Run Love Challenge Virtual 5k Recap

So heres the problem with life sometimes. You make plans. You have ambitious goals. You plan everything out and then huge snow storms happen. And you buy a house. And you move. And you have to deal with closing out an old apartment 30 minutes away. (not all necessarily in that order, we moved right before the snow storm hit – lucky us!). Amidst all of this, I was signed up for the Zooma Run Love Challenge.

Unfortunately, all of that life, took a toll on all of my running goals.

Theres still a lot of life going on, but we’re mostly into a new routine. We’re still getting settled and there’s still not nearly enough hours in the day. But that’s just a factor of being busy working parents with an energetic 3 year old.

But. I finally finished the Zooma Run Love Challenge. Initially I had goals for a 10k but given that I haven’t yet been running outside this year, it was a treadmill run. So a 5k it was because ain’t nobody got time to run 6.2 miles on a treadmill. Time OR desire mind you.
run love challenge medal

This is the first week I think I’ll hit my scheduled runs for my Cherry blossom 10 miler training with one outside run and 2 treadmill runs. The good thing about the treadmill, and I hate to say this because I hate the treadmill as much as the next person, is that I can push my speed on it. I use intervals to get through my runs because i can’t just set a speed and run. I don’t have that kind of attention span.

How my training looked this week?

Monday – rest
Tuesday – treadmill run (2.5 miles) check
Wednesday – treadmill run (3.25) check
Thursday – unintentional rest (should have been strength but Junior League night and I did NOT get my butt out of bed this AM).
Friday – strength workout hopefully
Saturday – Run 4 miles
Sunday – strength

Run Love Challenge recap

  1. I loved the community. Seriously, the facebook group support was awesome. it was so nice to be amongst other people – some running their first 5k, others like myself using the virtual run to kick off training to other races.
  2. The medal and the swag was not too shabby either. We got a comfy sweatshirt, some Feetures socks (my favorite!!!) and a fantastic medal. That plus a training plan, a podcast, and a private facebook support group? #winning
  3. Tracking – well, here’s where i get a fail. 1. the race was supposed to be done on 2/14 – but it was like negative freeze my face off cold so I just…didn’t even leave the house. Despite finding my cold weather running gear amidst still yet to be unpacked boxes (i consider that a win!). So I didn’t get to use the Motigo tracking app. WHOOPS. That being said, I loved the cheers, and words of encouragement from the Zooma founder Brae Blackley, and for some cheers from friends and family.
  4. Total time? ~34:00; 3.1 miles. Treadmill. Ugh. All in all though? Not too bad. I’m pretty happy with it.

Would I do it again? Maybe. January is a shitty time of year for me to be motivated. There was a perfect storm of a lot of BIG deal life events going on, but it did keep me focused and when I did find the time to work out, I was working towards something which is always key for me.

Now that that’s done with the Run Love Challenge,  i’m moving into Cherry Blossom 10 miler training then into Zooma 10k training!

Want to run Zooma in June in Annapolis with me? Use code HEIDI16 for 10% off your registration. Fees increase on March 12 so register early to save $$ (who doesn’t like saving money on registration fees??) – register HERE.

Have you ever done a virtual race? Would you do one again?


FTC disclosure, I am a Zooma Ambassador, I did get a complimentary entry to the run love challenge but all thoughts here are my own. 


Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri Recap

It’s been EONS it feels like since the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri that i did earlier this month. Yet since then, we’ve packed. We’ve moved. We’re in the process of building a home – so I can’t really say I’ve been doing nothing – even if there hasn’t been a huge amount of minutes worked out or miles run. Life man. Life.


They had two people per lane, which was pretty convenient – i’m not super strong in the swim and I’m fairly certain the last time I swam was August. WHOOPS.

We swam 10 minutes and were scored by the number of laps.

Total laps: 15

Transition 1: we had 10 minutes to change and get ourselves up to the bike. I wish i had been more organized BUT


indoor tri bike

The bike was 30 minutes – they had some awesome jams and once I got my resistance down, I cruised along. I hadn’t been spinning either – so I probably could have done better.

total distance: 8.3 miles

Transition 2: Had 5 minutes. Pretty much sprinted to the treadmills. Struggled with my feet and shoes and just…m’eh.


