Chocolate Bunny Fun Run

Last night I ran the Fleet Sweet Chocolate Bunny Fun Run. It turned out to be about 3.85 miles (probably about 4 when you consider the run to Fleet Feet from where I was parked.

I picked up cute bunny ears from the dollar store but did NOT get a picture of me (d’oh) in them.

The Easter Bunny at the turn around point at the Annapolis Sweet Shoppe however, loved them!

This was after he gave me a big ole hug. Swoon!

We also got a chocolate bunny (and water!) to either eat there or run back with.

I ate half of it when I got back to Fleet Feet – it was pretty tasty!

I ran with Lauren – who I really like running with – she runs just faster than me enough where I’m challenged but not so fast that I’m left in the dust. We kept sub 10 minute miles which was awesome because that’s about where I want to be and I’m fairly confident that tomorrow I can get my sub 30 5k finally! Fingers crossed!


mile 1: 9:59
mile 2: 10:53 (i didn’t stop my watch when we paused for water and for the Easter Bunny. We were there for about a minute so this was probably 9:53)
Mile 3: 9:39
.8: 8:09

Hey look! Negative splits!

While I haven’t trained much for negative splits, I really want to give them a try next weekend. I’ve been thinking of my strategy. I used the run 5 minutes walk 1 for the Annapolis Half which worked well enough but not for a PR so I’m going to walk the water stops which is my usual strategy for the half next weekend. I’m hoping for negative splits – if I start around a 10:30 pace and gradually make my way to a 9:30 pace I’ll do pretty decently. Unfortunately, my longest run was a really slow run when I had company a couple of weeks ago which makes it hard to gauge. My 9 miler was somewhere between 1:30-1:40 so I think, I really do think that I can hit 2:15:00 next weekend if I push myself just far enough out of my comfort zone.

All in all, the fun run was an awesome way to run with a nice (rather small) group of people (including the Navy Women’s Marathon Team?! They have a whole marathoning team?!?! Jeeeeezzzzz) including running with Lauren again who is AWESOME. I really like her pace and need to make running with her a more frequent occurrence. “If you want to run fast, run with faster people.”



St. Patricks Day 5k

I had resigned myself, when I awoke at early o’clock on a Saturday that I would run my scheduled 9 miler on Sunday. After all, I had had one too many Magner’s out on Friday night and wasn’t feeling hot. I had plans to go bridesmaids dress shopping with Lexi and her friend Michaela for Lexi’s sisters wedding. I drove to the metro at too early, forgetting completely about the Marathon and Half marathon until I woke up. Thankfully I left after it started so the metro wasn’t really that bad nor was traffic.

We met up at 10:30a in Georgetown, Lexi tried on some pretty dresses and some not so pretty. After, we got lunch at Serendipity 3. They had both been in NYC, but I had only heard of the amazingness.

I had a taco salad to start. It was pretty noms. The taquitos were pretty tasty too!

Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate. Apparently Serendipity is famous for this – can’t say I disagree. It was amazing and also voted one of the best desserts in DC by the Washington Post! It’s billed as having 20 types of chocolate in it. It was…amazing. Not too rich, but tasted like hot chocolate. Chocolately and milky and icy but not overbearing on the ice cream flavor as some milk shakes can be. It was…just yum.

After that, we did a little bit of shopping, then I headed home. It was absolutely beautiful yesterday, so I got home and was like hmm maybe I should run tonight? I had gone out on Friday night with a friend for a couple cider’s and some good irish fare at Galway Bay and didn’t really have any plans for St. Patricks Day but did see that the Annapolis Running Shop was having their St. Patricks Day 5k so I got the bright idea to run 6 miles downtown (I didn’t want to drive since they were having DUI checkpoints on Rowe Blvd coming home and I knew I’d be drinking after the race) and then run the race and meet new people at the after party to get my 9 miles in and still not sit at home on St. Patricks Day. BRILLIANT SMITHERS!

Mile 1: 11:38 (I walked the first .2 miles to warm up)
Mile 2:
10:28 (more like it! That’s where I want to be!)
Mile 3:
12:02 (then I got lost…)
Mile 4:
Mile 5: 11:31 (feeling a little stiff and ran into lots of drunks down on Main Street. They have no regards for runners on the sidewalk)
Mile 6: 10:32 
total time: 1:06:57
{10 minute rest to register/get started}
Mile 7: 9:59
Mile 8: 10:22
Mile 9:  8:35
total Mileage actually: 8.8
Total time: 1:35:53

If I keep this training up (I like to keep my long runs between 9:30-10:30 miles but the route I picked which was around the Naval Academy Stadium which turned out to be a lot hillier than I expected and I couldn’t remember the route I picked so I cut it short by about .25 miles. Whoops.), I should be on track to hit 2:15:00-2:00:00 for the half in April. I’m running 10 miles next weekend and then I’ll do 9 miles when I get back from CT the weekend after and then 11 the week before the race. No taper, but tapers I’ve found for half training don’t really work for me.

