#MDBlog Blogger Dinner Recap

Y’all, I’ve failed you as a blogger lately. Life is just busy, so busy I almost forgot to renew my hosting and my blog almost died a sad, anti-climactic bloggy death. Alas, I fixed it. I’m not done with you yet blogosphere. 

Earlier this week, I paid a stupid amount of money to GoDaddy to restore my blog from that anti-climactic death. My credit card had some fraud and I forgot to update the card. I saw the emails but omg. I failed my blog. Ish happens. You get it.

Since I paid all that bling, I’m committed to doing better. You see, this was all perfect timing for me to get a kick in the bloggy butt.

MD Blogger Dinner

I’ve been slightly active in an Instagram pod with some local Maryland bloggers. Earlier this week, we got together to have dinner at Alexandra’s Restaurant at the  Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City (beautiful by the way!) to talk blogging and make new friends.

turf valley ellicott city md

Because really, what else do you do when you’re around people who – full time or hobbyists – do the same thing as you do? We talked blogging and social media.

turf valley resort ellicott city md

In addition to the fantastic company, we had some delicious food – the meal was Mediterranean dips with pita, buffalo cauliflower with goat cheese and crab sliders. And of course, it would be a blogger event without some adorable swag bags. 

MD Blogger dinner

[Many thanks to Visit Howard County for the adorable swag bags!]

So many thanks to all the fantastic bloggers: Theresa (who set the shin dig up!), Fadra, Jess, Sara, Tanvi, Christy, Alicia, Fatima, Shelly, Pam & Terri, Liza, and Jennifer.


That all being said, I’m…inspired y’all and I want to do more with my little corner of the internet. I think I might finally be kicking this rut goodbye! 

If you remember, my blog, back in its heyday six, seven even eight years ago, help me take part in so many fantastic opportunities. I went to conferences. I worked with some pretty spectacular brands.  I tried, back in those good ole days to make as an influencer before influencers were really a thing. 

But friends, while this blog is never ever going to produce thousands of dollars in income or have a large email list, I do want to be more active on my facebook page (because I spend far too many hours on there anyhow), instagram more (because…outfit selfies) and I have some video blogging goals friends – thats right. I’m figuring out how to incorporate it but sometimes? Writing is just too much. I want to nurture my audience the way bloggers should. The blogger dinner reminded me just why I love marketing and social media and blogging to begin with – the community. It’s just a community that needs a little more nurturing.

[Disclosure: Though we did receive dinner and swag for freesies, all opinions of the businesses involved with our Blogger Dinner/meet up are my own] 


Six Blogging Mistakes to Stop Making Today

I had a post written about how I was going to take a break from blogging. Then I got inspired and wrote like 9 posts in the matter of an hour. Apparently, all it takes is writing in Google Docs. 

I decided I was done over-thinking blogging – I’ve been blogging for the better part of 16 years and up until the past few months, rather consistently. This isn’t my full-time job, nor do I have any desire to make it as such. I blog because I love writing and because I love the blogging community. Because I love reading other blogs. Because I love sharing ideas and inspiring others.

blogging mistakes

I’ve been making a few mistakes, though – especially over the past year or two. Blogging isn’t the same as it used to be – it is certainly much more involved since I started in 2001 and even more so since my first influencer campaign in 2008. In order to be “successful” or to be considered an “influencer,” there’s just so much more “stuff” to do.  But if I stop having this vision of success in my head and stop marching to the beat of the drum of other bloggers, I’ll find that I still very much love this hobby that I’ve held onto for so long. 

Stop: Over-thinking EVERYTHING

Stop thinking about the quality of my pictures. How often or frequently I share. How often I post. How often I post to social media. Why doesn’t X favorite blogger read me? Why can’t I look cute in that outfit? You get it. Over thinking. My nemesis. I need to stop right now and just do me. 

