

Highlight of the weekend? This view.

And these donuts. Homemade, old fashioned cake donuts with your choice of toppings.

This past week was supposed to be clean eating but ended up being…not so clean. That’s what happens when you have events going on every. freakin’. night. Ugh ugh ugh. Life needs to slow the eff down.

I did start out days with some Shakeology (YUM) once I got back and one day even got some juicing in. I need to do that more often.

This week will be a bit more tame. But I’m restarting all of my goals. The tri is off the books, but I am getting PiYo certified next weekend (exciting!). And, and, I’m actually going to menu plan. I haven’t done that in 3 weeks. No wonder I’m so off my friggen a-game.

I digress. October intentions/goals coming up Wednesday. If I want to hold other people accountable, I need to hold myself accountable first. Not just with my fitness goals but also my blogging goals.

This week’s workouts…

Monday – PiYo
Tuesday – Run
Wednesday – PiYo
Thursday – Run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Dirty Damsel 5k
Sunday – PiYo Certification

Who’s going to be my October accounta-billy-buddy. I just made that word up. What of it? But really, who wants to hold me accountable? (and vice versa! I want to help you reach YOUR goals!) 





Friday Five: Fall Goals

This Friday we’re talking goals. I usually set my goals seasonally, and tend to keep the SMART acronym in mind – mainly realistic, attainable, and timely. Though strategic by thinking of my overall long term goals – lose 20 lbs, and be healthy.

So my fall goals – I had to really be realistic – I’m traveling for a week after my triathlon, I have a wedding and bachelorette weekend that I’m traveling for all between labor day and columbus day. With a half marathon currently on the books, I’m not super excited about it, and I’m just kind of m’eh.


That being said there are a few goals I’m especially excited about….

1. Finishing my tri under 2 hours. 

I squeaked in just barely under 2 hours. However, this tri, the bike is a touch longer, but the 5k is flatter. SO, I think I can, i think I can. My workouts over the past ten days, thanks to Ethan’s Roseola have been wretched. Like…really.

2. A trail race. 

My first trail race since HIGH SCHOOL, I’m doing the Zooma Dirty Damsel 5k. I loved trail racing back in the day so I’m stoked to give it a go again! Not to mention I fricken love the Zooma Organization so I’m excited to check out this inaugural trail race!

3. My fifth half marathon

I’m not sure I’m as excited about the half as I am that it’s #5 so I can kind of set aside half’s for a while I focus on other things. Running hasn’t been doing much for me mentally, so I’m going to move to more 10ks and 5ks and Tris next summer. I haven’t entirely decided if I’m actually going to run this race, it’ll probably be a “let’s see how September goes” kind of thing.

4. Coaching! 

I’m going to be coaching this fall and leading some challenge groups. Stay tuned into September for details, but hopefully it’ll rejuvenate my blog, hold me accountable and help me coach some people to accomplish their own goals while continuing to work towards mine.

5. Getting a trainer.

Not a personal trainer, but one for my bike so that in the winter, I can keep training for triathlons. I really want to do an Olympic next year and want to keep working on my biking in the winter so I told hubs I wanted to get a trainer for Christmas. He’s going to oblige and I get to keep biking once cooler days roll around! Woo!


What are your Autumn goals? Any big things that you’re looking forward to towards the end of this year? How often do you set goals for your self? 


Be sure to check out Courtney, Cynthia and Mar – the gracious hostesses of the DC Trifecta Friday Five! 





Weigh In Wednesday: Dealing with Setbacks

No one is perfect.

Last week, my tracking was uber craptacular. Like there was no point. I enjoyed a couple adult beverages at a work happy hour Thursday, a couple beverages with hubs on the fourth – you smell what I’m stepping in. It just snowballed to a whole lot of bad food and not watching what I ate.

No one is perfect.

I was dreading my weigh in this week but it wasn’t so bad. I was expecting much worse.

Because here’s the thing, weight loss is as much about your eating as it is about your workouts. If you’re not eating right and eating well, then no. No you will not lose weight. Duh. Time to be better.


A setback but I’m back on track this week.


