30 days

“This is…the happiest I’ve seen you in a long time…”

Hubs said that to me tonight, and it’s true.

I’ve started focusing on goals, I’m excited about my new job, and I’m doing some great things.

Starting a non-profit affiliated with a national non-profit, committing to yoga for 30 days – even if it’s just using yogadownload.com in my spare room/office, and buying a bike so I can commit to my first sprint triathalon this summer, and of course the new job.

I’ve just realized, in the past month especially, that I am incredibly blessed. I’m blessed to have the supportive husband and family I have, I’m blessed for the amazing friends I have and the ones I’m making, and I’m blessed to have found a job that is going to be a fun learning environment that encourages it’s employees to set goals and to keep them.

Thanks to this book – I’m learning to let go of my past, to move forward, to set goals, and to allow myself to be happy with what I have. I’m learning to focus on me – and I’m taking that out in my yoga, my running, and my racing.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few years, it’s that before anyone else can make you happy, you have to make yourself happy. And it’s true. It’s immensely true, and I learned it at the cost of a few friendships and relationships over the past ten years. But it is such an important lesson to learn.

I’m looking forward to really spending the next 30 days of this 30 day yoga challenge I’ve given myself, to really, really be content with where I am and who I am. I’m looking forward to using it to assist all my marathon training, and running in general. My flexibility is certainly shot to hell, and I’m looking forward to getting some of that back.

I know I sound all life-coachy on you guys right now but seriously, I feel as if I’m bleeding happiness these days, and even though we were without power for about 12 hours today, and my husband is on his way out of his job, I’m okay with everything in my life. Because the most important thing I’ve learned this year through all of hubs and I’s trials and tribulations, is that money? Does not equal happiness.

I am blessed. But more than that, I am blessed to have realized it because many go throughout life without even realizing what they have.


Instead of….

…these bad ass shoes – which I lust after and are luckily sold out otherwise I’d be tempted to buy them for my spring wedding Maid of Honor garb..but…really I have no use for them. They’re not practical anymore.

{Why…hello beautiful.}

Lucky for me, they’re sold out. So no loss. Not that I have a need as I mentioned, my new job is going to have me wearing shoes more on this line…

{I can dig ’em.}

Still wondering where I’m going to be working? Well. I’m keeping it secret. Ish. (lie)

You can check it out here.

I know I didn’t go to college to work in “retail,” but it’s so much more than that. It’s what I need. I need to nurture myself for a while, regain some confidence, save some money, have some fun. I need to be in an environment where I can be confident in myself (also, this is NOTHING like working at Guess? Kids in Cambridgeside Galleria in 2001) and going to work won’t make me cry or feel sick. I need that. At least for now.

It’s going to be an awesome ride, and it’s totally going to get me to practice yoga more, and run when I say I’m going to run. I’m excited, inspired and relieved. And really? That’s about as much as I can ask for for now. Grad school will happen, my history courses will happen. It’s just going to take some time. For now, I’m just going to “breathe and enjoy the moment.”

For now, I’m going to start my own 30 day yoga challenge. There’s 30 days til my birthday and I plan to do yoga every day for at least 20 minutes a day until then. That’s why I’m working on cleaning our spare room so I can do it in here. It’s a slow process. There’s my Fitness Friday contribution. I’ve sucked at everything this week, I ran a nice 8 mile run last Sunday with the beautiful spring weather and got out for a couple of really, really long walks, but it caused my knees to be wonky, so I’m going easy on the running til I get new sneaks.


Monday Materialism – Spring Edition

Freaders, I’ve got some good news. Spring is butting it’s way in. Winter, is on it’s way out – thank goodness, and today, as I walked the mile or so to Hubs’ office to bring him lunch, I wore flip flops, sunglasses, cropped leggings and a fleece. The fleece? Made me warm. I should have left it at home.

After all this winter has tortured us all with – snow, sleet, and bouts of depression – I’m ready for spring. Flip flops, skirts, driving with the windows down (not that I particularly like to drive but you know what I’m saying), days at the beach, shorts, and then some. Freaders, it was SIXTY DEGREES!!! That’s surely the warmest it’s been since we moved up here – it was like almost 80 degrees the day we moved out of our tiny english basement in DC to our monster of an apartment (it’s not really a monster but  it is MUCH bigger). I’m dying for spring to hurry up and get here.

1. JCrew Ruffled Shell Tank
2. JCrew Silk Ruffle Tank
3. Jack Rogers Sandals (via Nordstrom)]
4. Old Navy Envelope Neck dress

Here’s my current spring wants. Not much, I’m transitioning into a new job that won’t require me to be nearly as dressed up – more details on that this week sometime but yay! Freelancing, grad school and a job that actually pays. Now if only I could get started on that novel….then all my dreams would come true!