Stop thinking You need an in-depth content calendar

I am the queen of content calendars. But I don’t REALLY need one for myself. A lot of bloggers will make you think you do – but honestly? Ehhh. They’re overrated unless you’re churning out content like a machine. Me? I’m not a machine and life happens so the likelihood of sticking to a content calendar for my personal blog is slim to zilch. 

Stop thinking you NEED to only write on one topic or stick to one niche

I keep thinking that I need to write about ONE thing. Or perfect ONE topic. That I need to be super well versed in and write about one thing. Here’s the thing. I like to write about a lot of things. Parenting. Sharing outfit posts and my love of shopping. Marketing – especially blogging and social media; I might not be a high-paid, professional lifestyle blogger but I AM a marketer by trade so I know a thing or two  about social media and creating content and just because I’m not a high paid lifestyle blogger doesn’t mean I can’t share that expertise. 

Stop thinking that you NEED to promote the crap out of your blog

Listen, I can promote my blog until the cows come home. I can schedule shit, make Pinterest-worthy pictures but see point #1 – I over-think and my overthinking paralyzes me and then I just don’t do anything. It’s a vicious cycle. So here’s the thing – read my blog or don’t but I’m not going to waste my time promoting my posts over and over and over again or scheduling them on Pinterest or creating an email list that I just don’t know what I’d do with. Because ultimately I’m just going to honeybadger it up and share what I want and if I feel like working towards an email list maybe I will maybe I won’t but for now? I want to stick to basics and just write. 

Stop thinking you need uber professional photography to be a style blogger.

I’m a working mom. I get up every day between 6:15a and 6:30a and am out the door by 7:15 am. The other day I wanted to document my outfit….you know where I took the picture? In a bathroom stall before I changed into running clothes to go for a short post work run. Suuurreee professional photos always look better but don’t bathroom stall pictures have a little more real life aspect? One of these days I WILL do a styled photo shoot – but probably not in 40-degree weather. Still, though, I read plenty of bloggers without someone taking pro-like quality photos and there’s nothing wrong with that. Get of your head that you NEED a professional photographer to take your photos to be a well-liked blogger.

Stop getting caught up in the Comparison Trap

Guilty. Guilty as charged. There are tons of bloggers I adore and read every day. But I compare myself to them. I worry I’m not skinny enough or that I look too fat in my outfits. I worry that my content isn’t authentic enough (it is). I worry I’m not good enough for blogging anymore because I don’t get sponsorships anymore. I don’t blog enough. I don’t have a large enough email list. I don’t post enough to Pinterest….you get the picture. I need to stop comparing myself and worrying that I’m not “doing it right” and just do me.

Stop doing it for the money

I haven’t gotten paid for blogging in a long time. But doing it for the prospect of getting paid, lacks a certain authenticity – every blogger knows that. Every blogger. Also the likelihood? Well, blogging has become slightly oversaturated so standing out as a big fish in a big pond requires a lot of effort. And I’m not gonna lie, I just don’t have that kind of energy. Sure, I’ve certainly envisioned or dreamt about working with big brands but when you take away the hopes of getting paid, you find a more authentic voice. Because it all comes back to over-thinking it all. Just stahhhpppp.

So those are the things I’m guilty of and the “resolutions” I’m going to take to get this whole blogging thing back on track so that it feels less like work and more like something I truly enjoy doing in my free time that isn’t a burden. I’m going to stop them all. I’m going to not set expectations for myself for how often I need to blog based on how often I think I SHOULD blog. I’m going to share on my social networks as I do but not over and over and over and over again like I “should.” I’m just going to do me for a little while here in my little corner of the blogosphere.


What’s your biggest blogging Mistake? 


Getting Over the Comparison Trap

Start reading any mommy blogger out there and I can guarantee you’ll find a post about how we, as mothers, need to stop comparing ourselves. To one another, to our former selves. That we need to be accepting. Less judgey. You know, all those things we learn about in grade school. Do unto others… but mostly – telling us not to compare ourselves to others. You know… we’ve each got our own struggles so why compare? Well…it’s human nature right? 

blogger comparison trap

Friends, I’ve been deep into the comparison trap lately.