I had a really hard time getting in my groove for the run. I tried doing 4 and 1 intervals. I tried getting into it by picking up the speed – it was only 20 minutes right? I had hoped to fit in 2 miles – but came just short.

total distance: 1.72 miles

The event was points based – I got 125 points, which put me in the top third of the women’s open category.

All in all, super well organized (Ironman is one of the sponsors along with LifeTime Fitness). The Lifetime Fitness facility in Columbia where my event was held, was absolutely beautiful. My colleague goes there with her beau and says it’s super nice. If I had more time (and more cash money) I’d get a membership there but it’s only convenient to work and not some place I’d want to go to on the weekends.

My gear

indoor tri gear

Sneakers: Brooks Pure Cadence
Spin Shoes: Pearl Izumi
Tri/Bike Shorts: Pearl Izumi
Tank: Athleta
Sports Bra: lululemon


It’s a fun event – it’s meant to kick off the new year – there were people of all abilities – people who were clearly using the event to kick off new, healthy habits which I thought was fantastic. That being said, it’s a pretty vigorous hour – no matter what your athletic ability is. I recommend fueling as if you would any other race. I had a gel with me for the run in case I ran out of gas (which I did), and a water bottle – though they were handing out water bottles during the bike and run which was super helpful.

You don’t need spinning shoes, you don’t need to run, you just need to move and keep moving. That’s really the beauty of this event and really any event like the Resolution runs that we so often see around the new year. It’s an ability to turn a new leaf.

If you’re near a Lifetime Fitness center and see one of these events? I highly, highly recommend! I had a great time doing it – even though I’m not a member of LifeTime Fitness myself – it’s open to members and non-members alike. The staff was fantastic and they gave us t-shirts, swim caps and had tons of food (bagels! peanut butter! bananas! pea crisps! – you know the usual post-race food) and a beautiful locker room/sauna area that I took full advantage of (Hubs called many times being like “where are you?!” and i was all like…steam room. bbl. (via text. not via phone. I did not bring my phone in the steam room. That’s weird.)

All in all? Great event. I gave a great showing for having a rough November/December, and was really pretty proud of how I did despite all that. Definitely a great way to kick off the new year for sure.


Weekly Workouts

Happy Tuesday!

I haven’t shared my weekly workouts in a while but as I ramp up training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler – and try to get caught up on the Zooma Virtual 10k (Run Love Challenge!) training – I’m getting started again for the accountability. With all the house stuff, workouts have been the last thing on my mind but now I really need to get back to it. Normally these posts come on Mondays but yesterday was survival of the fittest with us being stuck inside for most of the day – daycare was closed and our road was an icy, slushy, unplowed mess for most of the day.


 spin/21 day fix cardio
Wednesday: 21 day fix OR a short run
Thursday: 21 day fix upper
Friday: rest
Saturday: Run 35 min
Sunday: PiYo class OR Body Pump

I’m technically signed up for the virtual training with the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, so I’ll be mixing in elements of that – but next week really kicks off my training and I plan to use a modified version of the Hal Higdon 15k Training plan. I’ll share more about that next week, but thats why my “time” running is lower. Also, I hate running on the treadmill. And people drive crazy on my road (that doesn’t have sidewalks) so I’m going to pass on the outside running until this ish melts a bit more.

Edited: my schedule got thrown out of whack when Hubs was activated for National Guard duty yesterday. He may be home tonight but we never know so I threw in 21 day Fix workouts since I’m not comfortable taking Little Man running in this weather with these icy conditions. We’ll see when/if I make it to the gym this week 😐

How do you stay motivated when it’s cold, icy and just in general nasty outside?? Any winter workout tricks?


Run Love Challenge

So you guys, BIG news.

I was recently accepted as a Zooma Ambassador (AGAIN!!!) for 2016! I’m beyond stoked to be included in an amazing group of women for what is by far, one of my favorite race series.

I’ll be running the Zooma Annapolis 10k (where I PR’ed in 2012 and hope to PR again!) in June and also, participating in their first ever Zooma virtual challenge this winter!

zooma run love

I’ve ceded my December goals- or at least my initial get fit during the holidays self-challenge. Coming down with a stomach bug didn’t help, nor did being in the midst of a couple of super stressful weeks at work. But, I can’t get myself down – just pick myself back up and start over right?