On Running

I had the greatest day today.

I have a hard time calling myself a runner, mostly because…and I’m ashamed to say it…I’m slow. Not ridiculously slow. But slower than I used to be.

Long gone are the days of 7-8 minute miles. Long gone are the days of sub 30:00 5k’s. But still, I find myself, especially on days like today, loving being a runner.


Go out, strap on your sneakers and just start running. Jogging, running, I consider them one in the same, because ultimately, you’re faster than a walker. You move swiftly over the sidewalk, whether it’s to music or just the sound of your own breathing and the cars passing by. You run to the outskirts of town, up and down hills you weren’t expecting but find yourself being excited and proud when you conquer one hill after the other. You feel your legs tighten up, crying out over the exercise but not because they’re upset, they’re tired. You turn around and head home, bummed yet happy that the run is over. The run is almost over? Two miles left, twentyish minutes or so. Down some hills, up some more hills.

You pass a couple older runners, nodding politely, then one man, with wrap around running sunglasses, and winter gloves gives you a thumbs up. It revamps your energy and you feel an extra kick in your step. You wonder how fast you’re really going, how long til you’ll be done and able to say you conquered another 8 miles. Eight miles on your sneakers. Adding up the miles in your head you wonder how long till you should reward your hobby with a new pair.

Finally you pass the last major landmark, about a half mile from home. Knowing you’re almost there, you add more spring to your step, trying to keep up with a runner a few steps in front of you. He suspects what you’re doing, and speeds up. Or you slow down, tired, cramping and aching. You cross your last street and turn up your driveway. Sprinting the last quarter mile or so, almost there. You can feel the sweat on your forehead – the first spring day, the first great day for a long run. Your legs are tight, screaming in pain, but you feel, albeit sore and tired, accomplished and exuberant about running and accomplished.

You are, regardless of your speed, a runner.


Fitness Friday – Lazy…

I’m feeling lazy this week. Like, goals from last week? Out the window. Goals for next week?

  • Run. Just run. Three days. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday. Then race Saturday.
  • Don’t eat pizza 3 nights out of sheer laziness. Actually cook. Eat salad. Yes. I will eat salads next week.
  • Run my 8k next weekend under 1 hour

I think keeping it simple would be best. I have an 8-10 miler on tap for this weekend. I will run it Sunday.

I’m ashamed. Unmotivated. And just…blah. I need new sneakers. Every time I run my feet and shins hurt. My sneaks desperately need to be replaced.

I will do the EA Active. Then go buy cupcakes for lunch (they’re for tomorrow. To bring up to my in-laws) apparently there is a Crumbs bakery in Stamford. Seriously, heaven.


Adventures in Shopping or Why I Hate Pushy Sales Ladies

This past weekend, I got the lovely pleasure of hanging out with The Modern Gal (again! Yay!) in NYC. I’m still learning the city, and thus haven’t visited many places – recently I briefly explored the Upper West Side after a race, one afternoon I explored briefly the Upper East Side when picking up said race packet. After gallivanting around the lower east side sunday, I explored SoHo per her suggestion.


I had no idea what I was missing. But I’ll tell you what it was…heaven. I was missing heaven.

For a self-proclaimed shopaholic as I’ve deemed myself in the past, being in the presence of all of my favorite stores was a small piece of heaven. Of course, with hubs and I’s budget  (or lack there of) it resulted in much window shopping and less actual buying…which is always a good thing.

So I meander into White House Black Market, as I’m searching for a top for Liz’s bachelorette – black top. With jeans and heels obvi. Sassy, sexy and classic. Why didn’t I think of this store before now?!

I fell in lust with a top. All $88 of pointelle goodness. I felt really bad, but the sales gal was a bit pushy, and I don’t like that. Ever. She kept picking jewelry, and gave me shoes, and all that jazz. Generally, I like to try things on without feedback. The occasional “That’s cute” is sometimes helpful (like when I buy dresses that I probably don’t need that aren’t as deeply on sale as I had initially thought cue purchase at Ann Taylor Loft yesterday) but lingering, adding accessories? Too much for this gal. I had to tell her I don’t wear big hoop earrings, I don’t wear platform shoes, and I don’t wear bangles on my wrists. She was sweet, and I appreciated her attention but it was just too much. I don’t like the pressure.

All her help led me to feel super bad when I didn’t end up buying the top. It was super cute. It looked smokin’ on me.

It’s damn near perfect. Classy, sexy, and it was incredibly slimming on me. It was what I needed. But for $88?!?!