Comparing myself to moms I knew who were running more than I was (they stay at home with their kiddos so….they have a little more time/flexibility). Some of those moms were faster than I was, why couldn’t I run that fast?

Comparing myself to other bloggers with better graphics. Who wrote regularly. Who have more followers. Who…you name it. And just…Why couldn’t I just make an hour a couple times a week to write?

Comparing myself to moms and friends that I knew who were losing weight faster than I was. What was I doing wrong? Why was my body not cooperating? Why am I still…so unhappy with my body 3 years post-partum? 

Comparing myself to my former self when i was running sub 30:00 5k’s before I got pregnant with Ethan when I had time to run 5 days per week and was, arguably, in the best shape of my life since high school.

But I fell into that rut. The one where I was just clawing and digging at goals I thought I wanted because that’s what everyone else was doing and I wanted to be…like them? Better than them? I don’t know exactly but I wasn’t happy and my goals weren’t motivating me. 

But here’s the thing I’ve learned about setting new goals for myself. There’s a reason they’re SMART goals – realistic goals are more exciting to work towards right? I mean, yes 50% of your goals should be big and audacious and not necessarily attainable but the other half should be.

The biggest realization? My priorities shifted over the last few months/year.

Blogging wasn’t my priority. Running wasn’t a priority (weather. Time. Life. Job.) Because a three year old, a full time job with a 1.5 hour round trip commute, and running and spending time with the husband who is frantically trying to finish up his MBA… my family has been my priority. But I felt left out. I felt like I was missing out. I felt like all these moms I knew were starting to run and were leaving me in the dust. I felt like all the bloggers I followed were just better at it than I was so why bother when no one is reading my blog anyhow?

But here’s the thing. I was mixing up what i thought I SHOULD be doing with what I want (or don’t want) to be doing.

I don’t want to run long distances right now. I’m perfectly content with 10k races and sprint triathlons. Life isn’t allowing me the time to train for a half marathon or a half ironman as I’d much like to, and I need to be okay with that. That doesn’t make me any less of a runner though. I have time for these goals, but little man will not always be up for going to the park in the evenings – soon enough our evenings will be over run with activities, and school meetings so let’s enjoy those nights of giggles, chasing through the yard and cuddles on the couch before an early bedtime.

I’m not a morning runner. I don’t have time to run 7 days a week and even if I did, I enjoy rest days very much (after running four days in a row, this is so true. My poor legs are tired!) I like to sleep and getting up at 5:00AM to run just…isn’t something that excites me or is realistic given my work schedule. 

I’m not losing weight fast enough. I have other things going on with my thyroid and vitamin D levels that are affecting this – so hopefully with the change in doctors and cutting most gluten out of my diet, this will start turning around.

I don’t blog often enough. Here’s the biggest lesson about blogging in my 15 years of writing a blog – write about one thing and one thing only. Write what you love. Write what interests you. Don’t write about what you don’t know or what you don’t enjoy…because you’ll never write. DUH.

I don’t do enough with my child. I work full time. I’ve worked hard to advance my career and to be able to 1. Pay off my education 2. Provide nice things for my child. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time off from work so hubs and i are very much partners in this which is great but still. So much mom guilt.

Back to the comparison trap.

When we compare ourselves, we’re only holding ourselves back. I’ve been trying to think more positively about the amazing things that are going on for me – I am running (consistently lately…3 – 4 days per week, most weeks) on my own terms. I have a great job where I’m valued and paid my worth. I have a beautiful family and we have a beautiful home that hubs and I worked really hard to purchase. Life is, for the most part, really really good. These are all good things. Why would I let myself forget about or disregard these because I’m too busy worrying if our house is in the wrong neighborhood, or if I should have stayed home with E, or if I’m not running fast enough or training for long enough races. So what?

