Ethan’s First KidBox – A review

One day vis a vie email, a pal of mine and I thought “we should start a kid subscription box.” We were ranting about Stitch Fix boxes gone woefully wrong, contemplating whether to sign up our husbands for the mens box and wishing there was something similar for kids. Then I found KidBox.


With KidBox, it’s free to sign up, and you only pay for what you buy. Certainly not too shabby of a deal to start.

A couple of weeks after I signed up and filled out our style profile, I got my box with six pieces all curated for Little Man based on what I put in his mini style-profile. The box itself was super fun to open with lots of colors, and some stickers for little man to play with.

But once I saw the pieces, to say it was a huge bummer would be an understatement.

Similar to Stitch Fix, you fill out a style profile that asks about your child’s style. I compared my child’s style to the Gap and JCrew – classic, comfy and preppy – and received joggers and a bomber jacket? Something feels like it’s not connected. But, then this seems like a new program and maybe their selection is limited.

The pieces (L to R, Top to Bottom) 

Le Top Sports Jersey $21 (originally $42)
Le Top Woven Plaid Shirt $24 (originally $48)
Le Top French Terry Varsity Jacket $35 (originally $60)
LRG Stylent Jean $24 (originally $36)
Reebok Tod Mesh Jogger $24 (originally $30)
Penguin Twill Pant $20 (originally $38)

So the pieces, while all were really nice quality, they weren’t so much nicer than our usual Carters/Baby Gap/Old Navy that I was willing to pay Boden-like prices ($24 for a plaid shirt!?! LOLOLOL). Not to mention, little man is a little prepster like his daddy. Not a…well, I don’t even know what type of style that all is.

But, given that there were 7 days (pro!) to try the stuff out, no charge (unlike stitch fix! SUPER PRO! No obligation FTW!)  except for what you keep, I felt okay trying it out and, I’ll probably try it again in the spring just to see what we get. It’s fun to get mail like this and the pros certainly don’t hurt.

Feel free to try it (it’s free!) AND if you use my referral link, you get $25 towards your first purchase! Win win right?


Have you tried a subscription box for your kiddos? What was your experience like? 



{disclosure: all opinions here are mine and mine alone. I did not receive compensation nor did I work with KidBox in exchange for any compensation or product.}


Thankful Thursday

November is always that month that makes us think about what we’re thankful for. To reminisce and remember and be grateful for the opportunities we have, the people we surround ourselves with and the lives we embrace and call our own. So here’s my Thankful Thursday part 1 – I’m thankful for my boys.

Thankful for these two. The two greatest loves of my life. Hubs for putting up with me and my crazy and loving me despite said crazy and Little man because he’s a mini-me. A bundle of innocence and perfection who I love more and more every day.

Seriously, when you have a child, you learn something about your capacity for love like no other. I thought I couldn’t love anyone more than I loved my husband the day I walked down the aisle but the day that Ethan was born my capacity to love another human-being quadrupled and the love I have for him and how thankful I am to have such a smart, curious, funny, and thoughtful little boy in my life is indescribable. Not to mention, the love I have for hubs? Is different. An amazing different – because seeing him love the little person we created? Is magical.



Less Guilt More Living

I’ve been feeling really bad about being so neglectful of my blog lately.

But…life. I’ve been living it.

Last week was a crap shoot when it came to workouts. But c’est la vie. Saturday, my committee for Junior League hosted our first of two open houses, and Sunday I hosted a lovely baby sprinkle for a good friend of mine.

{Spending a lovely Sunday afternoon with two of my favorite ladies}

No excuses for the other days – except that I forgot my towel for one of my pool workouts and was so annoyed and pissed that I just went home.

I could have fit in my BRICK and my long ride on Saturday/Sunday but instead, chose to spend time with hubs and E – a wise decision if I say so myself.

But here’s the thing. I stopped feeling guilty about my lack of blogging. I work in marketing. I work on social media and write blogs and content every day all day. I don’t need to sit at home and rehash my day, my eating and my workouts. I’m pseudo/mostly active on social media. But I have a life. And I’m not going to feel guilty – constantly – about the things I”m not doing.

