A 10k and a redesign

Saturday I ran race number 5 of my 9+1 quest to run the NYC marathon next year. Technically it was #6 because the Race for Haiti back in February was a double qualifier.

It was…hot. Friday night, I got ridiculously ill thanks to a combo of too much food and too much wine and not enough lunch. The wine came before the food, and oh mah goodness. Bad, bad, bad. Bad Heidi.

I am not always the queen of bad decisions. The bad decisions ended with these.

{holy Italian cookies batman.}

But despite hugging the porcelain god that night, and then passing out curled up on our bathroom floor (it wasn’t just the wine! I swear!) I was in bed by 11pm and somehow managed to have Hubs set my alarm, checked the alarm at 3am, and woke up – only mildly hungover at 6am in time to throw my butt in the shower to get up.

Still managed to leave about 30 minutes later than i had hoped (we ended up leaving around 8, I wanted to leave at 7:30 but Hubs didn’t think I was going to wake up for it (i had questioned if I was going to run it on the ride home) but I did and was relatively perky when I got him up.

Hubs managed to see me right by the end. When we first parked, at about 8:45, we realized the spot we parked in was in a tow zone. So he moved the car while I ran over to the start line. He saw me right by mile 6.

Mile 1 was tough, miles 2 – 4 were okay, but mile 2 started out rough since there are a lot of hills on that side of the Park. Mile 5 was hot…and wet – there were a couple of misting stations as we got past the 5k mark so I was pretty drenched as I came into the final leg but I still felt like I was a lot slower during this mile. Mile 6 I picked up the pace – I was feeling pretty good by then and then went into near full sprint mode to finish it up just after I saw hubs.

I get all happy when I see him on race courses.

I did not splash afterwards, mostly because Hubs couldn’t splash with me (which I didn’t realize but whatevs I wasn’t just going to leave him on the side of the pool). But I was pretty stoked that my lululemon groovy run shorts were COMPLETELY dry by the time I got back to the car. The cool racerback tank? Not so much but it wasn’t a heavy wet, just damp.

My garmin seems to be off, I don’t know if this is normal but it was about .04 miles off from the mile markers, so by the time i turned it off which was a bit past the finish, it was at 6.3 miles but at least the time wasn’t too far off (it took me about two minutes to get down the chute. My splits were good – I kept the same 11:29/mi pace through the first 3 miles, mile 4 was 11:54; mile 5 was 12:29; mile 6 was 10:56; according to the garmin, the last .3 (stupid garmin. and stupid me for not getting the time right) was at a 11:30 pace (best 7:30?!?!). But since part of that was walking, that’s probably the slower pace.

Distance: 10k. (6.2 miles)
Time: 1:11:29 (garmin 1:12:19)
pace: 11:31/mi

Go me?

PS I redesigned the blog, the tumblr and the twitter. Click on through and check them out – I’m pretty pleased! I also designed myself some rockin’ lil b-cards for BlogHer 2010 NYC – are YOU going???