Weekly Workouts

Once upon a time, I used to share my weekly workouts. It was a type of accountability and it worked pretty flipping good. So in a hope to revive the accountability I’m so craving when it comes to my training, I’m bringing them back.

The past few months, I’ve been a part of a weight loss accountability group – but I’m struggling. I’m struggling with thyroid levels that are making my weight loss – once easy pre-Ethan – now an uphill battle; I’m struggling with a sugar addiction that’s so hard to quit even though I know I need to. I’m struggling with motivation (see #1 – my thyroid issues make me tired like…just exhausted 90% of the time), so as I’m half way through this round, it’s time to get on track – and by on track I mean since my girls weekend up to Boston a month ago, the three pounds I gained from a small piece of cake and a few drinks. Every ounce of sugar or carb that I eat is nearly impossible to lose. There are no words as to how discouraging this is and how incredibly low one feels knowing that you weigh about five pounds less than you did at 38 weeks pregnant.

I’m struggling with thyroid levels that are making my weight loss – once easy pre-Ethan – now an uphill battle; I’m struggling with a sugar addiction that’s so hard to quit even though I know I need to but I just don’t know how. I’m struggling with motivation (see #1 – my thyroid issues make me tired like…just exhausted 90% of the time), so as I’m half way through this round, it’s time to get back on track – and by on track I mean since my girls weekend up to Boston a month ago, the three pounds I gained from a small piece of cake and a few drinks. Every ounce of sugar or carb that I eat is nearly impossible to lose. There are no words as to how discouraging this is and how incredibly low one feels knowing that you weigh about five pounds less than you did at 38 weeks pregnant.

So, I’ve been talking for a while about going sugar and gluten-free – something I’ve read many who are hypothyroid should do (inflammation and autoimmune stuff) – so here’s hoping that helps. But each week, I’ll be sharing my workouts, the previous weeks weigh in – in hopes that this will keep me accountable and help my motivation.

Last week By the Numbers

Weight: 157.8
Workouts: 3
Miles: 8

This Week’s Workouts

Workouts: 5

Monday: 6 AM Spinning
Tuesday: Run 30 min
Wednesday: Run 45 min
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: Run 6
Sunday: Yoga/Rest

I’m nearly three weeks into my Cherry Blossom 10 miler training – and so far I’ve been solidly getting 3 runs per week. I need to up both cross training and/or strength training BUT I think, upping my yoga game (I’ve been fitting in 1-2 yoga workouts a week for the past two weeks and it feels so good) may suffice for both. in addition, I’m THISCLOSE to signing up for half marathon #5 in Dewey Beach in mid-April – the perfect 34th birthday celebration (albeit two weeks AFTER my birthday).

What goals are you working towards right now?


2017 Race Plans

I’m back to running. After I DNS’ed Dewey Beach in September, I took some time off. I had to. I was heartbroken that my training had gone terribly and that I DNS’ed not one, not two, but three races this fall (Iron Girl, Dewey Beach Tri, and MCM 10k). It was time to reevaluate where running fit into my life. But now it’s time to lace up again. With the new year,  I set a couple of fitness goals:

  • Run 10 races
  • Run 500 miles
  • Complete Bikini Body Guide

Not entirely out there and not out there. I hate setting mileage goals but I’m numbers driven when it comes to fitness related goals so there they are.

As for races? Here are some I’m intrigued and the ones I’m actually registered for (3 of 10)

  1. Penguin Pace 5k – February 2017
  2. Valentines Day 5k – February 2017
  3. Cherry Blossom 10 miler – April 2017
  4. Shape Women’s Half OR Ocean City HalfMAYBE April 2017 (I’m trying to decide if i want to commit to a half marathon this spring…)
  5. JLA Volunteers on the Run 5k – May 2017
  6. Women’s Distance Festival – May 2017
  7. Zooma 10k – June 2017
  8. Maryland Duathlon – July 2017 (MAYBE? I haven’t decided if I’m up for a multisport event this year or if I want to focus on just running…)
  9. Baltimore Marathon Relay – October 2017
  10. 10k Across the Bay – November 2017
  11. Turkey Trot 10k – November 2017

So there – eleven races. I’m not sure if I’ll race all of them – BUT I think my biggest goal is to register for another half marathon.