After the show it’s the after party…

The Annapolis Running Store was amazing enough to open it’s doors for an after party which included Guinness, Smithwicks, Murphy’s Stout and other edible refreshments.

It probably wasn’t too smart to end my 9 mile run with a Smithwicks and a couple cookies and a Guinness but you know what, I didn’t puke and when I got home I had more fuel to make up for it all and I brought a water bottle with me on the run so I was plenty hydrated.

It was a great crowd and I’m super pumped to start running with them on Wednesday Nights as a part of their group runs, I remembered seeing an article about Jon and Megan last fall in the Capital. Their dog Gordy was hanging out last night, he’s kind of a ham, but amazing.

{Gordy, he’s kind of amazing}

Either way, I got the sense that if I want to run fast, I should run with them. Considering Jon and Megan both coach high school track and field, I probably sensed that right. I can’t run with them this week, but next week? I’ll be there. It doesn’t hurt that they hit up happy hour after runs. I’m down for that.

{You could tell the party was dying down when Gordy decided to call it a night}

I managed to grab a cab home after the crowd petered out which was nice since I only ran down there with my house key, my ID and my debit card and a water bottle on my fuel belt. Note to self: buy shot blocks ASAP especially if I need to run 10 miles next weekend.

I got home, promptly showered because oh em gee. Rank. Then I ate, watched America’s Next Top Model and contemplated setting my alarm for yoga (I did not go by the way). It was, a perfect St. Patricks Day (well almost. Could have only been perfect if the hubs was here).

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How did you celebrate St. Patricks Day??


Fun Run Recap

Last night I ran the St Patricks Day Fun Run over at Fleet Feet Annapolis. I effing love their fun runs – last fall Sarah Jane and I ran their turkey trot 5 miler on Thanksgiving which was tons of fun. I’m really excited now that I’m back in town at a decent hour (I was at home at 5:20p yesterday!!!) so I can join their fun runs and really immerse myself in the Annapolis running community.

This one was supposed to be a 4 miler but my garmin registered about 3.2 and Sarah Jane’s GPS registered about a 3.3. Rather disappointing but whatevs it wasn’t an official race so no biggie. I was hoping for the 4 miles since that was on my training plan but m’eh. I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

We ran it rather slow, running about 11:00/miles – a little slower than I would have liked but I enjoyed the conversation and my legs were a little sore from my race on Sunday so this really loosened them up which will be nice for my speed workout tonight on the B&A trail that I’m planning. So often we’re focused on speed, which I mentioned in my 8k recap, but it was nice to just…run easy. I didn’t hurt after, I wasn’t exhausted and sometimes not every workout has to be for speed. I think a lot of us tend to forget that.

A rainbow! How fitting! {pictures via Fleet Feet Annapolis FB}

Thankfully the rain stopped just as I left the house. This whole getting off work at 5p is pretty effing awesome. Not gonna lie.

Weighing In on Wednesday

Original weight: 154
10 lb Challenge weigh in: 143
Last week: 137.0
This week: 137.8

Difference: +.8
Total loss: -15.2 

Wamp wamp. I was hoovering at 136. Then last week I kind of slacked on my during the week runs and ate out a lot. This week I’ve been treated to lunch but I’ve been sticking with healthier options which is good. Goal? 135 by March 30 – when I *HOPEFULLY* see hubs next as we head to Connecticut to remember his grandfather who passed away this weekend. He had been deteriorating for the past few weeks but it came about really suddenly. I felt horrible that I couldn’t be there with my in-laws but I’m really glad we’ll both be able to make it (well I will) for the funeral in 2 1/2 weeks – hubs is asking for emergency leave today.

What are YOUR thoughts on slow relaxing runs? Do you often run for speed? 


Race Report: St. Patricks Day 8k

What a fun race! Seriously, I would totally run the Capitol Running Club’s St. Patricks Day 8k again next year. Flat, fast and not superbly crowded.

It was a little cold (ok a lot cold). I woke up startled at 6a thinking that my clock didn’t reset itself  (It did. So did my microwave apparently!) Confirmed on the news that it was in fact only 615a. I could have slept for another 20 minutes. Wamp wamp.