Nations Tri Training: Week 2

Week 1 of triathlon training…success! Mostly? I think. Coordinating schedules with a husband who has evening classes and around a 15 month old is not nearly as easy as one would think.

By the numbers… I did 20 miles on the bike, 5 miles of running, and 500 yards of swimming.

Last week….

Monday: Swam 8×50 yds (with 50 yd warm up & cool down) | 4 mile shake out ride to test my new wheels
Tuesday: unintentional rest day – Ethan had surgery on his ears and I had planned on taking him out for a run in the afternoon but it was really hot and he just was not having it.
Wednesday: 6 mile ride in the AM (~35 minutes)
Thursday: rest day
Friday: unintentionally off. Whoops.
Saturday: 5 mile run (~1 hour run/walk)
Sunday: 10 mile ride (49 minutes)

I hadn’t meant to take off three days last week. But I may have had a couple of glasses of wine on Friday with friends while cooking out, and on Thursday at a work happy hour. WHOOPS.

Thankfully, weekends are for family runs and I love running Saturday mornings with Hubs and Little Man.

This week…

Monday: run 30 minutes   Donezo! 
Tuesday: swim 500 yds (5×100)
Wednesday: Ride 8-12 miles
Thursday: Swim 500 yds (5×100)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Foam Fest 5k
 Run 45 minutes

This weekend Hubs has drill weekend Friday – Sunday so I had to modify the schedule a touch. . So, instead of 2 bike days this week, I’ll throw a longish ride in on Wednesday and that’ll be my lone bike day this week. I’ve always felt that training plans were “guides” and needed to account for life. I’m early enough in my training that I can shift things around since two a days don’t start until next week and BRICK workouts start at week 4 or 5 (after my New Hampshire trip)

Don’t forget, you can register for the Foam Fest 5k – in any city!! and get $5 off your registration by using code FF3108


Summer Racing Goals

I’m excited to get back into racing shape. With triathlon training under way (exception, this morning because little man got Tubes in his ears) I figured throwing a few fun races into the mix this month and maybe next isn’t a bad way to keep myself motivated and training hard for Nations Tri and for the Baltimore Half – my two big races this fall.

What can I say, I get bored easily.

That being said, I don’t have much for goals – though I would love, love, LOVE to finish the 10k as close to an hour as possible which may or may not be doable depending on my legs. But they’re feeling okay lately and I have high hopes that my triathlon training will help them. Fingers crossed.

So I have 3, maybe 4, races to round out my summer which I’m pretty excited about! Summer racing is the most fun.


Race #1

Foam Fest. I’m an ambassador for this race (which is flipping awesome) so I’m excited to go down. You can register using code  FF3108 for a discount off your registration fee! Code is good for ANY foam fest race. I’m super excited for this race since it’s my first ever “adventure” race and should be a lot of fun!

Race #2

A friend of mine is running her first 10k in Baltimore and asked if I wanted to join her. Because I can never turn down a race – seriously – I told her I’d be down. So I registered for the Run in the Sun 10k in Baltimore on July 20th – they also have a 5k race if you’re interested and local to the area!

Race #3

I originally signed up for the Dirty Girl 5k with a pal – but now she’s pregnant and due in September so no dice. Hooray for her but bummer for me…now I don’t have anyone to run it with. Not that’s new for me – I’m used to running races solo.

There are a few others – including the Dog Days 8k run by the Annapolis Striders that I’m not yet registered for and will probably make a decision the day or so before the race.

What’s your summer racing schedule like? 


Regaining Sanity

Sometimes, after two long weeks of playing single parent and managing a sick child, you just need an afternoon off. So yesterday,  I took it and got to hang out with some awesome lady pals.

I enjoyed some good beverages.

Some good friends and a fun game.

And enjoyed some DANG good food.

After our #naptownpintbeerclub with said awesome ladies, I got myself a pedicure and then came home for some dinner and relaxing with the husband. I did not go for a run, I used up 3/4 of my activity points for the week in one afternoon with pals and the best part?

I did not feel at all guilty about it.