I’ve wanted to get half number five under my belt for a while now. This spring, since I deferred my Cherry Blossom 10 miler last year and will be running it this year,  would be the perfect time for it.  The Shape Women’s Half was my first half back in 2010 and I’d love to get a do-over. I’m also looking at the Ocean City Half – but I need to look at registrations, race weekends, and Hubs and I’s schedule to see what’s realistic and what’s not.

Ten miler training kicks off at the end of January – next week to be exact. I’m kicking it off with the Zooma Run Love challenge – which is a fun kick start to the year.* Registration is closed for this, BUT you can sign up for Zooma Annapolis (10k or half marathon) and get 10% off with code HEIDI2017.

zooma ambassador

What fitness or racing goals do YOU have for this year? 

{FTC Disclosure: I am an ambassador to Zooma and do receive free race entry to the Zooma race series. All thoughts here are my own and have not been influenced in any way.}


My Favorite Home Workouts

Hubs is out of country for about a week and a half. Fitting in workouts – like running or my favorite pilates classes at the gym are difficult with near 100 degree temperatures, work, a 35-minute commute, and a 3-year-old who doesn’t enjoy the gym daycare who also has an early-ish bedtime. So time to dust off some of my favorite at home workouts.

I love to find plans, but the reality is, I have workout ADD and can’t stick to a plan so I always modify to my own likes and needs and whatever i’m feeling that day versus sticking to the same workout for 3 months.

at home workouts

Bikini Body Mommy

I have a group of mom pals who have done many of her 90 day challenges. She’s also expanded her offerings and has great prenatal videos, an abs series and nutrition guides that are optional for a nominal fee. I enjoy these videos because the workouts are generally 15 – 20 minutes long and because of the length, motivate you to kick ass and take names in that short workout span. Because I don’t typically do the whole series, I’ll double up on workouts – i.e. one strength day and one cardio day to make the most of it – even then, the workouts are still around 25 – 30 minutes at most.

Blogilates (pop pilates OR cardio beat)

I recently checked out these videos – they’re fantastic. I love her challenge format, and the calendars have great, short workouts as well as healthy living tips. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to learn more about pilates – plus Casey is adorable and has great energy in her videos.

21 day fix

I’m a big fan of the 21 day fix. I’ve done all of the videos, but haven’t done the 21 day fix all the way through. The workouts however, are between 20 – 30 minutes and are sure to work up a sweat. Plus Autumn Calabrese isn’t completely annoying. While I didn’t mind Shakeology, it was a bit pricey for me. But I highly recommend finding a coach (they’re a dime a dozen) if you decide to do the 21 day Fix program.


Another Beachbody program, but last night I did the sweat workout just for kicks. I was dripping by the time the 34 minute workout was done. A great, low-impact workout that is pilates and yoga inspired and doesn’t require any equipment. Consider it pilates/yoga combo…on steroids.

I’m also a big fan of finding HIIT workouts on pinterest – whether I’m working out at home OR hitting the treadmill at the gym – the workout resources on Pinterest are endless.

What are your favorite at home workouts when you can’t make it to the gym? 


Race Recap: Maryland Sprint Duathlon

Up until last Friday AM i wasn’t sure I was going to do the Maryland Sprint Duathlon. I hadn’t really trained, I’d been running 2 -4 days per week (depending on the week and the weather) and as of lately, I’ve been doing more pilates (which I’m really enjoying) but I hadn’t been on my bike since the Hagerstown Duathlon back in October.

Friday though, I told new coworkers and my new boss about the race (despite my uncertainty) and decided, what the hell. Why not?!

So Friday night, I brought my bike up from the basement, gathered up all of my gear and got the family ready for an early morning.


In order to be at the race by 6:30 which would give me about a half hour to get my packet, marked, and get my bike set up, we had to leave by about 5:45am. Which meant a 5:15a wakeup for me and Hubs, and a 5:30 wake up for little man. He was, less than thrilled about that to say the least.