Either way, I got to the metro for the 745a train, and was at the start line by 8:20a. 40 minutes to kill. Hmmm, my plan of being early made me a little too early because there was nowhere to dodge the wind. Thankfully the cold from the wind was fixed with the warmth from the sun on Pennsylvania Ave. Though it was chilly at the start, I actually got a bit warm by the time we hit mile 2.

Aside from the sometimes narrow turn arounds on this course, I loved it. It was super flat and fast.

Mile 1: 9:45
Mile 2: 9:39
Mile 3: 9:48
Mile 4: 9:24
.9:  9:04

My garmin had it finished at 5.05 mile in 48:04

Official time: 47:59 avg pace 9:40/mile


This blew my previous 8k time from the NYRR 8000m race in 2010 out of the water which was 53:21. I read yesterday, after I was recording this in Daily Mile (if you use it friend me!) a post that someone posted, about how in order to run faster you have to run faster. What I mean by that, at least what I got from the post is that, at some point, tacking on mileage doesn’t cut it. Which might be right because here’s the thing, I ran fast. I pushed myself and I didn’t get too tired. So mileage and consistency does help, but ultimately you have to push your body to run fast. You have to stretch out your legs, lengthen your stride, focus on intervals and tempo runs and you’ll get faster by making your body run faster (not too fast – too fast, too soon = injury).

Either way, I’m confident that I can get my body up to a consistent 8-9:00/mile pace and keep it up. I’ve been slacking on my speed workouts BUT today i started my new job. 9-5. I left at 8:30 and was home by 6. And that was staying at the office late.

I KNOW RIGHT?! A year of commuting 3 hours round trip and I now have a life. I was done with dinner and had the kitchen all cleaned up by 7p and had no idea what to do with myself! I can haz blogging?!

How was YOUR weekend? Any fun training runs/races??


Race Recap: Annapolis Half Marathon

There have been a few things that have been exceptionally hard to deal with while Hubs is gone. One of the most significant moments? Racing. You see, hubs, as of recently has decided he enjoys running with me so we’ve been racing together. But when he doesn’t race with me he’s always there – at the start line, along the course and most importantly, the finish.

So I get a lil emotional at the start line. And Saturday was no different.

So I left the house at 6:38a – about ten-15 minutes later than I had originally planned. Would have made it there in no time, but the clock said 7:05a when I finally got parked. Holy slow moving batman!

The gun which should have gone off at 7a, finally went off at 7:18 or so.

I decided, due to my ehhh training (well more my long runs or lack there of – the longest distance I ran (by accident really) was the 10k …. whoops?

I knew, based on the National Half in the spring when I got injured three weeks before the race, was uncertain I could run it and had ran about 8 miles, that I could finish. So I decided to do what everyone says you shouldn’t. Change my entire training the day of the race – I decided to give intervals (walk/run) I ran the first mile to warm up, then ran 5 minutes and walked 1. I was shooting for sub 11:00/mi pace when running which worked out for most of the race – until the bridge but I’ll get to that.

The course was beautiful. I love running through downtown Annapolis, though the first couple of miles were around the Naval Academy stadium which was…mildly hilly. Then we went to downtown – running down an empty Main Street was GORGEOUS.

Main Street – a little over exposed (silly iPhone camera – apparently with my cover it doesn’t take great pics)

Then we headed up over the Naval Academy bridge where I met up with my pal Jenn (who I missed at the start). She passed on by (thank god for that one minute of walking up the hill). Saw my fabulous lululemon gals – man their spirit is contagious. I am reminded whenever I see them that forever, I will have a family in this town.

We went up to the head of the B&A trail where it was a bit narrow running – about two people per side for the out and back which made for some slow running. My running pace by this point was down to about 11:00-12:00/mi – my hips were achy but at least my knees were okay. Hips were the worst.

We then headed to the downhill back up on over the bridge. I was a bit confused by this point since after coming out of the trail we had the 10 mile point and shortly after they had a volunteer who said 10.5 miles down…which confused me because I knew something was off up at mile 2 when they said “Mile 2! when we turned down Rowe Blvd, and my Garmin said 1.8 miles. But there were no mile markers! Anywhere! Major let down. I loathe races where there are no mile markers especially my garmin is saying something so different than the volunteers.

