Ten years ago I met a dude. It was a hot, humid evening on Capitol Hill. A mutual friend had invited us both to dinner. We dominated the conversation. Immediately hitting it off. It took me about 6 weeks, to see what was in front of me, but little did I know, that this dude, with gentle eyes, the cheeky smile, who could talk for hours about anything and everything, would change my life forever.

wedding(us circa 2006 – a month or so after we started dating. Taken nearly ten years ago.) 

Three years later we were married on a humid September afternoon surrounded by our amazing friends and family. It was the most perfect day. Everything I imagined my wedding would be.


But alas, marriage isn’t always easy. It’s not always pretty flowers and the most beautiful dress you’ll ever wear in your lifetime. There are lessons to be learned – it is, after all, a partnership, more so once a kiddo is in the picture. It’s a choice you make every day…to show up, to not be selfish, to play fair and to always be on the same team.

Seven lessons I’ve learned over the past seven years

  1. Communication is always key.
    Talking. Telling him/her what you need. What’s bothering you. If you don’t talk, they don’t know.
  2. Know the other’s person’s love language.
    We went to a “Strong bonds” retreat through the army earlier this summer and it was on love languages – it’s a powerful book and I highly recommend if you’ve never checked it out.
  3. Make each other laugh.
    We don’t take ourselves too seriously (most of the time), we’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves, and we both have the same (sometimes dry) sense of humor (akin to puns. I love all things punny).
  4. Their family is your family too. And vice versa. Embrace them.
    I’m very lucky to have married into a fantastic family; my in-laws have embraced me as one of their own. I’ve heard some wild stories in the mom’s group of about crazy, manipulative in-laws – and I’m so blessed that my in-laws are on the quirky (but well intentioned) side, not the drive-you-crazy and treat you like garbage side.
  5. Sometimes you have to put the other person first.
    Hubs and I are really good about knowing when to put the other person’s needs first and our own needs second. Likewise, we’re really great about communicating what our needs are.
  6. Listen.
    Many of the qualms in our marriage have come from one of us not listening. Listen – and even if the other person isn’t talking, pay attention to what they’re NOT saying.
  7. Make time for each other.
    Turn off your phone. Turn off the tv. Can’t get a babysitter? Open up a bottle of wine and sit with each other. Give each other feet massages and just be together. Read a book together. Go to bed early. But make time for you.

Happy seven years love of my life. To all of these lessons and many more in the years ahead.



Nine years ago, you wooed me over the course of a weekend long “date.” You twirled me around under the rotunda on a late night tour of the Capitol.


(Blurry because…it was all such a blur. Wasn’t it?)

Six years ago, we said I do and vowed to love each other in good times and bad.

DC wedding photo

Two and a half years ago, we grew our family and welcomed this little guy into our lives. It was as if my capacity for love doubled in a way I couldn’t have imagined.

We’ve been through some ups and some downs but no matter what, you and I are a team. Thank you for being my biggest supporter, cheerleader (those 7a races are brutal!), my best friend and the love of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to spend the rest of my days with.

I love you Hubs. To many more years and adventures and everything in between.


Thankful Thursday

November is always that month that makes us think about what we’re thankful for. To reminisce and remember and be grateful for the opportunities we have, the people we surround ourselves with and the lives we embrace and call our own. So here’s my Thankful Thursday part 1 – I’m thankful for my boys.

Thankful for these two. The two greatest loves of my life. Hubs for putting up with me and my crazy and loving me despite said crazy and Little man because he’s a mini-me. A bundle of innocence and perfection who I love more and more every day.

Seriously, when you have a child, you learn something about your capacity for love like no other. I thought I couldn’t love anyone more than I loved my husband the day I walked down the aisle but the day that Ethan was born my capacity to love another human-being quadrupled and the love I have for him and how thankful I am to have such a smart, curious, funny, and thoughtful little boy in my life is indescribable. Not to mention, the love I have for hubs? Is different. An amazing different – because seeing him love the little person we created? Is magical.



Autumn-y Apple Fritters

I am failing miserably at all of my goals for the month.

But in my defense, I have not bought anything new and we’re 20 days in and we just tried our first new recipe last weekend. We hit up Larriland Farms with some family friends up in Howard County, picked pumpkins, took a hayride and generally enjoyed the season.


We also saw cows! Ethan has started mooing which is highly amusing.

We did not pick Apples (that would have been a nightmare with little man) BUT we did buy some fresh picked ones and so Hubs has been in full on apple baking mode. His first mission? Apple fritters. Cue Pinterest. Thank sweet baby jebus for Pinterest.