Anyhow, the Zooma Run Love Challenge starts in January and is a virtual race ending around Valentine’s Day with a 5k or 10k (your choice!). The challenge itself has pretty sweet swag (feetures socks – my favorites!, a swanky sweater, and a medal!)  Participants also get access to a private facebook group to connect with fellow participants, an a weekly newsletter, bonus podcast episodes AND a training plan – that’s a lot of perks for not a lot of cost! Want to join me? Sign up here!

What are your winter racing plans? How do you (if you’re a cold weather running weenie like me) keep yourself accountable during the cooler winter months (not that it’s been REMOTELY cold lately)?


Sweating through the Holidays: 31 days of workouts

Or sweating to survive the holidays as I call it.

Sweat Through the Holidays 3

We ran a turkey trot up in Vermont on Thanksgiving. I decided then and there that I needed some healing and I would commit the end of my year to running. Nana was always super proud of my running, and some of my favorite races were VCM 2009 and the Unplugged Half Marathon 2012 when she was able to be there to cheer me on.

So I committed myself to the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak – a mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Then life. Five days in. So instead, I rethought this, because I know that it’s nearly impossible for me to run every day, I decided it would be a Holiday Sweat Streak.

What is a Holiday Sweat Streak?

Sweat once a day. A mantra I lived by for a year when I worked at lululemon. So that’s what I’ll do. I’m shooting for 100 miles between Thanksgiving and New Years Day – there will need to be a couple of longer runs, but I’m up to 5 for 5 (4 days of running, 1 day of Bikini Body Mommy) so far – even when traveling.


Mileage: At least 50  miles to round out the year

Workouts: 16 Bikini Body Mommy workouts to complete the 6 week challenge. I’ll do running for my cardio days and strength days i usually double up upper and lower workouts.

How do you stay active during the holidays? Are you taking part in any holiday challenges?



Race Recap: Across the Bay 10k

Homies, I ran my 2nd to last race of 2015 last weekend. I ran the Across the Bay 10k last year – and apparently, in order to complete the medals puzzle, I’ll be running it the next three years too. I digress, it’s a great local race. This year, there were some pros and cons but still – nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment of participating in one of the largest 10ks in the nation AND running across the bridge that terrifies so many to even DRIVE over.


  • Beautiful views. Seriously. Look at those views.
  • Not super expensive for a 10k (we got in early so discounted!)
  • A generally fun race



Sat in traffic for an hour. I paid $10 to park and no one was checking passes so most parking lots were full (navy stadium was and I heard that AACC sold out as well). I missed my wave, I missed the wave I was going to target so I could meet up with JL. I was incredibly cranky about this and… to make matters worse, I almost missed the race entirely. As I walked over to the starting corrals they were rounding up people for the last wave.

annapolis traffic


The food was gross. By the time i finished (1030a) the bagels had spots of mold on them and they were fully out of bananas. I hadn’t eaten enough to account for an almost 2 hour difference from when i ate (in my car at 7:45a) to when I started (9:30a) to when I finished so I was hungry – I don’t like pretzels and the granola bar just wasn’t enough.

I lost my car. Because of the lack of parking, I had to park on the street, except I was in such a tizzy about almost missing the bus, that I ran and forgot to look at the cross streets. Cue walking around Admiral Heights for 20 minutes hitting my panic button until I heard my car.

SO MANY WALKERS. Not that walkers are bad, but when they’re walking 6- 7 people across on the bridge, it’s not like there’s a ton of room to run around them. Cue all of the frustrations. Thank you traffic – earlier waves = typically “speedier” runners – I’m a solid middle of the pack runner (most of the time) so getting stuck behind walkers in the later(est) wave was frustrating to me.


{Please excuse the chub-rub and the massive pit stains.}

No Cheerleaders. Last year Hubs and Little Man met me at the finish – well. Kind of. They couldn’t find parking but they picked me up so i didn’t have be cramped on a school bus back over the bridge. This year, hubs had drill – which was a super bummer since we were going to run it together.

Will I run this race again next year? 

Likely. Not gonna lie.