By the time we got to the bridge I saw my lulu ladies again which was the kick I needed to finish strong. My pal Becca ran with me for 100′ or so – she was supposed to race but hurt her knee on a training run – major bummer. As she headed back to the cheer section she smacked my bum really hard – pretty sure she left a hand print but the dude running behind me got a nice chuckle.

We finished up about a mile and a half later. Though the finish was rather anti-climatic and about .3 mile short.

Garmin at the finish. Though I forgot to stop it right at the finish. 12.78 miles? According to the facebook page a lot of people with GPS’s got this yet people with Nike+ got 13.1 – I haven’t trusted Nike+ since I ran Marine Corps marathon and it told me at mile 21 “Congratulations! You just finished a marathon!” when I still had 5 miles left. Someone forgot to calibrate their nike+/gps before measuring the course!

Official time: 2:29:05

Which was not a PR by any means but I wasn’t expecting a PR when I got to the starting line however, I did learn that the 5/1 interval is definitely something I will be trying again and will be incorporating into my training for my next half marathon. The hills just killed my time. Badly.

However, it was awesome seeing these guys at the finish:

{me, Jenn, and Drew – seriously, I have the best coworkers ever. How baller is it that two of your coworkers will run a half marathon with you?? Photo cred – Jenn}

Now to find half marathon #4! Am thinking Country Music Half in Nashville? Would love to get a race or two in in Texas in the late winter with hubs (he told me to start looking for races out there! or one here in Annapolis while he’s home) also, Cooper River Bridge 10k in Charleston in April for my birfday.

Any other races I should run??


Race Report: Marine Corps Marathon 10k

Today marked a stepping stone for me.

I ran a race by myself. I mean, I’ve run a lot of races by myself, but this morning, I got myself up, and drove myself to the metro, got on the metro by myself and raced by myself. I’ve ran races without hubs being there before, but generally there was either family there or hubs picked me up from the train as the case was a couple times up in CT.

Knowing he wouldn’t be there at all today – at the finish or at home –  made me ache for him so badly I almost broke down more than once on the race course. I’ve learned, from advice from family and friends who are military wives that you need to let yourself have moments. Moments where you let yourself wallow out of loneliness, and longing. But there is a time and a place that I just…am still coping with controlling those emotions and holding them back til I’m home.

I try to keep those moments to the privacy of my own home, but I definitely got choked up a few times this morning – at the start. At the finish. And at least once during the race. Where I just…wanted to step aside and curl into a ball and cry.

That being said. High running emotions aside the Marine Corps Marathon 10k went swimmingly!

It was cold – but I picked up these baller leg warmers yesterday. I don’t mind crops but I wanted to try something different and one of my running role models rocks them so well.

I paced myself with the 1hour -1:10:00 folks – which worked out well enough until I had to stop to tie my shoe (cue ants go marching) I kept mostly a sub 11:00 pace which was my goal – which is my goal for the half in three weeks. Except for those damn hills. The damn hills in Crystal City and the damn 14th Street bridge and just damn hills! Don’t even get me started on the hill at the end of the race. Evil evil hills (I forgot how evil it was since MCM was my first marathon FOUR YEARS AGO!!! Can you believe that was FOUR years ago?!?!)

All in all, a great race. Cold. A little icy on the bridge. But I ran the entire time and that my friends is what makes this a successful race.

Last 10k’s 1:16ish, 1:11ish…so I guess today was a new 10k PR! Huzzah!!!

Chip time: 1:09:39
Clock Time: 1:13:20
Pace: 11:13/mile
Place: 4278 / 6867

Many thanks to Sara for coming out to have breakfast with me after! It was much needed company and an even much more needed breakfast.


Update: A-10 cancelled

Wellp. At least I don’t have to run during the hurricane.

Earlier this AM:

First, the safety of our runners is our paramount concern. Usually this concern revolves around the heat, but this year it might be something different. We stress “might” as NOAA has a zero percent chance of hurricane winds in Annapolis, and only a 20% chance of tropical storm winds.
For the small hand full of people who have emailed us prophesizing “fallen trees & limbs, downed power lines, hard rain & flying debris, etc.” our response is simple – where the storm will actually go is anyone’s guess. On the outside chance that Irene comes up the Bay, both the Striders and the various Police Departments will cancel the race. But none of us are going to make that call this early. We continue our planning, and are adding contingencies.  It is also highly unlikely that the race will, or even can, be rescheduled. The amount of time and planning and coordinating with the USNA, NAAA, police, vendors and others, plus the personal schedules of critical race committee members, makes finding a new date very, very difficult. It is also unfair to the many out-of-town runners who plan for the race like a vacation. But again, we are investigating our options.

