Friday Five: Back again

I’m in a post-inbound whirl. I had a Friday Five last week…but I never added a picture, then I fell asleep on the train and never posted it so….whoops. But, here are a few sweet reads to take you into the weekend!



  1. If you’re not in this group on Facebook, I highly recommend it. The admin, has a blog and this post is everything you need to buy on Amazon. yep. I said it. Amazon. I’ve got this top and this vest and these shoes in my cart right now just waiting for me to hit purchase (they’re also on the wishlist for the holidays..hint hint hint).
  2. The title of this post alone is everything. But seriously, why do brands think they can pay creatives next to nothing or pay us in product for our time? NOT. OKAY.
  3. I don’t run with the jogging stroller anymore, because Little Man hates it, so to all you running mamas with your strollers? You rock and inspire me everytime i see you hitting the trails.
  4. Previous offices have had no dress code, I loved this article because my general way of thinking is dress for the job you want not the job you have so even when i was at an office with no dress code, I always took my cues from my bosses when it came to wardrobe.  (h/t from Work Edit).
  5. This outfit on Jean is EVERYTHING. You can just order every piece and box it up and ship to me. Is there a JCrew Factory Santa for that?

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My #inbound packing list – a post-mortem if you will.

One year later… still missing my nana.

Next week:
November Stitch Fix review and Thanksgiving outfit inspiration



Friday Five: Rawr edition

Happy Friday readers! Friday five is back – also known as my weekly wrap up/favorite reads from the past week. The past couple of weeks have been a bit cray. This weekend is shaping up to be a nice one – perfect weather, my mom is in town to hang with Little Man and I and we’ve got a bunch of Halloween/Fall-ish type things going on. Why Rawr edition? Well, little man is a dinosaur for halloween this year – and we’ve been working on our rawring so it seemed appropriate.

friday five

  1. Answering the question every non-parent and husband asks every day. Why moms always talk about coffee and wine. Yes. All of this.
  2. While I do think some of Ivanka Trump’s pieces are beautiful, you won’t see them posted here. More about how her father’s campaign is damaging her brand.
  3. Leggings as pants? Yay or nay? (i’m in the yay category myself if they’re worn properly!)
  4. Yes to all of these ways to make your commute more productive – also, this post made me want a Roomba.
  5. Have you ever shopped on amazon? Apparently you should start, they’re about to take over Macy’s as the biggest clothing retailer. I’ve recently added a bunch of fun stuff to my Amazon wish list after seeing pieces in a fun Facebook Group I’m in. Worth perusing! (plus prime shipping ftw!)

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Normally I have some sales to shop but I’m on a shopping hiatus for the next few weeks. That being said, I did open up a poshmark page so you can check out what I’m trying to get rid of from my closet here!

What’s going on in your world this weekend?


Friday Five: Out Goes September

Happy Friday friends!! Another Friday, another month – where is all the time going!?


  1. I think I’ve mentioned this podcast before but seriously, they speak my truth. The Girl Next Door podcast talked this week about creating happiness and absolutely inspired a post – something they said about friendships really resonated with me. Give it a listen!
  2. I am officially obsessed with this Loft top. I wore it last weekend with sandals and leggings, Monday night date night with my Tory Burch flats, and yesterday at work with booties for a rainy Thursday. It’s so versatile, comfortable. Highly recommend.
  3. I love this post on to do list styles and how to be more productive from HubSpot.
  4. I’ve recently started doing Body Pump in lieu of running (darker earlier, and I’m not really training for anything so kind of taking a break/trying something new) i feel like I need this tank just for the name. That and I have two of the racerback tanks in this style that took me through a couple of triathlons last year.
  5. Yep, all of the pumpkin recipes. I would like to try all of them.


On the blog

  1. My favorite podcasts. What have you been listening to lately?
  2. Stay tuned next week for my first Kid Box review and the October Currenly Linkup.

Worthy for the weekend

Loft Sale: 40% sale and select fall favorites. $20 off sweaters. My picks: Floral Peplum blouse, Speckled Henley top, Classic boyfriend sweater.

Old Navy: 30% your order. This cut out tank top, this swing top, this striped top (because you can never have too many), this poncho sweater. (ends 10/1)

JCrew Factory: Buy one sweater, shirt or t-shirt, get one 50% off. this pretty popover,  this cardigan (because you can never have too many), this tie waist sweatshirt.


Friday Five: 15 Years Edition

I saw on facebook this morning that it’s been FIFTEEN years since I moved into my freshman dorm in Boston. How has it already been fifteen flipping years?! Fifteen years since I moved away from home, everything I knew and became a city dweller if you will. Over the next five years, I would learn so much – about myself, about where I wanted to go in life. About politics, passion, friendships, love, relationships and taking care of myself. I would make friends, lose friends, make more friends who change my life. Some of my best friends have been around for almost half my life now. Some of my favorite memories live on as if they were yesterday.  Fifteen flipping years friends. Fifteen years.

friday five

In other life news, we’re off to the beach this weekend. Third time’s a charm since our last two trips got canceled because of tropical storms.  I have my second duathlon of the year tomorrow (last multisport race of this year), and the weather is just…perfect and supposed to BE perfect all weekend. Fingers crossed it stays that way. 