{We got E a big boy pair of shoes!}

We recently found out that Ethan has some slight developmental delays. Nothing major, but it requires four appointments per month from Infants and Toddlers focusing on speech and Physical Therapy. He needs a bit of extra attention whenever we can – so rather than spending after work blogging,  we’re working with him on walking and talking and playing and then having dinner and by the time he’s down in bed by 8 PM on most nights, I’m exhausted and want to just veg out in front of Pretty Little Liars for a couple of episodes – don’t judge. But as of lately, I’m trying hard to get rid of the guilt. The guilt from working. The guilt for not working enough. The guilt from not sticking to my training. The guilt from not eating well enough. The guilt from skipping a workout because OMGI’MSOTIRED. Because life. This is life y’all. And living it actively and being present is so much better than feeling guilty for the crap I’m not doing or not doing enough of.

That being said. I have enough working mom guilt – enough guilt that I feel like it’s my fault that my son is delayed. That it’s my fault that E isn’t walking yet. I know these are completely irrational but, they’re there. And I don’t need to feed those guilty emotions with guilt about not blogging.

This week…

Monday was a rest day (unintentional since I took the weekend off), but E was a little sicky with a slight fever that he’s had on and off since Saturday afternoon.

Today: Swim. Created a ladder workout for myself with 50/100/150/150/100/50 with a 50 yd w/u & cd. Not too shabby.
Wednesday: Run 30 minutes
Thursday: Swim 750 yds
Friday: BRICK
Saturday: Dirty Girl Mud Run
Sunday: Long Ride

Other things…

+ Finding out that diet coke (while not the best beverage choice) is certainly…to a level…not harping ALL of my weight loss. Thanks SparkPeople!

– Realizing that Nations Tri is in THREE weeks. EEK! Egads!

+ Thinking of becoming a Beach Body Coach. Mostly I want the discount (because GNC Lean Shake is just…not the same or as good as Shakeology) but also because I think it would totally go hand in hand with my run coaching.


Stay tuned for a weigh in Wednesday tomorrow. Need more accountability. For realzzzz.

What’s new with you all freaders?? Catch me up! 



Weekly Workouts: Half Marathon Peaking

I feel like I’m in a rut, but I’m not.

Something about so little progress with so much work is making me frustrated. Like…seriously frustrated. Stupid 21 Day Fix. Stupid Half Marathon Training. I’ve been feeling a bit ADD with my workouts lately so even though I’m working out I feel like the progress I’ve been making – or lack of progress – can’t be pinpointed on one specific habit or whatever. What i’m trying to say is I feel like i’m getting slower when I run (I’m nursing some tight calves), I don’t feel fit, the scale is staying stagnant and I’m just…in a rut.

Color me frustrated.

Anyhow, I got out of the habit of sharing weekly workouts…so let’s get back to that.

Monday – 3 mile run
Day 8 of BBM
Wednesday – Day 10 of BBM
Thursday – Day 11 of BBM/ 3 mile run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 10 mile run
Sunday – Stand Up Paddleboard class?! mayyybeee…..

How’d I do last week? 

Monday – I started the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge with some moms in my group. So far I’m really liking it!
Tuesday – I did Day 2 of BBM in the AM because I had a board meeting later that evening so I couldn’t work out after work.
Wednesday – scheduled rest day since I had an event for Junior League
Thursday – 3 mile run
Friday – rest day
Saturday – 8 miles donezo. A sloppy, sweaty 8 mile run but 8 mile
Sunday – Pure Barre

We had the most perfect mothers Day weekend – full of wine, cuddles with my sweet boy, and love. I slogged through those 8 miles and fit in a Pure Barre class.

pure barre annapolis mothers day

 {photo via PB Annapolis}

They even had some treats for us after class including the makings for mimosas!

We spent the afternoon up at Boordy Vineyards with a picnic. Ethan worked on his standing, we shared a bottle of wine and cheered him on. It was a beautiful afternoon.



FINALLY – The winners of my Seventh Generation Goody Bags are Shaina A. & YB. And because I had an extra goody bag, I threw in a third winner – congrats Kaycee! Email me your addresses ladies at heidi (at) legallyheidi (dot) com and I’ll get your packages into the mail this week!