How did I run?

It was a good race, I felt good. I had to stop a couple of times to get my legs stretched out. I didn’t PR as I had hoped but I did better than last year.

Time: 1:08:05
Overall place:
10172 of 21028
Gender place: 5820 of 13906
Age Group:
906 of 1870

Solidly middle of the pack. Bridge? I’ll see you next year!


Race Recap: Hagerstown Duathlon (#2)

On Saturday, I ended my 2015 triathlon season. This season I completed IronGirl Columbia, MD Sprint duathlon and the Hagerstown Duathlon – a nice assortment of races and I’ve gotta say – the duathlon is a REALLY fun event.

Getting out there

Thankfully, Hagerstown is 1.5 – 2 hours from Annapolis – we left later on Friday than i would have liked but I didn’t pack Thursday night as I had hoped to. There wasn’t traffic, but it was late (10p?) by the time we got there – waking up Ethan to go into the hotel and get him resettled meant no one got to sleep at a reasonable hour and no one slept really well either. We stayed at a Clarion Inn which… wasn’t the nicest but for the night it was fine.

Checking In

Because of the youth race and the 5k before the adult duathlon, you had to check in before 8:15a. Had no problem, but then, what do I do for another hour? Because we rushed out of the hotel, hubs and I hit up Dunkin Donuts up the road to grab a bagel before my race once I got my bike racked.

Run 1

View More:

It was a mass start – with really, only about 200 – 250 runners. I felt really strong during the first half. It had a couple of rolling…molehills. Calling them hills would be unjust but for some reason my achilles and calves notice any sort of elevation.

18:44 (9:58/mi) 

T1 1:58 min


View More:

The bike was tough. It was shorter than my previous duathlon by about 3 miles – the roads were decent (though a bit bumpy in parts) with wide shoulders and hardly any traffic which was really nice. My chain dropped around mile 8 right before a hill so I lost a lot of time and two other riders that I had been going back and forth with (you pass me, then I pass you…) got way ahead of me. Frustrating. I finished strong though – considering the horrible headwind and side wind that made riding really tough for most of the course.

44:07 (13.1 mph)

T2: 1:54

Run 2

View More:

On the bike it had sprinkled a little bit – so I found it funny that my sneakers were damp – hubs said it had apparently sporadically poured for a few minutes! I started the second run feeling…okay. My legs were heavy and i was concerned because I hadn’t put in any brick workouts since Iron Girl. I started doing 4/1 run/walk intervals to break my legs in. The second half of the run my legs were super tight and I walked a little more than I had hoped. It wasn’t a super hilly course (light elevation) but just enough to irritate the crap out of my calves.

34:46 (11:14/mi) 

Final time: 1:41:28 

The best part of this race? Technically I was 4 out of 5 in my age group BUT because the 1st place AG finisher was also the overall female, everyone else got bumped up so I was “third” in my age group! I’ve never hit the podium before, and while technically I was 4th, the pictures show otherwise. Podium-ing aside, I was mostly proud of the fact that I shaved off over ten minutes from my early duathlon.

View More:


Now to begin planning my 2016 race calendar! Any small to mid size tri’s or du’s in the mid atlantic I should check out??


[image sources]


Get Your Fall Race On

Earlier this year, I created a month by month race plan. I budgeted for my races, and I registered early (mostly) and often. Luckily, I’ve gotten to do most of the races I planned on.

fall races

I mentioned previously, or at least on my various social media profiles, that I started mentoring at Fleet Feet Annapolis for their No Boundaries 10k Training group. It’s really awesome, I’ve met some brilliant people and runners who push me to be better everyday.

Looking for a fall race (or two or three?) here are a few local races I’ll either be participating in (look for the *) or highly recommend!

JLA Annapolis Volunteers on the Run 5k*
October 11, 2015 AACC Arnold, MD
This is an annual run put on by the Junior League of Annapolis – this year it’s being held up at AACC in Arnold as opposed to at Quiet Waters where it’s been held previously.
$25 Register here (mention Heidi Schmidt when registering!) 