Here are five things that caught my attention this week across the interwebs. 

  1. Take back your lunch hour – something i think many of us can improve upon. I make it a point to get out – go out with colleagues or go read a book.
  2. 20 EASY things to improve your life. I like #’s 5, 8, 10, 12, 18 and 20.
  3. If you don’t listen to the Coffee & Crumbs podcast, I highly recommend it. It’s seriously like having coffee with fellow mama’s who just GET IT . I loved this working moms episode (two parter!) with Kelsey from the Girl Next Door podcast.
  4. A friend of mine sent me these Marketing jokes from Hubspot. I’m a big fan of punny jokes so these totally made my day.
  5. Who says you can’t wear white after labor day? Brighton has some great tips on how to wear it without looking like you’re a walking fashion faux pas.

On the blog

  1. Hubs and I celebrated seven years of wedded bliss this week
  2. I shared my love of navy gingham.
  3. Stay tuned for my fall wishlist and reading list next week!


Happy weekend friends! 


Friday Five: Wine O’Clock Edition

Happy LATE Friday friends. I seem to be running late all too frequently here. BUT, here’s my favorite things from around the internet this week on Friday Five! 🙂

Friday Five

  1. Has anyone tried the Target Beauty Box? I saw it mentioned in a facebook group I’m a part of but September was already sold out. They share the items for purchase it looks like, but for $10, I’m eager to give it a go!
  2. I’ve been having some moodiness – I think a lot due to FOMO, some big news we got earlier this summer and just…loneliness. I’m on the prowl for a new therapist since mine didn’t really have openings that worked with my schedule, but this piece by Merrick on ways to be a happier really hit home for me.
  3. I’ve lusted after many ponchos but given my petite-ish frame, I’ve always been afraid of being swallowed up. Then I saw this gem on Kimberly and had to try it out. It’s a HUGE win – stay tuned next week for the transition look. Other pretty options to try: this and this.
  4. I’ve already shared my love of Lularoe, but Molly shared her favorite ways to wear Lularoe leggings – how cute is she?! Interested in buying a pair? I’m hosting a party on Tuesday night – join us (mention my name when you make a purchase!).
  5. Want 35% off to JCrew Factory? Of course you do! Get your voucher from Gilt City here before they’re gone!

On the blog: Did you see what I’m “Currently” up to?
On Instagram: Fitting Room snapshot
Coming up: My favorite paleo recipes


Friday Five: Fri-yay edition!

friday five

Happy Friday friends! I’m going to try to bring back my Friday five and share my favorite pieces from the week! Coincidentally I started this on like…Tuesday night.

  1. Last weekend, after an unfortunate breaking of a bra strap as I was leaving work Friday, I went to Nordstrom to get sized and pick up a new bra (still shopping for 2 more to have in rotation). It’s amazing how much more confident and comfortable I am in the correct bra size. I wrote about the importance of being fitted for jog bras but seriously, this is something you should do at least once every 6 months. I love this post by Jean from Extra Petite on what types of bras to wear with different outfits.
  2. Don’t you love the white on white that Anne is wearing? If we don’t get rained out of the effing weekend, I’d love to try a white on white before summer whites get packed away. [insert angry emoji here because Hermine put a wrench in our plans for Rehoboth beach this weekend.]
  3. Old Navy’s Monthly Outfit looks always make me swoon. I’m currently lusting for this look and this one (because red shoes) and this one
  4. I would like ALL of these shoes in my closet.
  5. These navy and white outfits from Maureen at the Northeast Girl  are stunning!

Bonus: I read this article yesterday and nearly wept – it’s as if someone GETS me. Gets how tough it is being a mom. I’m going to reinvigorate my efforts to really clean house and get rid of STUFF so I feel less overwhelmed when i get home and there’s 3 days of mail/dishes/laundry all crying for my attention.

On Only One Heidi 

Blog: Did you see my favorite summer dress? I think it’ll be a good transition dress with the right sweater or blazer too!
Instagram: I’m in love with the lularoe Carly Dress!
Coming next week: How is it already time for the September Currently Link up?! Check it out on Wednesday!

Worthy Sales

Old Navy | All jeans, dresses and tees 50% off. This dress, these jeans, and though not on sale, these shoes.
Ann Taylor | Extra 50% off sale. This wrap top (have it. love it.), these flats, these pants (so many color options!).
Loft | Buy one, get one 50% off and 50% off all sale styles. This swing tank, this peplum top (not on sale), this floral top (not on sale), and this gingham top (which I have and LOVE).
JCrew Factory | Everything 50% off. An additional 50% off clearance with code  Craving:  this, this, this and these. Pretty much everything though. I’d be happy with an all JCrew Factory wardrobe.
Banana Republic | 40% off (almost everything). This peplum top (obsessed much?), these pants (that i keep reading rave reviews on that i’m dying to try. I need…more work pants) , this ruffle top and this ruffle/pintuck blouse. OMG. Swoon.
Gap | 40% off with code SHINEON. Love this popover, this tank, this blazer.  