Thankfully for this race, parking has never been a hassle since it’s a smaller field, and I knew I wouldn’t have issues. I got my packet with no issues, got my tires pumped up (Note to self get a foot pump – we have a pump at home that my BIL got Hubs which is great, but i had a tough time with it and since it’s electric, it can’t really live in the car) and got racked.

maryland duathlon pre-race


Run 1

maryland sprint duathlon start

To say the course was hot is an understatement. It was about 70 degrees when we kicked off after the men and the elites went out. But the course is a 2 mile out loop through the park, a short out and back on the main road with not a whole lot of shade. There’s one hill on the last 3/4 mile (at the turn around on the out and back part of the loop) and man. Brutal. 

Time: 21:53

T1: 2:59

I need to find a way to make my transitions faster. This one was a touch faster than last year, probably because i made the decision not to switch Runkeeper over to a bike – it was just being too slow and I had a fear of being busted and DQ’ed. Note to self: get garmin working better.


Ugh this bike. In theory, it’s a 13 mile loop. 13 miles isn’t too shabby. Until you hit some massive hills around mile 6. They seemed worse this year but I don’t know if that was just because my bike and I haven’t been as friendly as we were this time last summer when I was in the midst of training for Iron Girl. Either way. The night before my bike water bottle showed up moldy and disgusting in the trunk of my car so hubs and I decided to toss it, so i didn’t have a water bottle. It was hot. Hilly. I tried to cheer on the riders on the hills – some of them were super friendly especially one dude who i kept going back and forth with. But just…by the time I hit the last mile, I was so spent and tired of the hills, I didn’t finish as strong as I would have liked. 

Time: 58:42 

T2 time: 2:26

Run 2

I tried to go back to my 4-1 intervals – when I don’t feel like running I stick to those but the heat got to me, the hills were just…painful. My downfall here was not in the lack of hills training, but rather the bike to run transition training was my major downfall. I just tried to do some pseudo-farleks – picking points and running as much as I could. I gave it all I had for the last quarter mile or so, but I could have done better if I had done a couple of brick workouts.

Time: 27:11

Total time: 1:53:19

maryland sprint duathlon medal

(fun fact: last years time, the 2nd run was faster but the transitions were slower, my time last year was 1:53:54)

Overall, fantastic race. The team at RipIt events puts on fantastic races and the Maryland Duathlon is no exception. The size is just right for the space, the roads are usually pretty empty (save for the sh!t bag who nearly backed into a biker ahead of me out of his driveway). See you next year Maryland Sprint Duathlon!


Race Recap: Zooma Annapolis 10k

Better late than never right? How was the Zooma Annapolis 10k race nearly a month ago already!? #bloggerfail. Here’s my recap: 

Hubs had National Guard drill so we got a sitter for the race – though I did love seeing a few dads out on the course running with their littles – one of these years, maybe we’ll run it as a family.  Tackling the Naval Academy Bridge with a dualie? That’s no joke yo. I ran that bridge a few times with Ethan when I was training with the Fleet Feet group for the ATB 10k.

Anyhoozle, I swung by to get my bib Friday night. Said hello to a few ambassadors at the cocktail party (mmmm Barefoot wines). Got home, gathered my gear. Could not find my singlet that I got as an ambassador despite searching relentlessly at 10pm Friday night. Knowing I had to be up early, I gave up around 11pm. 

Race Day

I got there just in time to do the ambassador picture, kind of hidden in my non-Zooma Singlet. Intentional-ish. Have I mentioned how incredible the Ambassador group is this year? Seriously, there are some amazing runners in the pack and I am constantly inspired by all of them!

zooma ambassadors annapolis

I’m in there. Just in the middle and the back. You can see my navy blue strap. 

The race started, looped around the parking lot onto Farragut drive, back around to Taylor ave with some rolling hills. We headed downtown – it was… to say the least. Soupy. Not super hot but just really grossly humid. That type of weather is common for this race though and even more common for this time of year in Annapolis.

zooma annapolis 10k

After making our way up King George, we headed up to the bridge. I like the 10k because we only go over the bridge ONCE and we don’t have to go up the nasty hills on 450 headed up towards Route 50 like the half marathon does. 