I’m not a HUGE apple fan but these? Were amazing. I’m not going to post the recipe since it was NOT my own but I am going to link back to it and tell you it was easy (Hubs isn’t the best at following directions and I don’t usually trust him to bake, but he baked these incredibly well without burning anything so huzzah!)



{Recipe here}

And no, this recipe does not require a deep fryer. Just a lot of vegetable/canola oil. It was super simple. Not hugely messy and not incredibly time consuming. So huzzah! A+ on all fronts!

apple fritters

He also made apple dumplings but ehhhh I wasn’t so down with those. And not just because half of those pots and pans are STILL in my kitchen sink uncleaned.  BUT, we still have a good 6-8 apples left so we’re trying to figure out what to make next. I may get him to make more apple fritters – those were AMAZING!

What’s your favorite Apple recipe for the fall?



The Wurst: Life Lately

So I have to step back and apologize for officially being a horrible blogger.

Life, man.

It started with the week of our anniversary – cramming two weeks of work into five days that didn’t have nearly enough hours and a lot of other crap going on. Thankfully we did get a date night and got to enjoy dinner and some live music out at Lures in Crownsville. Highly recommend!

Anniversary weekend was followed by a week long conference in Boston for work. During which I had the best of intentions to blog and workout but neither really happened (at all) but I did tweet a bunch and because the convention center where the conference was, I did manage to get in about 15,000+ steps each day. BALLER.

{with JL & Liz – two my awesome co-workers at Inbound Rocks with Janelle Monae}

We got home late Thursday night and I had an early (crappy) train ride to New York City, a mediocre lunch with my dad in Penn Station, followed by a m’eh train ride up to Brewster to meet Adam and my sister in law for a weekend at Hunter Mountain where we celebrated my brother in law and his fiancee at a joint bachelor/bachelorette party weekend. Little man stayed with the grandparents – all parties had a great weekend. Adam and I did in the mountains and my in-laws loved their time with the little guy.

Highlight of the weekend? This view.

And these donuts. Homemade, old fashioned cake donuts with your choice of toppings.

This past week was supposed to be clean eating but ended up being…not so clean. That’s what happens when you have events going on every. freakin’. night. Ugh ugh ugh. Life needs to slow the eff down.

I did start out days with some Shakeology (YUM) once I got back and one day even got some juicing in. I need to do that more often.

This week will be a bit more tame. But I’m restarting all of my goals. The tri is off the books, but I am getting PiYo certified next weekend (exciting!). And, and, I’m actually going to menu plan. I haven’t done that in 3 weeks. No wonder I’m so off my friggen a-game.

I digress. October intentions/goals coming up Wednesday. If I want to hold other people accountable, I need to hold myself accountable first. Not just with my fitness goals but also my blogging goals.

This week’s workouts…

Monday – PiYo
Tuesday – Run
Wednesday – PiYo
Thursday – Run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Dirty Damsel 5k
Sunday – PiYo Certification

Who’s going to be my October accounta-billy-buddy. I just made that word up. What of it? But really, who wants to hold me accountable? (and vice versa! I want to help you reach YOUR goals!) 





Five years

Really hard to believe that it’s been five years since we said “I do” on that magic day in DC.

In that five years we have…

…Moved half way up the Eastern Seaboard…and back again, building a home in Annapolis, MD.

…Spent six months apart thanks to the US Army

…Ran 2+ races together…

And the best of all was Ethan coming into our world almost 18 months ago.


Thank you for the laughs, the love and the standing beside me for better or for worse, and for richer or for poorer. It’s certainly been a rollercoaster five years, and you know I hate rollercoasters, but there’s no one I’d rather have by my side holding my hand through all the ups and downs.

I love you and can’t wait for the next round of adventures and many more to come!


Weekly Workouts: Half Marathon Peaking

I feel like I’m in a rut, but I’m not.

Something about so little progress with so much work is making me frustrated. Like…seriously frustrated. Stupid 21 Day Fix. Stupid Half Marathon Training. I’ve been feeling a bit ADD with my workouts lately so even though I’m working out I feel like the progress I’ve been making – or lack of progress – can’t be pinpointed on one specific habit or whatever. What i’m trying to say is I feel like i’m getting slower when I run (I’m nursing some tight calves), I don’t feel fit, the scale is staying stagnant and I’m just…in a rut.

Color me frustrated.

Anyhow, I got out of the habit of sharing weekly workouts…so let’s get back to that.