Sometimes, splurging is necessary. I needed a few hours to turn off parental responsibilities (thanks hubs!), to laugh with friends and not have anyone dependent on me for EVERYTHING for a couple of hours. I hadn’t been out solo sans Ethan in almost two weeks so it was great to get out and relax and talk about something other than Hand Foot and Mouth Disease or Ethan’s pending Ear Tube surgery.

Sanity regained. 80/20 maintained. Back to running tomorrow. Triathlon training starts Monday AM with an early swim!



Weigh In Wednesday: Week 2

So today I did something.

nationstri copy


Yep. That happened.

Stay tuned for my training plan. Training starts next week (!!!!)

But back to the weigh in….

Last week: 152.8
This week:
Difference: -0.8

Woo! Progress! I tracked every day last week. I’ve tracked every day this week. I’m all up earning activity points. Just wait till triathlon training starts next week! Eeeeee!

Remaining workouts for this week

Thursday: C25k Day 2 week 2 (because I accidentally skipped a couple of workouts)
Friday: BBM
Saturay: C25k Day 1 week 2 (again skipped a day)
Sunday: Pure Barre


Why I restarted Couch 2 5k

I’m not a beginner runner. I’m not a fast runner, but I am most definitely not a beginner runner. I don’t think anyone who’s run a full marathon can label themselves as a “novice.”

But then, I don’t think you need speed to be an intermediate runner. It’s all about experience.

So after my RRCA Coach training last month (which I know I haven’t talked too much about but I just…haven’t had time) I decided as I got over my angry calves, I wanted to go back to basics. I wanted to regain my strength and the speed I had worked so hard for pre-pregnancy.

So the day after Adam left for AT a week and a half ago, Ethan and I restarted Couch 2 5k. We’re almost done with Week 2.


It’s a rather humbling experience going from a 28 minute 5k to a 34 minute 5k in the span of almost two years (including 9 months of pregnancy) –  I didn’t fully understand the effects of my pregnancy and my SI Joint issues on my fitness level until my first races post-pregnancy.

That being said, I’ll have to push hard for a sub 30 5k, and I don’t think I’ll ever be a sub 27 minute 5k. I know the work it took to get to that sub 30 the winter and spring that Adam was gone and it took a lot of time that these days I don’t quite have to dedicate to running. Sub 30, maybe. Sub 27? Unlikely.

And I’m okay with that.

But the past couple of runs, I haven’t had that same wonky calf tightness that I wrote about as I trained for ZOOMA. Maybe, just maybe, this whole back to basics thing isn’t so bad after all.

So maybe going easy, and walk/running it through Couch 2 5k is okay for a few weeks. Here’s how I’m making the most of it… two words: Interval. Training.

I don’t walk the warm up, but rather do a slow jog. I focus on my form – especially my gait and my core.

When it tells me to run… I run. Consider the running sections your interval training. I check my pace and I make sure it’s in the 8:30-9:30 range. The spring when I was PR’ing the crap out of most races, I was doing speed workouts 1-2 times per week with Hubs at the track. It’s pretty straight forward: if you want to get faster, you have to run faster.

Jog out the walk parts. Let your heart rate slow down, but don’t take it to a full on walk (unless you have to or in my case…want to…sometimes I like walking). I’m actually finding that walking makes my legs hurt a bit more, so I’m leaning off the walk sections, but I do realize that walking is part of the workout so if I do jog it out, it’s a super slow jog…more like a shuffle.

It’s only 30 minutes. Anyone has 30 minutes. It’s the same thing with the Bikini Body Mommy Workouts that I’ve been doing here and there – anyone has 20-30 minutes for a workout. The other night I strapped Ethan into the Bob, gave him some snacks to tide him over til dinner, changed into my pre-laid out clothes and headed out for 30 minutes. It was really quite perfect because the workout was so short, so he was still in bed between 7-8pm.

Here’s what I’m finding, by not pushing myself, and letting my body work out it’s muscle issues, I’m actually recovering. Which is a good thing. A workout is still a workout, and I’ll get back to my best but it’ll be a new, post baby best which is so much better than before. I’m excited to pick a late summer 5k (or 8k?) and really race it to see how I do versus just jogging it out.

Have you ever gone back to basics with your training?