Life, man. Life. Lately, aside from the comparison trap, I’ve just been trying to live life.

You do you.

I needed a big fat reminder of “you do you” to get out of this rut but I think the comparison trap was really just…holding me back. Now that I’ve acknowledged it though, I think I can remedy this and get back to my big fat blogging goals.

I want to know: Do you get stuck in the comparison trap? What holds you back from your goals?



Stumped: Getting My Blogging Mojo Back

So I joined snapchat today. (Friend me! Legallyheidi is my user name!)

I’ve resisted for a long time – it’s not for “early adopters” like myself I said. I’m too old for that ish – my cousins (second cousins mind you, who are only 15) are on it – thats not for my generation I’d think.

But i gave in per the suggestion of an old blogging pal who saw a cry for bloggy motivation. I’ve gotta say…it’s kind of working. Already.

Getting My Blogging MoJo Bac

You see, I love blogging but I’ve been lacking inspiration lately. Lacking a certain blogging mojo where by the time i get home, have dinner with hubs & E, get my workout in, make lunches and then relax I’m spent and don’t want to open up my computer to write.

So I joined snap chat to try to reinvigorate my blogging mojo. I’m not quite sure how another social network will do that but day 1 and I’m a fan.  I like the authenticity of it- there are no slimming filters as some fashion bloggers use on instagram. There are no staged photos – it’s much more “life-casty” if you will – because thats why I started blogging way back in the day. I really loved the lifecast style blogs, it felt real and authentic.

Back to my lack of inspiration lately.

So that inspiration that seems to be MIA. It’s not entirely gone. I have a list of posts to write in evernote- half of it is lack of time, and the other half is lack of…excitement about what I’m writing about.

It’s hard to blog about running when you’re not running regularly (working on that…). It’s hard to blog about “fashion” or “style” when I don’t get dressed up much anymore because work is a bit more casual and my pictures are never staged and never more than an arms-reach selfie. It’s hard to blog about healthy living when I feel like I struggle every day to make healthy choices and when my weight loss efforts for the past six months have just…not moved. I gained almost 10 lbs over the holidays and while I’ve lost about 5 of it, i’m still about 20 – 25 lbs from my goal.

Where’s my niche anymore? Blog about what you’re passionate about they say, blog what you like. But what i like… just… doesn’t seem to be inspiring me at the moment. I’m not sure what the remedy is for that because I want amazing, beautiful images. I want to have dozens of comments. I want to inspire and build a community and I want to feel like I’m successful at this whole blogging thing and right now? I feel like I’m failing. I feel like i compare myself too much and I feel like I just don’t have – or didn’t have – it in me to do what all my favorite, “more successful” bloggers did/do.

But, define successful. 

Well, I don’t know quite what my vision of success looks like. Prior to rebranding last year, I was making a little bit of play money from my blog but when I rebranded those opportunities dried up – I botched the rebrand I think but I like this new space. It’s more me, I think I just need to spruce it up a little bit.

I read this great post from Katy Widrick (one of my favorite bloggers who never ceases to educate/inspire me). It was on bloggers sharing income reports and what they do to get there. Huh. Maybe I need goals. I’ve always wanted to use this little hobby not to turn into a career because I did that but to generate supplemental money. You know, play money to fund my affinity for buying nice things – the whole champagne taste on a beer budget thing.

I digress.

I know I can do that. If I set goals. I know I can make this little space successful.  I live and breathe the inbound marketing methodology. I complete agree that influencer marketing has changed the way of blogging and content marketing over the past ten years. I want to be a part of that. I’ve been blessed over the years to have some AMAZING opportunities thanks to my blog, but I just… seem to be in a rut.

This all came to me during a chat with the hubs on my drive home yesterday. I know what i need to do. I want to be a successful blogger. I know how to but it’s as if, as my career as a marketer took off, I stopped blogging for myself. Dare I say, I got burnt out.