I’m indecisive, but man, if I could find that shirt for like $40 less? We’d be golden. What say you freaders? Got any pet peeves when you go shopping??


Monday Materialism – a Day Late

{sorry it’s a day late! I had it half written last night and forgot to post it before I went to bed! Eep!}

I finally got to go window shopping this weekend – I was looking for a cute top to wear out to my Brother in Law’s party – it’s been a long time since I had gone out. Ever have that realization, when you look at your wardrobe, how styles change as you get older. I’ve noticed that a lot of the shirts I’ve gotten rid of were the shirts that I used to wear to the bars.

I used to enjoy getting dressed up to go out. I was never super high maintenance, I never got super dolled up in dresses or high heels, I was more the polo, pearls and flip flops type of gal, or, in some cases, polo, short skirt and flip flops type of gal. With pearls of course. Occasionally a tank top or a glittery top that I picked up at BeBe. But there’s a key difference here. Most times, going out meant going out to meet dudes so we’d slut it up a little bit. I don’t do that anymore. My struggle is finding a cute top to go out that’s not super-skankariffic, but still looks…hot. If you get what I’m sayin’.

So now, when I go out, I have nothing to wear. This is probably the second time I’ve complained about it, but really, I fear there’s not much out there for married ladies who are not trying to slut it up a la Forever 21 style. Or maybe I just seriously lack style. Like, a lot of style, I fear, freaders, I am an imposter when it comes to style in that, I am realizing, I have none.

So I will spend the next few weeks shopping for the perfect black, non-skanktastic, going out top for my pals Bachelorette party (PS If you live in NYC and have any bar suggestions that are not too trendy and don’t charge a cover, do let me know!).

But I’m struggling. Mostly because I’m the opposite of “trendy” or “stylish”. Hell, I’d wear leggings as pants every day if I deemed it acceptable.

1. JCrew tiered shell
2. Forever 21 Tunic
3. JCrew Silk Tank

Clearly, this is unacceptable. I need help. And a damned black top. Halp???


Fitness Friday – Lazy Edition

Last weeks goals well…

I did still rock my 4 mile race (4 miles, 41:11, 11:17/mile)

I did yoga yesterday on the wii fit. Surprisingly, it felt really good to stretch since my muscles were incredibly tight.

I did a RAD workout on the treadmill Wednesday (uff, that’s all I have to say. Uff.)

I did run 3 miles before my training appointment Tuesday (since I didn’t run Monday).

I did not go to Zumba last night (wamp wamp).

I did not cross train as I had planned. I will do some more strength training tonight.

Tomorrow, I will run my 8 miler (initially thought it was 10 milers. Turns out it’s 8. Woo!) as planned. It looks like I might actually hit my intended mileage this week! Woo!

Next week…

I will…
run 3 miles on Monday
run 4×800 on Wednesday
bike 25 miles as cross training
strength train two days
run 10 miles next weekend
be able to do 15 burpees by the end of the week (am actually a little behind in this however my trainer did make me do 20 of them this week (sans the pushups part)
keep recording my food in my food journal. Seriously, I am loving this habit.

I will not…

…eat all of my peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (2 dozen of the 45 are getting sent to my bloggy valentine tomorrow – late late late. I’m always late!!)
…have any diet coke (I gave it up for Lent. So far so good!!!)
…use lame excuses for skipping workouts
…skip any runs. I have an 8k in two weeks. 5 miles is like nothing for me, but I need to get crackin’ on my long runs. Still. Gawd winter training blows!!!

How about you? Got any goals?


Where in the World Wednesday – Blogher Edition

I’m participating in Classy in Philadelphia‘s feature Where in the World Wednesday. The idea of WITWW is to post a picture of you in someplace in the world…it doesn’t have to be somewhere foreign or tropical. Just a picture of you somewhere that you consider traveling. It might even be somewhere in your own hometown!

This week?

I fell in lust over the summer last year. With a midwest city and large rooms of bloggers. Okay, I should clarify that statement – Chicago is great, but it will never hold a candle to my favorite city – Boston. Always has been and always will be (no matter what my Husband says about NYC being the best city in the world. I disagree.) but the people in Chicago? Were nothing short of fabulous and all the bloggers that I met were even more fabulous than I could have imagined.

That’s right, I had never been west really. Chicago, to this day, is the furthest west I’ve been in the US and I’ve gotta say, it’s a fun city full of wonderful, fabulous bloggers. I really am itching to go back, but alas, it’s not in the cards (yet) – soon though!

Can you find the bloggers???

Finally… guess who rode shot bun in the Weinermobile?

This girl.

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!