We understand that you want to know as soon as possible whether the race will be run or not. We hope you understand that we will do our best.

Not gonna lie, this initial response was rather disappointing and seemed rather…bitchy from the Striders/Annapolis 10 miler committee. They completely undermined the National Weather Service and essentially pointed and laughed at anyone who is heeding the weather warnings. Like me because natural disasters scare the crap out of me. Personally, I felt that all could have been worded much…more professionally. Maybe I’m being all super judgey-pants though.

By 5pm:

“A-10 runners:  The A-10 has been cancelled by the Annapolis City Emergency Management in anticipation of Hurricane Irene.  Please be patient and allow the race directors time to prepare answers to important questions that  you probably have.  Check the Strider website for cancellation updates as they occur.”


Glad they waited for someone else to make that call. Thanks Naptown for lookin’ out for us. I dunno, this weather forecast hasn’t changed much in the past 24 hours except for say hey, extreme weather for the east coast and the track still has the possibility of coming up the Bay but it’s likely going to hit the DelMarVa peninsula – as in, Ocean City is already on a full stage 3 evacuation mode. So sure, Annapolis is going to get NO hurricane effects. Idiots.

Sure hardcore runners run rain or shine but I think any normal person would take their safety in mind and to essentially mock (or at least what it felt like as a runner who tends to be a little overly cautious at times) the concerned people.

Here’s hoping they get to either a. reschedule b. allow entries for next years race or c. refund our money. Who knows when we’ll find that out though. Wamp wamp.

In other news, I need to find ONE MORE freakin’ race to make my 12 races for the year. I have a plan – and now I’m one more short. Sooo….Rehoboth Half?


Race Report: Dawsons Fathers Day 10k


I finally got hubs to do the unthinkable. Okay maybe not unthinkable, but something he wasn’t quite expecting to do quite so soon. But Friday night I was like “hey. why don’t you run the race with me.” and he said sure. He had had a not so great day Friday, and we were just enjoying each others company before meeting friends for a dinner downtown.

So with that, he ran a race. With me. And he finished.

Not that I ever thought he couldn’t finish, I knew he could. But he was scared. But he finished. And I couldn’t be prouder of him.

As for me, I finally got new sneaks. Finally on Friday afternoon. The lady tried to put me in neutral shoes and I kept mentioning “I wear brooks stability shoes. Just show me what you got. Make sure I’m wearing the right ones but really, putting me in a neutral shoe is a waste of mine, and your, time.” Okay, I wasn’t that rude but I was definitely thinking it, pretty sure it was because I was hungry.

By the middle of the race the shin pain was gone, but my muscles were still really tight when I was running. I didn’t PR on Sunday AM, but I’m okay with that. Considering I didn’t run much the past week and a half to keep my legs from really getting super sore. Like really, I’ve never had that kind of pain. I was worried it was shin splints – that was the last time I had had such awful leg pain. I think I need to be better about warming up my muscles. I think that’s what’s causing all the tightness.

The course was flat – just about 3 miles out and back on the B&A trail which I’ve run on a couple times. Nothing overly exciting but I always enjoy seeing the lead runners come past me – it gives me something to aspire to. Seriously, those runners are amazing. I really miss being able to run 8 minute miles (faster for those runners but that was my peak when I was 17). I need to get back to that.

All in all, we both finished. Not fast, but I’m more proud of hubs for finishing and finishing strong (and not last!! He was worried about that).

I can’t wait to run more races with the husband in the future, it’s so nice that he’s picked up on running with me and we have something to share together.

I really enjoyed that it was a smaller race. I don’t think I’ve ever done such a small race but I really really enjoyed it. Not to mention the $5 registration fee was definitely appreciated. I’m pretty sure hubs and I are going to become members of the Annapolis striders so we can run with them while training for the Annapolis Ten Miler in the coming months.

My time?

1:16:09 – not a PR (by about 10 minutes) but I finished and I wasn’t racing for time so I didn’t expect much at all.


Productive Saturday

You ever have those weekends? Where everything just flows?

So I made plans this weekend. A few things that I wanted to get done, no questions asked.

Hubs and I started our day today by jaunting for a 3.8 mile run. It was a beautiful run, and the weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cold.

After, I hit up my first ever Weight Watchers meeting. I’ve been eluding to the fact that I’ve been super unhappy with myself and my weight lately so after a couple half hearted attempts to track my food, I decided to attend my first meeting. I’m actually pretty excited and feel really positive about reaching my goals.

current weight (starting say): 154.7
goal weight: 120

Doable yes. I need to not let myself get frustrated by set backs and you know, stay away from the Orange Crushes. I’ll get to that in a minute.