My action plan over the next 3 months

  • Blog 2 times per week (increase to 3- 5 times per week by October 2016 after 2 consistent quarters of regular weekly postings
  • Join at least 1 weekly linkup post and consistently post
  • Sponsor 1 blog post every 2 weeks on facebook
  • Develop my own social media plan for instagram/facebook/twitter/snapchat
  • Finish the “intro to canva” course so I can create better images for the blog (since i know that matters SO much when it comes to content/content marketing etc…)
  • Create a premium offering for my blog
  • Take (and complete fully) one “blog better course” (any suggestions with these are welcome!)
  • Find a blogging coach/mentor!

Blog goals

  • 2500 unique visitors/month by April 2017
  • 5000 visitors/month by April 2017
  • Make $500/month (average) by December 2016

I want to know: Do you have a blog? What are your blogging/social media goals? How did you get started and did you lose your “inspiration?” How did you get it back? 


#FemCon13 recap

After a m’eh experience at my last blogging conference, I’ve been hesitant to go to another. I know they’re valuable – especially when it comes to networking and reviving a bad case of blogging writers block. But generally, I sometimes have a bad case of the Shy and am intimidated by people I don’t know. So when I heard about Femworking Conference, in DC, on a Saturday…I knew I had to go. It wasn’t super expensive, only a day thing, and I knew one blogger going so I had that in my pocket.

And I’m so glad I did. The early wake up, the long ass commute via Metro (DO NOT MISS), the crappy drive home (I hate driving at night..especially on Route 50 where everyone drives A GAZILLION MILES PER HOUR). I met so many inspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs. I learned so much and I’m so inspired and trying to figure out how to just…do more and to be the best blogger I can be.

1. Be authentic.
This goes without saying but if you’re authentic, people will be drawn to that. If they like what they see, they’ll stick around. If they don’t, they won’t. But be true to yourself and your voice above anything else. If you’re approached for advertising, and it doesn’t fit with your brand, or your blog, say no. But forcing all paid posts down your readers throats, and forcing sponsorships up the wah-zoo isn’t going to make readers want to stick around.

2. Be Nice
There are lots of trolls out there. But be friendly. You don’t do your brand any favors by engaging and being bitchy. Not everyone is going to be your friend, but

3. Engage
A good rule of thumb, that I’m actually really bad at (I’m trying to be better!) is for every 5 tweets you post, engage with five people. I’ve been trying to be more engaging on twitter, on facebook and on instagram. I’m trying to make a more concerted effort to respond to comments because really, social media is about being social no?

4. Be mindful of connections.The internet is forever. Once something is out there, it’s there for good. So be mindful of the brands you work with, what you say with your name/handle and the people you interact with. Think of how they will affect your brand – in both positive and potentially negative ways. Think about that before you take on sponsored posts/etc…

5. Time is money
Listen, we’re bloggers. We’re legit. We put time and effort into our blogs. We are worth being paid. If a brand wants to work with you, and they don’t want to pay you? Don’t do it. I mean being paid in product is one thing but brands need to understand that a bloggers time, effort and audience are valuable and it’s not out of left field for a blogger to expect compensation when working with them.

I’m so glad I went. I made some amazing connections. I got to meet the amazing Scary Mommy (Another Maryland blogger!!!) among other, amazing, amazing bloggers. Thank you Femworking for putting on an amazing event and for bringing together so much positivity and entrepreneurship in one room. I’m already looking forward to next year!

If you were there, what was your biggest take away? If you weren’t there this year, hope to see you at the next one!



Sunday Sharing: Race Day Edition

Hubs and I are off into DC this morning to run the Army 10 miler – Adam’s second year, my first. Ethan’s spending the morning with grandma and grandpa cheering us on in spirit from Annapolis.

Here are my a few of my top reads over this past week to enjoy with your Sunday coffee! Happy weekend friends!