Hagerstown Duathlon*
October 17, 2015 Hagerstown, MD
My second duathlon of the year. I loved the first one and this makes up for the fact that it’s a solo tri kind of year (I deferred Dewey until next year). We’re making a western Maryland weekend out of it so it should be fun! |
$70+ register here

10k Across the Bay*
November 7, 2015
I ran this last year and LOVED IT. This year, hubs and I were supposed to run it together but alas, drill weekend. Needless to say, I’ll be running. Along with my No Boundaries 10k Champions. Now to find a baby sitter for E for that day… 😐
$65 Register Here

Annapolis Running Classic*
November 21, 2015
I ran this race five years ago in 2011 when Hubs was at BCT in Fort Sil, OK. I ran the half marathon – it was the inaugural year and I lurrrved it. I mean, there were some inaugural year snafu’s but I’ve heard they solved all of those. If you’ve run any race in Annapolis, you’ve probably run the course before. Either way, there’s a baller post-race party with oysters. ALL OF THE OYSTERS. Regardless of whether you think it’s an appropriate post-race food, it’s shellfish so I’m sure it has plenty o’ protein and there’s beer. What more could you want?
— USE CODE HSREF15 for 10% off your registration
$90/55 register here. PRICES INCREASE 10/26

Cold Turkey 10k 
November 22, 2015
I LOVE Annapolis Striders races. I haven’t run this one, and likely will miss it again this year because hi, 10k the day before and I’m not one to double up. BUT if for some reason, you’re not running the Annapolis Classic, and want a smaller scale 10k? Check this one out.

Lights on the Bay 5k & Fun Run
November 21, 2015
I was SUPPOSED to run this last year. I don’t think I finalized my sign up and missed it. That being said, I really want to run it this year. I’m still undecided since…10k the next day. BUT, I’m a sucker for evening races, and this one, if I remember correctly, opens up the Lights on the Bay at Sandy Point State Park.

What races are YOU running this fall?


Race Recap: Iron Girl Columbia Tri

I am an Iron Girl!

So this was my first year competing in Iron Girl – I’d heard great things about the race and was super excited for it. it was my A race this year – especially since I deferred Dewey Beach to next year. I’m REALLY hoping I can race it next year though i fear it may coincide with my big sisters wedding – regardless. I HIGHLY recommend – i had a blast on the course!

Expo & Racking

I was super impressed by the organization and ease of packet pick up, racking my bike and generally getting the gist of the race layout. I didn’t do much research about where swim start was ahead of time – major planning fail – but luckily on Sunday morning I just followed the crowds to head over.


I was really not looking forward to swimming in Centennial Lake – I mean…no body of water is perfect but I do have to say this was probably slightly better than the Potomac (at least this swim wasn’t cancelled). I felt unprepared in the open water, and the form I had worked on the past couple of months in the pool went to the crapper. Then my goggles fogged up. Multiple times. Not my strongest swim but certainly longer than I’d been swimming and I wasn’t last out of the water or last in my division so…success!

I actually think I did pretty well for T1 – the run up from the water was a ways, but getting pseudo-dried off, and since my bike was in the middle… on the end (I always get the crappiest transition spots) I consider 5 minutes not too shabby.

swim time: 34:29
T1: 5:07



I was strongest on the bike. I felt really good. I got my clips fixed the other day before I racked my bike and they loosened them so they’re easier to get in and out of – win! Biggest flaw of my training? Lack of bike training. lack of hills. WHOOPS. That being said…I still did really well and didn’t have to walk my bike up any hills (remember when I had to do that on the Huffster back at Hopkins Vineyard Tri? Yeah. That sucked.). I made up a lot of time on the downhills – i need to work on my fear of speedy downhills and losing control because downhills can be fun. I suppose.

Bike Time: 1:09:55
avg speed: 13.7 mph



T2 was super fast – it helped that I was closer to run out, and that I really only had to drop my helmet and get my sneaks on which only needed to be tied. I think i did really good at setting myself up for success in regards to the transitions here so I feel good about that.

But God that run sucked. There is no amount of words about how much that run sucked. So much. So many hills. Was not fueled well. Should have brought that extra Gu. My calves were super tight because of my ankles and hills do that to me. That being said, I think I did…okay. I finished strong. I walked up a lot of hills. Was slower than i had hoped but it was hot and my calves were aching. Room for improvement but that finish was pretty awesome.

