A Date to Remember…

Fiancé and I are infamous for being the type of couple who says:

“What do you wanna do?”

“I dunno. What do you want to do?”

“I dunno…” etc…etc…

So it was pretty awesome when our Valentines Day plans fell into place quite flawlessly. Tonight we’re going to see Ben Folds and Jason Mraz at GWU, it’ll be at least my third time seeing the Ben Folds and I’m uber excited to see Jason Mraz as I’ve heard great things about him live and I love his music. It’s kind of nice to have plans since tomorrow we’re driving up to CT so my weekend – will be spent either in a car or with the future in-laws. Not exactly romantic central but it’s always nice to get out of town.

While we’re going to be on a bit of a time crunch as we’re both working right up till 6 (possibly later for him) and doors open at 7, I’m going to give a try on this new website that I recently found out about – Springpad.

The Springpad Date Planner helps you find concerts, restaurants, movie times and can help you make reservations! While fiancé and I know the Foggy Bottom area pretty well, and I already have an idea where we’re going to go for dinner/drinks probably after the show, it’s still a really neat idea and I’m excited to see what it does!

So go check it out, they also have other planners to help manage other aspects of your life from dates, to finances, to anything else that may need organizing. I’m going to give some of those other planners a looking at as well – my life is, as I mentioned, out of control and my ducks need to get back in the same pond. Maybe an online organizer can help that.

What are your valentines Day plans? (single or coupled up!)