This post on retiring from being a stay at home mom hits home. And really what I envision my own thinking evolving into. I know I want to have a career, when I’ll get back to it? I don’t know.

I inspired my pal to start a chore chart. I’ll post on how and why I came up with ours – hers is a little different but I love her designs.

I wrote about how mamas need to support one another and my thoughts on the Maria Kang photo, but I really liked this post from Madeline on her thoughts on it.

Though my yoga practice has fallen off the wayside a bit, I do need to get back to it. I loved this post on creating your own yoga mat spray – definitely on my to do list!

Because I’m late to the pumpkin party, here’s some cute ways to decorate your pumpkins. I picked up some mini pumpkins but they grew mold before I did anything with them. Pumpkin buying TAKE 2.

This post on getting back to pre-pregnancy body just made my journey seem a little less daunting. It’s so easy to get caught up on the numbers but really the number just…shouldn’t matter.

Because we all have people who are at least one of these. I mean…guilty as charged. On occasion.



Sunday Sharing

I’ve got not much to share – other than a whole lotta not sleeping, a whole lot of angry baby, and some angry mama moments where I had to go sit in time out and just let myself cry. So instead of depressing everyone with my moment of feeling overwhelmed, I’m going to share some pretty awesome posts and articles I’ve read lately as I’ve gotten caught up on my feedly reader the past few days.

Happy Sunday Friends!

Waving the Mommy Wars White FlagI loved this post. Let’s support one another. It pains when when mamas make decisions and get all “holier than thou” about them. I don’t care about your baby sleeping from 10 til 8 at 6 weeks. I don’t care that you started your baby on purees at four months. I don’t care that you formula feed. That’s what’s best for you and your baby. I wish my baby slept that much but he doesn’t and we’ll get through it. Just hand me another Dr. Pepper will you?

This Part Time WAHM Reality Check is pretty much the story of my life. I thought the flexible schedule would be key but I end up working much later because it’s harder to get things done during the day. I’m doing my supply a disservice by not pumping regularly when I go into the office because i usually only go in for 3-4 hours 2 or so days per week. But pretty much…I’m always turned on. It’s not fun and I’m wondering what’s going to give. Subsequently, I loved this post about How to Stay Super Productive with a Baby Around. I think, the first answer is take advantage of naps. If your baby takes them. Which mine seems to be on a napping strike. Baby, fail.

Because I’m absolutely in love with our new BOB Revolution SE stroller, here’s an amazing review and how to for stroller running. A great must read for my mom pals who are in the midst of the couch to 5k!

Having had worked in the customer service industry via a gym, lululemon, and LivingSocial – I guarantee you every word of this is so true. If you treat people like shit, why would they want to treat you well in return? I would go over the top for nice customers whereas people who were shitty? Well, you’re not going to be top of my priority list now are you?

Enjoy this image from the week – a happy moment from the week. Here’s to a happier Sunday and happiest fact that this time in a week we’ll be in Vermont with my mom, sister, aunts, cousins and grandparents. I’m so excited to share my home town with baby – even though he’s super little, it’ll just make our trips when he’s older that much better. Also, the 8 miles I have to run next weekend up there? Is going to be a bit bittersweet but I’m pretty excited to fit in a nice long run along the lake hopefully.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Any great blog posts you read this weekend? Feel free to link up and share! 


Happy Fourth!

We’re in Connecticut today celebrating with family before hosting Ethan’s Baptism on Saturday. Posting’ll be light around these parts til Monday but for now, enjoy a few fabulous posts around the interwebs on how to celebrate the fourth with style while staying healthy.