Fall Bucket List: Visit a Pumpkin Patch(ish)

Autumn Bucket ListVisit a pumpkin patch

I had been on the prowl for a pumpkin patch/apple orchard for a while because it’s one of those autumny things I grew up doing, but haven’t done in quite a few years. Now that we have Ethan, we’re more likely to go do more family friendly things (never mind the fact that he’s barely seven months old and has no idea what’s going on) than say, go to Rehoboth to drink all day at Dogfish Head which would have likely been the case a few years ago. So, a couple weekends ago one of my mama pals was rounding up the troops to make a trip to a pumpkin patch. We picked Larriland Farms out in Howard County and met up after morning nap times were through. Even though there was fewer of us than we anticipated it was still a really fun day.

Despite the hour long trek from Annapolis, it was so worth it.

Larriland Farms is a vast farm that allows you to pick your own of whatever is in season – this particular weekend they had tomatoes, beets, apples, pumpkins, and a few other things. However, we did not pick our own because:

1. The pumpkin patch is actually up the road. By the time we were done kicking around, feeding babies, changing explosions, and feeding ourselves (they had a fantastic food bar and apple fritters cooked right in front of you) we didn’t want to risk melt downs. We’ll be going back for that.

2. The apples were over the river and through the woods. Okay that’s an exaggeration but we did have to drive to the far side of the farm (a good couple of miles), repark, get baby out of the car seat again, reattach him to the Tula, and blah blah blah. You get it. #alloftheparentingwoes. (I kid. I kid.) That being said, one of the moms who met up with us hit up the apples and said a lot of them were relatively picked over or something like that. So we decided to skip.

3. We didn’t feel like it. There. We just didn’t feel like it. I mean I did. Kind of. But Hubs was concerned about hitting Ethan’s limit and being out in a field and then having him become like a bear which he does if he does not get a nap right at the moment he needs it and making our hour long drive home hellish because he’d be screaming the entire way. It’s happened before – I’m looking at you MommyCon.

That being said, they did have plenty of pumpkins, apples, and other gourds and fruits pre-picked that we grabbed at the end of our excursion.

I really loved that the farms had fresh food – we had apple fritters – delicious and omg. So much powdered sugar. One of the mamas with us is dairy free and they even whipped up a special batch for her on the spot which was super awesome of them. Kudos to the bakery!

We hung around, contemplated where to go next but then the babies needed to eat.

Then we got food – they had a little stand set up with some bratwurst, hot dogs, and the like – I had a hot dog and Adam and I shared some sweet potato fries that I’m fairly certain were among the best that I’ve had.

ethan goat

 Ethan saw a goat. So that was fun.

Then like I mentioned, I bought allofthegourds. Seriously – acorn squash, spaghetti squash, baking pumpkins, and mini pumpkins. All of them. Adam had to stop me from buying more/any jams/jellies/apples/allofthethings since lord knows it takes me two weeks to follow through on recipes I want to try. My only complaint – and this is the Vermonter in me because I grew up in a town that had a place called the Apple Barn – is that this autumny day trip was missing cider doughnuts (though we did get a half gallon of apple cider that was ahhhh-mazing).

Alas. It was a fun day out at the farm. It’s a perfect day trip from Annapolis/Baltimore or DC. Free to visit, plenty of parking and if you want to pick your own pumpkins – they’re up the road on the left when you’re heading back to the highway. Check the website to see what’s good (I wish I had known that before we went out there) and be prepared for farm awesomeness.

Larriland Farms
2415 Woodbine Road
Woodbine, MD


Four Month Favorites

Four month favorites

California Baby Calming Shampoo and Bodywash
Baby Gap Body Suits
Sophie the Giraffe Manhattan Toy Winkle
Aveeno Baby Eczema LotionPiyo Piyo Nail Scissors
This month, Ethan solidly starting grasping toys – Sophie and the Winkle are among his favorites – especially Sophie. Anything he can grasp easily and shove into his mouth is a winner these days, these two just happen to be with us most often.