What are your plans this labor day weekend? 


Friday Fives: Navy Love

My love of all things navy has gone to new levels over the past few years. Back in college, I had a problem with white tops – my gal pals had an intervention at one point because I think i had like 15 white tops some of similar styles (white polo shirts. White ruffly tank tops. White tube tops. What can I say, I loved them all.). I was finally told (politely – I had great friends) “no more white tops HB.”

Nowadays, I prefer navy. My favorite designers/brands carry it always (JCrew, Loft, Ann Taylor, Lilly, etc…) It doesn’t show dirt from grubby toddler hands as much, or dirty looking sweat stains like white shirts do (I know I’m not the only one that has that problem – despite using the strongest deodorant I can). Navy tops are just classic looking. And, depending on the style, can be dressed up or down and worn in just about any season. Navy and white pants in the summer. Navy sweaters in the fall. Navy and black in the winter. That’s right. I went there. Navy and black.

So happy Friday my friends (and happy birth month to me!), not only did I write twice in one week (I can haz blogging goals?!), but you too can lust over some beautiful navy tops that are spring appropriate (and possibly summer and fall! Because…all season right?!)


  1. Eyelet Lace 3/4 Sleeve Top (uniqlo)
  2. Botanic Soft Vintage tee (Loft)
  3. Lacy Mixed Media Top (Ann Taylor) Side note, i have this top in cream and love it. 
  4. Pintuck Tee (Ann Taylor)
  5. Linen Lace Tee (JCrew Factory)

Friday Finds: Finding Red

I’m obsessed with the plum/burgundy trend. Seriously – i have pants that are a berryish/marsala color, and now I’m looking for a few nice tops to dress up and dress down. It’s a beautiful color for the fall and these pieces I’ve picked for this week’s Friday Finds are perfect transition pieces and will also last you through the colder months with some layering.


Friday Finds - Seeing Red

1. This utility blouse from Loft is super versatile. I have a couple of these from Loft and a similar style from Express. I saw a similar top at the outlet a couple weeks ago but they were out of my size so getting it now? 40% off? Win.

2. Another gem from Loft, this autumn plaid blouse would be super cute with skinny jeans or with black work pants OR with leggings.

3. I have a Charley sweater from JCrew factory in a deep reddish color from last year, but I love this long sleeved Sawyer sweater for those chilly fall days that I really hope are just around the corner.

4. I can’t get enough of Old Navy’s Pixie pants! Last year I got a raspberry-ish colored pair and the color is back this fall! They call it potent purple but it’s definitely a bit more plum/reddish. Love them!

5. For my fellow pencil skirt lovers, check out this beautiful burgundy lace Halogen Skirt. The price tag isn’t so horrible either!

What trend are you loving lately? 


Friday Five: Favorite Things

Happy Friday Folks! I’m changing it up a touch instead of my favorite reads from the week I’m sharing a few of my favorite things and a few reads that have caught my eye this week.


//Wear this

I’ve been in full on dress mode. I don’t know, they’re just easy. I don’t really have to think about them especially on mornings when I’m tight on time.

1. I’ve mentioned this one from Old Navy. All of the colors plskthx. Got some dough to spend? Check out this Boden lookalike.
2. H&M lured me in with a 50% off email. Then I saw this beaut. For $10. Sold.
3. Another Old Navy one – for the birds!
4. I really, really want to try a swing dress, in the past I’ve been wary of how they look on me. I love this one from Old Navy, this from Nordstrom and this one from Asos.
5. I love, love, love this navy scalloped dress from JCrew Factory. So pretty and feminine.

//Read this

1. How closely do you follow YOUR training plan? I never follow mine perfectly to a tee because…life. Greatist says it may not be as important as you think to follow your training plan perfectly.
2. I really really want to work for Netflix. They’re offering up to one year maternity leave.
3. Note to self, stop over scheduling.
4. How do you survive long runs with a toddler, or do you not? Macaroni kid has some survival tips.
5. I think, I need to try this popcorn. ASAP.

What caught YOUR eye this week?


Weekend Reading

Happy Friday folks! I’ve been compiling my favorite articles this week to share with you my five favorite articles in my favorite topics. Happy weekend and happy reading!


Fitness & Healthy Living
1. I really have no desire to be an ultra runner but i do think ultra runners are amazingly inspiring.
2. Long live rest days!  In case you were wondering how often you should run
3. I like these tips – versus their fadish alternatives.
4. Because we all want to know the secrets of running faster, right?
2. i agree with all of these – Why I work.
4. Yes. So grateful for ALL of my mama friends – online and off!
5. I would agree with this – but they don’t change in a bad way per se. And you find new awesome mama friends 🙂
2. I think i need to revamp my wardrobe with these guidelines
4. Belle posted about these shoes the other day and I must. have. them. now.
5. Yes to all these ideas! Leggings-as-pants love!
2. Love these tips to grow your blog.
3. How to free up more time in your day.
4. It’s all about balance, right?
5. If I only had the time to make ALL OF THESE.