Happy Independence Day!

annapolis independence day

Creative Ways to Add Health to Summer: The Perfect Summer Workout {via Healthy Living Blogs}

10 Healthy fourth of July Recipes {via Greatist}

Fourth of July Favorite Stuffed Burgers {via SparkPeople}

Summer Sun Protection & the Safest Sunscreens for Kids {via HelloBee}

9 Unconventional Summer Recipes {via SkinnyMom}

99 Ways to Make This Your Best Fourth of July Ever {via Lil Sugar}

Fireworks, Anchors & Fourth of July – Oh My! {Little Baby Garvin}

And I know there’s been a lot of chat about Google Reader dying (RIP) but feel free to follow my blog on Feedly or follow my blog with Bloglovin! I’m a big fan of Feedly personally – the iPhone app keeps me entertained during many a late night feeding, but either way! Make sure you’re following on your favorite reader!




Top 5 Baby Posts

There have been some epic moments of pregnancy, and I have learned so much – about myself, about my body, about how amazing of husband I am so lucky to have, and I’m so glad I’ve shared these experiences and lessons through my blog.

Here are my top five moments/blog posts from the past nine months…

My maternity photos – I love, love, LOVE how the pictures came out, and our photographer Denise (my former boss) is absolutely a gem to work with. So blessed, and so glad we got the ONE spring day before Baby hits the scene to have them done.

My “birth plan” – which I posted a day before we found out our little man is breech. Thankfully, I’ve accepted the cesarean, I’m okay with it. It wasn’t in my ideal plan, but the thing I learned about giving birth is you really can’t have a plan. Not to mention, I’m just thrilled that it’s made it easier for us to make plans with family, and not dealing with the “is he here yet?” questions is kind of a blessing.

On being sidelined during Pregnancy – not being able to run or really workout comfortably during my pregnancy has been super disheartening and often frustrating. Thankfully, I met some awesome ladies through my weekly prenatal yoga class which I can’t wait to go back to when I’m post-natal (i skipped my last class Saturday).

Learning the Art of Spectating – because pregnancy sidelined my fall running goals, I got to cheer on hubs when he ran the Army 10 miler this past fall and loved it. I also learned that being a spectator is not NEARLY as easy as one thinks.

Pregnancy and Body Image – learning to be okay with a changing body is no easy task, but loving your body and all the changes that come with growing a human being in your body is amazing in and of itself.

Narrowing down 9 months of amazingness to five blog posts was not easy BUT you can check out all pregnancy related posts here.

Check out the rest of the 12 days of Baby Schmidt series here

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Finding out about Baby Schmidt


Favorite Mommy Blogs

As I’ve gotten further along in my pregnancy I’ve found a small community of women who are expecting around the same time that I am. I’ve also found a few mom bloggers who aren’t….annoying, aggressive, judgemental, and fall on the inspiring spectrum because I hold a similar set of values for one reason or another. Here are seven of my favorites.

1. HelloBee – a guide for every mom and mom to be. I’ve gotten so much information here, if you loved WeddingBee when you were planning your wedding (I did!) then you’ll love HelloBee (and if you need an invite let me know!) 

2. Pregnant Chicken – another amazing resource – especially for pregnancy. She’s absolutely hilarious, and has a ton of information and advice.

3. Baby Garvin – oh mah gee, I found this blog last weekend and I am absolutely smitten. Seriously, everything is absolutely adorable about this blog – and I love the outfit boards she posts!

4. I Love You More Than Carrots – a pseudo local but amazing mama blogger. She posts some amazing things relevant to mom’s of kiddos of all ages.

5. Love Life and My Journey – I absolutely adore this blogger – she has the cutest pictures and posts some really adorable projects. I aspire to be DIY … but just…am not. Yet.

6. The Wannabe Athlete – A super awesome and honest mom/healthy living blogger of 2 who keeps her struggles real and shares her workouts, and life with two kiddos in a really relatable way. I adore her and her two kids!

7. First Comes Love – she has a super cute little girl, and I love her pictures and her DIY projects.


These are just a few of my favorites, obviously there are more (so many, but since I’m on this numeric #7 kick…) but I just don’t have the energy to list them all 😉

Who’s your favorite mama/pregnancy blogger??

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11 items going into my hospital bag
10 items for your registry
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