We had a bit of a dry skin problem earlier this month and found that California Baby works amazingly as far as body washes and the Aveeno Eczema lotion cleared everything right up super quick. No more Johnson & Johnson baby for us – sad because I loved the smell of the bedtime lotion. Also, after two unfortunately nail clipping incidents, a friend of mine recommended these Piyo Piyo scissors and holy lifesaver! Aside from his general squirminess, these make clipping his talons a breeze!

I love, love, LOVE the baby gap onesies. They fit him really well because they tend to run a touch longer and he’s a long baby but really lean. Really, I love all of baby Gap’s clothes but these especially. He’s starting to fit into 3-6 month gear from them and just barely into the 6 month stuff we have from Carters. I finally put most of his 0-3 month gear away, and all of the newborn

He’s getting so big. So big, so fast. Stay little baby boy.


Images from Saturday


We spent the afternoon Saturday after a disastrous night up at Boordy vineyard. It was a glorious afternoon, not too hot, perfectly shady and Ethan was a gem in comparison to the screaming 3 month old twins near us. Those poor parents and grandparents, doing everything to soothe those poor bebes but they were just..inconsolable.

We enjoyed a bit of music, a little bit of wine, and lots of smiles with Ethan. We came home, had some local sweet corn we picked up on the side of the road with some hot dogs we picked up from the Farmers Market that we meant to take up to CT for the fourth but forgot in the freezer. So yummy.

Training this weekend went swell. We had meant to go to Family Day at Stroller Strides but Mister Ethan had other plans that involved waking up every two hours from 1a on. It’s okay though. We had some family cuddle after 6a, and everyone got a little bit more sleep.

We’re off to start our day a bit late. We’ve been enjoying the Pandora Family Indie station, had breakfast, Ethan enjoyed nap time but we have a couple of meetings this afternoon one with a mama from my play group who offered to help watch Ethan while I start work (more on that later!) and Adam does his AT in Baltimore for August.

Happy weekend friends!


3 Month Favorites

Baby turns 3 months officially on Saturday – I can’t believe it’s already  been three months. My official 3 month update is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. But there have definitely, especially over the past month, been items that are regularly used in our home. The two month items didn’t largely change from the first month, but from 6 weeks on, there has been some diversity in what we’ve been using. Now that he’s barely starting to grip toys and be more alert, wait until my 4 month favorites!

2-3 month favorites

{Little Remedies Gripe Water | Little Noses Saline Spray/Drops | Honest Diapers | Babyganics Bye Bye Dry lotion | Old Navy footed pajamasBamboobies | Philips AVENT Infant Pacifiers  | Baby Jogger Carseat attachment}

– Baby was exceptionally gassy for the first month, and Little Remedies Gripe Water worked wonders on him. Once we started him on that, he had a turning point on sleeping – he was getting it 3-4 times per day (they say not to use it more than 6 times) when he first started but now we’re down to just bedtime, and sometimes in the morning if he’s exceptionally gassy. There are a few different brands of Gripe Water – I like this brand but many moms in my group also like Mommy’s Bliss which I’m going to also give a try.

– Most recently, he’s had a stuffy nose which we’ve been chalking up to allergies (since Adam and I both have horrible seasonal allergies) but the saline solution which was recommended by our pediatrician has helped amazingly at clearing him out.

– We started using Honest diapers last month and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty much a huge, huge fan of them. Because baby is “EBF” he doesn’t poop as frequently (we actually brought him into the doctors because he didn’t poop for a week) – apparently this is common with breastfed babies – needless to say, he’s had a few explosions which have resulted in stained onesies, an unfortunate incident at playgroup, and one in the bouncy chair. Since using Honest diapers? No more explosions. I mean, they’re still explosions but they’re not super blow outs of epic proportion.

– We noticed baby had some exceptionally dry spots around his knees and in his baby rolls. I picked up some lotion specifically for dry skin/eczema and it’s worked fabulously at clearing up the dry skin. I did like the Johnson & Johnson bedtime lotion, but I’m phasing out of that in favor of this new Babyganics stuff I picked up.

– These Old Navy pj’s are our FAVORITES. I recently picked up another set, and I know once he grows out of these, I’ll be picking up more since they’re the perfect weight and they have the hand covers to prevent scratching. We don’t use them, especially not now that baby has begun exploring his hands, but they’re great if you’re concerned about that.