Monday – 3 mile run
Day 8 of BBM
Wednesday – Day 10 of BBM
Thursday – Day 11 of BBM/ 3 mile run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 10 mile run
Sunday – Stand Up Paddleboard class?! mayyybeee…..

How’d I do last week? 

Monday – I started the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge with some moms in my group. So far I’m really liking it!
Tuesday – I did Day 2 of BBM in the AM because I had a board meeting later that evening so I couldn’t work out after work.
Wednesday – scheduled rest day since I had an event for Junior League
Thursday – 3 mile run
Friday – rest day
Saturday – 8 miles donezo. A sloppy, sweaty 8 mile run but 8 mile
Sunday – Pure Barre

We had the most perfect mothers Day weekend – full of wine, cuddles with my sweet boy, and love. I slogged through those 8 miles and fit in a Pure Barre class.

pure barre annapolis mothers day

 {photo via PB Annapolis}

They even had some treats for us after class including the makings for mimosas!

We spent the afternoon up at Boordy Vineyards with a picnic. Ethan worked on his standing, we shared a bottle of wine and cheered him on. It was a beautiful afternoon.



FINALLY – The winners of my Seventh Generation Goody Bags are Shaina A. & YB. And because I had an extra goody bag, I threw in a third winner – congrats Kaycee! Email me your addresses ladies at heidi (at) legallyheidi (dot) com and I’ll get your packages into the mail this week!


2013 By the numbers

I should have posted this yesterday, but blogging has been tough the past couple weeks. With traveling, the holidays, a family stomach flu, you know the ish that holidays are made of. All in all, 2013 was a very good year with ups and downs. We are truly blessed.

Here’s 2013 by the numbers:

Nine months since Ethan was born. Nine months of growth, laughter, love and tears. Nine months since our lives were forever changed. Pretty incredible how time flies.

Eight races ran. Zooma 10k, Womens 5k, Travis Manion 5k (baby’s first race!), Army 10 miler, Ripley 5k, Junior League 5k, and the Girls on the Run 5k.

Seven Trips North to visit family in CT and Vermont. Two trips to Vermont, five to CT including a baby shower, a pseudo-babymoon, a baptism, visiting friends from over seas and two holidays celebrated with family.

Six months of nursing. Wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be but we made it six months which is a massive accomplishment.

Five days before my due date, was Ethan’s scheduled date.

Four different jobs between the two of us. It’s been a tough year employment wise – my part time job position was eliminated right before Christmas so now I’m debating between ramping up my freelancing versus going back to work full time or part time. Tough call. Thankfully, despite Adam’s position being eliminated at the end of October, he’s starting a new gig next week that we’re thrilled about.

Three years since we moved to Annapolis – don’t regret it. Love this town and the friends we’ve made. We are very blessed.

Two steady freelance writing gigs for two publications in town.

One happy family. We are so blessed with Ethan and he has been the highlight of the year by far.


Christmas Number One

We celebrated our family’s Christmas yesterday. We’re traveling to visit families in VT, and CT over the next ten days or so, so we decided to do our own Christmas. I mean, there’s no point in stuffing our car full of gifts for each other when we just have to cart them back home again right?


Ethan was completely over-stimulated by the whole event and took an hour and a half long nap before playgroup. Playgroup was more fun, and following that and the last bits of Christmas shopping for family, he napped for 2 1/2 hours. I don’t know if I’ll ever get that lucky with nap time again.

All in all, Christmas in Annapolis was a huge success. We are beyond blessed as a family.

I think the kittens were just pissed that there was nothing under the tree for them. They’re crazy enough though, they certainly don’t need any cat nip to contribute to that crazy factor.


25 days of Christmas Fun: Elf’ed

“I can’t believe you didn’t notice it!”

Sometimes I’m a bit clueless. And oblivious.

“I mean, it’s right there!”

It was. It was right there.

He made a comment on the Amazon certified frustration free packaging. “You better not be buying anything on amazon!” It came out more like a squeak. A defenseless squeak. We’re really bad at surprising each other, regularly, but this year I actually pulled a couple tricks out of my sleeve.

“I am. I’m buying all of things. In certified frustration free packaging. I’ll wrap them all saying they’re from Bernard.”

“NOPE. Bernard isn’t bringing you anything. What have you done lately? What was your random act of kindness today?” I stuck my tongue out and harrumphed him on the other side of the couch.

This Elf is going to be the death of me the next few weeks. I know he’s supposed to be hidden but I want to make him a little more obvious…a little more…I dunno. Something.

Silly husband. Silly Elf.