My legs were getting a bit stiff by mile 5.5 and I was losing gas – I didn’t fuel very well and felt a bit dehydrated so the last half mile once we were in the final stretch was a real push for me. It certainly wasn’t my best 10k time, but wasn’t my worst by far.

zooma annapolis 10k finish

Given that my training was kind of m’eh (thanks shitty commute and shitty job for stealing all of my motivation), and the humidity was terrible that day, I was okay with this time. Year number three, in the books. See you next year Zooma!!! 


(Stay tuned for my update on the Zooma Summer Challenge!) 

Time: 1:13:35


Why I Run

Happy National Running Day Friends!

national running day

Every year, this day reminds me why I run. Why I lace up my sneakers on hot afternoons like Sunday when Little Man is napping. Or the evenings that I run after bedtime is over, or the weekends that I lace up early in the morning before the weekend starts when I leave hubs and Little Man snoozing peacefully in bed.

I run because it’s my outlet. When work is stressful, when Little Man tests my patience, when I feel like I just need to get out and be alone for 30 minutes…I go for a run to release all of that.

I run to be healthy. Listen, I know I need some strength training here, but running is how I choose to be active and I want to be an example of being healthy for Little Man.

I run to be competitive. I may not be podium-ing at every race, but we all have this competitive edge inside of us right? I run to be competitive.

I run to be social. I used to be a solo runner. But then I found a fantastic running buddy at work, and joined my local MRTT chapter. And found group runs. And mentored a 10k training group and realized running socially can be a lot of fun.

But mostly, more so than any of these reasons? I run for me. I run because I love the sport. For love of adrenaline, and finishing a tough course, and training, and early mornings and sunset runs. Ice baths, and cute running gear. All of these things. I run for all of these things but mostly just myself.

Why do you run? 


Race Recap: Howard County Striders Women’s Distance Festival 5k

So here’s the thing about being a military spouse- active or reserve – you learn to adjust your schedule to your spouses. That was why I “deferred” the Cherry Blossom 10 this year.

Sometimes, I get bummed out when I miss out on fun races. Other times, you make due with what you’ve got, lean on your village and move forward. I stumbled upon the Howard County Strider’s Women’s Distance Festival 5k – an evening race – a few weeks ago and was pretty pumped to sign up. It was drill weekend, but I knew Hubs would be home in time.

Funny thing about evening races, I never know how to fuel for them. I don’t like to eat a whole lot before I run, otherwise I get crampy. But having run on not a lot of gas on Friday evening when it was really warm and I was neither fueled nor hydrated, I know the fine line between being over fueled (crampy and just sluggish) and not fueled enough (no further comparison needed. Like driving a car on empty).

Hubs got home and while I was going to meet up with a pal for a beverage after, she cancelled, so the boys followed me out there after a chick fil a dinner. It wasn’t the perfect dinner but it worked.  Just a simple grilled chicken sandwich about an hour before the race. It wasn’t heavy, had enough protein and carbs. I probably could have made a protein shake but sometimes they make my stomach…grumbly so I didn’t want to risk it. We’ll leave it at that.

They made it just in time to see the warm up that was held (is it bad that I rarely “warm up” in a traditional sense? i was great at it when I was mentoring with Fleet Feet but not really much since) and to see the start. It warms my heart when my boys are there cheering me on. Love them.

howard county striders womens distance festival 5k

Anyhow! The race.

Small race. Insanely well organized. Empty course (cars wise – there were runners, derp)- I guess that’s what happens when you take over a largely commercial/business park section of Columbia on a Saturday night. A touch hillier than I was anticipating but less so than Centennial Park.


I felt pretty good – the first half mile was at a sub 10:00 pace, then we hit the gradual up hill. My splits were…way off.

The second mile was an out and back spur off the main loop – so a little downhill, a little uphill and a little more downhill and a little more uphill. It was…not entirely un-pleasant. Our neighborhood is mildly hilly so I’m mostly used to gentle hills.

Mile 2 – 3 was more gentle hills (nothing major) with a steady downhill down back onto Columbia Gateway.