– Last time I posted one of these, someone mentioned Bamboobies. I had no idea what they were but I went to pick up a couple sets at Babies R Us since I had bad leaking problems early on in our nursing journey. Game changers! The leakage has slowed down a bit (though I’ve heard it never really goes away) but these are great for night time, and are especially great for super sore nipples. Highly recommend to all the nursing mamas out there!

– Regardless of your thought on pacifiers, our pediatrician told us they were fine for baby to use. Babies have a need to suck and unless you want to be a human pacifier, she suggested we not be afraid to use one. So we weren’t. Despite the fear of nipple confusion, I think using the nipple shield early on really helped prevent that. He’s now nursing without the shield (thank sweet jebus!) but has no problem going back and forth. He mostly uses it at bed time, nap time and in the car. He’s not super dependent on it which is nice and doesn’t usually wake up if he accidentally spits it out (only sometimes at nap time). But these AVENT ones were the only type he took to. I wanted so badly for him to like the wubbanubs just because of the name, but alas, he wasn’t a fan.

– Finally, I finally splurged and ordered the carseat attachment for our baby jogger. I’ve been falling more and more in love with our jogger since adding the car seat attachment. We took him running one evening on the track and took turns walking and running with him and he loved it. He won’t be heading out on the open roads just yet (well, sidewalks) because it’s too bumpy but the track and the B&A trail are good for it – not sure about Quiet Waters but he did really like our walking date we went on the other day and a couple nights over the past week when Hubs and I have gone for an evening walk also. I’m a big fan.

What were or are some of your favorite products for the end of the “fourth” trimester? 

Disclosure: some links are affiliate or referral links. You know the drill, mama wants a new pair of shoes!


Month One Favorites

Now that we’ve been a family for almost six weeks, I feel like we’re getting into a routine. We’ve also found that there’s a number of items that we use every day that are most useful to us and baby. We’ll be sharing each month as baby evolves here’s our first month favorites!

Month 1 favorites

 Ethan has proven, at an early age, to be a little stubborn (hi breech baby!). When it comes to swaddling him, we found that he didn’t like having his arms tied down, and unfortunately, the Aden & Anais blankets that I love oh so much (they make great stroller blankets!) weren’t really good for swaddles because he could Houdini his way out of them. Enter, the Carter’s Receiving blankets. These work great because they’re a bit thicker and they’re warmer too – so they’re great for the cooler nights when it’s too warm for the heat and too cool for the AC.
{Carter’s Receiving Blankets}

All of the sleep books seem to recommend some sort of white noise for babies to sleep with so we’ve kept the Sleep Sheep as a consistent theme whether he’s napping in his crib or sleeping in our room in his bassinet or bouncy chair. This sheep is a gem and Ethan is a huge fan and considering he sleeps in our room…we are too!
{Cloud b Sleep Sheep}

I am a huge fan love of the Boppy – especially once he gets older and it becomes multi-purpose. I got mine bare at BRU and then got this cover off amazon and absolutely love it and am pretty sure I couldn’t nurse without it.
{Boppy Pillow}

I read somewhere that cloth diapers were great to use as burp clothes and since we have a gassy little monkey on our hands these work great as burp cloths. I always use one when nursing for burping but also because with the nipple shield I find that sometimes it leaks a little so I tuck this in to keep myself clean and then over his arm and under his chin to make sure he doesn’t dribble on himself.
{Gerber Cloth Diapers}

This is a must have if you’re nursing. I used this in the hospital because I had really sore nipples from when I was trying to nurse without the nipple shield. However, after getting out of there, I ended up getting the Canadian Nipple Cream which is just…stronger. And better but only available through prescription.
{Lansinoh Lanolin}

I have had some MAJOR leaking issues, my supply is finally starting to even out but  I still keep them in to prevent any ah-hem embarrassing moments or staining issues. These are a must have.
{Lansinoh Nursing Pads}

{All links are amazon affiliate links and thus a minuscule amount of $$ may be paid out if you purchase off said links}

Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier, White, Small