So after the meeting hubs and I had a lunch outside at our usual – I had a pear and gorgonzola salad (mixed greens, and roasted sunflower seeds) with a shrimp skewer which was delightful.

We then headed up to Severna Park to hit up the driving range. I’ve wanted to learn to golf for a while and by the end of the summer I would really love to try a 9 hole course. I figured starting at the driving range was a good place to start though.

Hubs did a lot better than I did. We each hit about 50 balls and oh man! My arms are actually kind of sore. Probably from all of those practice swings considering I’m just not that good. Wamp wamp.

A for effort though. A for effort.

After we came home for a bit, I “power napped” and then we decided to go out for a pre-race dinner. We opted for Coconut Joe’s on the South River where we were ah-hem lured by sheer intrigue into the world of Orange Crushes.

For food we each had Salmon BLT’s which were actually rather tasty – grilled salmon, on a potato roll with avocado, a little bit of bacon (which I picked off since I don’t like bacon), tomato and lettuce. It was…pretty amazing. My only complaint? I wish they had toasted the bun because it kind of fell apart when I was eating.

Never had an orange crush? I get the sense it’s a summery beach drink.

1 oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
1 oz Orange flavored vodka
1 oz Triple Sec

Serve iced with orange slice garnish.

Seriously you can’t taste the booze friends. I had heard about these things. I had only two – which was enough for me. Anymore and I would be in no shape to run tomorrow morning with young girls at the GOTR DC 5k. Thankfully we’re home early, I’m drinking plenty of water and my laundry is on so I have clean running clothes.

Tomorrow, like I said, I’m running the GOTR DC 5k as a running buddy which I am SUPER excited about. It’s race number 3 for this year, though not at all racing for time, racing for the experience that I feel like I missed out on up in CT for the GOTR council which I was a coach for. It was the pilot season, so we didn’t expect much but it was still ever so amazing seeing the girls come out of their shells and grow.

Then tomorrow afternoon, I’m being trained as the JLA “webmistress.” So excited to take on this role with the Junior League and also to introduce social media to our league since it’s non existent right now.

Gotta love productive weekends!


National Half Marathon Race Recap!

A few days late, but never a dollar short!

We left a little before 6 and got to DC in near record time – thanks to no traffic on Rt 50 at early o’clock. There was a bit of traffic getting into the parking lot because it appeared that NO ONE was directing traffic in the parking lot except for some unmarked lady not wearing any reflectivity.

I was worried about being late so I hopped into corral number 9 and started stretching and getting pumped up. It was really cold but luckily I dressed for the weather.

The race started, and almost twenty minutes after the gun went off was when we finally crossed the start.

I felt really good the first few miles – keeping my pace around 10-10:30 miles which was my goal. Mah tummy was a lot unconfortable though and around mile 3ish or so I stopped. I hate stopping and I hate stopping even more when there’s a line. Definitely had a 3-4 minute set back there.

Kept on running – pretty sure I saw these fabulous bloggers but didn’t register them til I saw this picture later and was like WAIT I REMEMBER that sign!!! I’m a bit slow and/or not very attentive sometimes especially when racing.

I saw hubs about mile 6 or so he got a picture of my shoe. He was not the best photographer. Random – he ran into a girl I went to college with who recognized him from my facebook pictures. WOWZA!! Small small world friends. Small small world.

Headed up through Dupont, to AdMo to Columbia Heights. A lot uneventful but I did see a fabulous lululemon dance party around the corner of 18th and Columbia which was pretty baller.

My foot started to ache around mile 7 or so as I was heading up hill. I slowed down a bit because I really didn’t want to push it and make my foot worse. I also adjusted my step so it wasn’t quite as bad.

Kept on trucking, I was hoping to make up a bit of time down North Capitol Street (9-11 or so) til we got back to the hill but not so much. But I didn’t stop that’s what’s key.

I finished strong – with hubs MIA because he couldn’t figure out how to get to the finish line to watch 🙁 wamp wamp. My time was not nearly as well as I had hoped but considering I was recovering from an injury that i got RIGHT BEFORE I PEAKED, I didn’t do half that bad.

10K time: 1:10:21 pace 11:20
Gun time: 2:47:18
net time: 2:29:20 pace 11:24

I’m hoping for a sub 2hour 10 miler this weekend with the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, and a sub 2:15 half in May for the Race to Remember.