I felt pretty solid at the finish – the last quarter mile or so was a solid (though short and not too steep) downhill, with the last .1 flat and a slight up to the finish.

womens distance running festival columbia md

Hubs and Little Man were waiting and cheering me – the crowd, though smaller, was certainly energetic despite the ominous skies that were rolling in by 7:30ish. Little man and I shared a cupcake (they were so good!) and then we headed out! All in all, a really fun race that I would totally do again next year – I believe it’s a part of the Women’s Distance series which includes the Baltimore Women’s 5k in June and the Annapolis Women’s Distance Festival in July

Time: 32:41
Pace: 10:38/mi


2016 Races and Goals

I’ve been thinking a lot about races. Races I’ve done, races I’m planning for. You know… all the races.

races(image via)

I love the idea of doing one race per month, 12 races in a year. But sometimes? That’s just not doable. because…life.

This year, my race calendar is pretty much planned out at this point. I’m not overdoing it by any means and the races I’ve picked aren’t marathons or even half marathons. But, I have 6-7 big(ish, for me) races which I think, given life and schedules, sets me up for success and keeps me motivated. I would LOVE to do 10 10k’s in 2016 but I’m not going to set myself up for failure – I’ve got 5 listed here but I’m not over planning the fall for life reasons (no. Baby Schmidt is NOT getting a sibling) – I’m still working on the whole working mom balance thing and I just don’t want to over commit right now.

Here are my 2016 races

Sole of the City 10k, April 16, 2016

Because I didn’t get to run the Cherry Blossom 10, I still wanted to feel like the running I have been doing (albeit half hearted training) was going towards something. 10ks are my favorite race distance as of late, so this was a nice happy race to sign up for!


Zooma 10k June 4, 2016

This is one of my favorite races – the course is so pretty, and even though it can be really hot, the community of women runners is something that you don’t get from a lot of other races. Prices go up March 12, so if you want to register, register soon – you can use code HEIDI16 for 10% off your registration! Register here!

Maryland Sprint Duathlon, July 16, 2016 

I loved this race so much last year – 2 mile run / 13 mile bike / 2 mile run – I’m excited to do it again this year, and I’m excited to train better for it.

Iron Girl Columbia, August 7, 2016

AKA my get in shape for my sisters wedding race. My sister is getting married the weekend following and initially, until they changed the date of Iron Girl, I wasn’t going to be able to do it. But then they moved it. THEN, I found out Hubs would be back from his AT the day before racking. So I couldn’t NOT sign up for it.

Dewey Beach Triathlon, September 17, 2016

I actually deferred this from last year – the race ended up being on the weekend of a good friend of mine’s bachelorette party. I couldn’t not help her celebrate her impending nuptials at the time, so I deferred and I’m all good to go for this year! I’ve heard great things about this race so I’m really excited for it!

Baltimore Running Festival – Marathon Relay, October 15, 2016

I’m trying to be more active in the local MRTT group – it’s tough though as a working mom, especially since I’m much more of an evening runner than a morning runner and the whole…working thing, but there are a few moms who expressed interest in a relay team for this race so I jumped on board. I need to actually set up the team, but I’ll get there 🙂

Annapolis Running Classic 10k OR 10k Across the Bay

I probably won’t do both, but I am scheduled to lead the training of the 10k across the bay group at fleet feet in Severna Park this fall. I didn’t get to run the ARC 10k last year because of the death of my grandmother (devastating) and I never got a chance to defer and since I was an ambassador, I’m not even sure how that would work.

I’d love to throw in a December race in there too, but there’s not really any around here that I’m pumped up about so I’m going to leave that open.

What 2016 races are YOU excited about? Any I should check out? 


The Cherry Blossom 10 miler that Wasn’t

So I didn’t run the Cherry Blossom Ten miler.

DC cherry blossoms

I was okay with this. Hubs’s drill schedule changed about a week and a half out from the race and his drill was moved up a week. For those of you who haven’t run the cherry blossom 10 miler, it’s a fantastic race and I highly recommend it, but it’s an early race. I would have had to leave the house by 5:30 – latest. Before Hubs left mind you – to get to the race. I probably wouldn’t have gotten home much before 11a so even if we got a sitter for when hubs left around 6:30a, it would have been 5 hours so between $50-75 for a sitter – roughly the cost of the race.