T2: 2:18 (!!!)
Run: 43:47  (12:53 avg pace)

Total time: 2:35:37.9

Given that this is my first FULL tri post baby (swim got canceled last year at Nations), I’m pretty proud of these numbers. I’m never going to be a front of the pack-er. I’m a solid middle-back of the pack and as long as I’m having fun, and giving my races my all, then i’m a happy camper!

Stay tuned on the blog this week to find out what’s on deck for my fall race schedule and a discount code to join me at the Annapolis Running Classic in November!


Maryland Sprint Duathlon Race Recap

Yesterday I completed my first *big* race of the season and my first duathlon – the Maryland Sprint Duathlon.

I think I can say that it’s official, I’m in love with endurance sports.

Saturday we went up to Western Regional Park out in Howard County to get my race packet and get a lay of the land. I had no idea what the course had in store for me, and no idea what to expect in regards to the race.  We got there shortly before the race chat, so I sat in on it which was incredibly helpful. While I’ve done a couple of triathlons before, I’ve never listened to the prerace talks so my familiarity with the USAT rules is minimal at best. I also found that listening to the course description gave me an idea what to expect – also helpful.

Sunday, we got up stupid early to head out. I was worried about race traffic since not anticipating race traffic has burned me before. Also i wanted to have time to get set up in transition and not be rushed. We got there around 6:15/6:20 – no traffic, no backups, not parking hassle. Incredible!

MD Sprint Du

Run 1 and T1

The first run was a bit downhill going through the park, onto a trail and then down a road with a short out and back turn around then up a hill back to transition. I picked up new sneaks from Charm City Run the other day and while I know you’re not supposed to run a race in new sneaks, it was really nice having only minimal calf pain and having a better understanding on what’s going on with my legs (it all makes sense to me now…consider my beloved Newton’s retired for the most part 🙁 More on that later!). The weather was perfect, and it was super nice having the chance for water/gatorade at 3 spots.

Saw hubs and little man as I ran into transition and grabbed another cup o’ gatorade.

My transitions are not fast, and I really need to work on them

Run time: 21:36
Transition 1: 3:30 (!!!!) 

Bike and T2

I’m still not super confident on my bike. That’s just a fact. Downhills make me anxious (i’m afraid of crashing) and I’m not at all used to clipping in and out yet. BUT! I am getting better.

I got my tires pumped up before I headed into transition (good thing since I was apparently flat!!) and had the bike dude check out my pedals –  I have a clip that’s bent because i got my cleats stuck when i was working out on the trainer earlier this spring. It should be an easy fix, but I need to bring them to a bike shop to get fixed but I can still get half clipped in and fully clipped in on the other foot. I need to get this fixed ASAP since I noticed I had some pain in my right foot that I think is related (as in did not have on the other foot that was properly clipped in).

The bike was awesome. A bit hilly but some awesome downhills. I passed a bunch of people and didn’t finish DFL so I felt really good about that. I only dropped my chain once, but I fixed it and it remedied this annoying clanking sound that I was having. I should have sipped more of my fuel but I kept forgetting and by mile 10 I was a little crampy likely from dehydration. Note to self: practice drinking while on the bike.

I should probably read up more on bikes and/or go to some clinics so I learn the basics… how to change a tire. How to know your tires are flat. You know…the basics.

Again, transition took me a couple of minutes – so I need to find a way to be more efficient – especially as I change my shoes.

Bike: 1:00:38
T2: 3:20

Run 2

The second run sucked. While the first run was largely downhill, when that course gets reversed that means a large part of the run is up hill. Thankfully – it was only two miles. A slow and hot 2 miles but only two miles so the suck time was only 2/3 of your average tri.

Run 2: 24:48

Chip time: 1:53:54.3

What I liked about this race

Beautiful location
Open course but no traffic so it felt closed
Not a crowded race
Awesome medal/race shirt
outstanding support – each time I stopped on the bike someone pulled up to ask if I was okay.

What I didn’t like about this race
Early race at 40 minutes away from me = earlier morning.

Would I race again? Abso-effing-lutely – Sign me up for 2016 for sure! Many thanks to the fine folks at Rip It Events for putting on an amazing well organized and overall fantastic event!