I’m not about doubling race fees for baby sitters. I don’t roll that way.

So, knowing the transfer period ended, I took a shot in the dark and emailed the race director explaining the situation – no family, no babysitters (seriously, the likelihood of me finding a sitter on short notice for 6am on a sunday?! LOLOLOL) and a husband with National Guard duty that changed last minute.

Bless them, they made an exception. Relief!

Had I trained better, and actually gotten my long runs in,  I might have been more disappointed/pissed at the situation. But there was a lot of life over the past three months (we moved! bought a house! I changed jobs! we hosted family for Easter! And had Ethan’s 3rd birthday party at the house! ) so my training didn’t go as I had hoped and I was very much okay with this outcome (even more so when I saw the weather forecast – bravo to ALL the runners who ran on Sunday – especially in those conditions!)

So what did I do?

Registered for another race, duh.

I’ll be running the Sole of the City 10k in Baltimore next weekend. I’ve been solidly running 3.5 – 5 miles the past couple of months so I feel okay with this despite…a kind of…m’eh training for the 10 miler

It sets me up quite well for Zooma training though! And that race, I’m itching so hard for a PR – sub 1:00? I’ve got this. Next weekend will set a good baseline since I haven’t run 6.2 miles since the bridge run in November.

So how am I preparing?

Well, to date my longest run was just short of 5 miles so I’m not in awful shape as far as distance goes.

This past week I fit in ~10 miles. This upcoming week:

Monday: Run 3.3 (for my 33rd birthday which is technically on Tuesday but I have a busy day Tuesday so I know it won’t happen)
Tuesday: rest (or another 3.3 if i feel like it)
Wednesday: 3-4 (hills?!)
Thursday: rest
Friday: yoga? maybe?
Saturday: 10k!

Speaking of Zooma…

They added a 5k for Annapolis! How flipping awesome is that?! There’s less than 60 days until the race now, so register early before the fees go up! Keep in mind for Zooma Annapolis or ANY of the Zooma series races in Florida or Cape Code, you can use code HEIDI16 to get 10% off your registration fee. Come run/train with me! 

How do you handle race set backs? Did you run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler? How did it go for you? 


Weekly Workouts: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

So last week was an okay week workout wise. As much as I want to get back to doing these “weekly workout” style posts once per week, it’s still aspirational. Also, there hasn’t been as much working out as I would like – we’re still getting settled and the weather has just…not been on my side.

20 (2)


Last week’s workout run down…

The good: Three runs! Two treadmill, one outside! Huzzah! I also went to 1 yoga class.

The bad: Didn’t get my distance in on Saturday, but was still really excited just to be outside running with the family. Didn’t fit in ANY strength workouts. The yoga class I went to? Restorative which usually I love but for some reason left me feeling nauseous and unsettled – it was not as enjoyable or relaxing as I would have liked.

The ugly: There’s like 6 weeks to the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and I haven’t run more than 3 miles since June. Hmmm….I should probably step it up this weekend with a 5-er…or maybe 6?

This week’s plan

Monday: Run 3(ish) – since it’s nice-ish out today, I’m going to try to run with the Fleet Feet crowd over in Severna Park since it’s only a matter of weeks until I’ll be coaching them!
Tuesday: Strength workout. I have plans in the evening so I NEED to get up in the morning to work out.
Wednesday: Run – speed workout. It’s supposed to rain so this will probably be a treadmill run. Blergh.
Thursday: Strength. Hubs has class, so it needs to be a morning workout or an evening video.
Friday: We have a weekend in Baltimore for this family seminar thing we’re going to – so Friday will definitely be a rest day for me unless I can fit in a quickie workout in the morning on Friday.
Saturday/Sunday – I need to find time to fit in 5-6 miles somehow/at some point in time. Fingers crossed it’s not on a flipping treadmill.

February Miles: 15.65
2016 miles: 18/500
2016 workouts:  15/216

How are your workouts going? Do you set mini goals for yourself?