About Me

About Me

heidi headshotI’m a 30 something, working mom of one. A ometimess runner/triathlete, and general fitness enthusiast. I’ve been blogging in some way, shape or form since the livejournal days of the early 2000’s. I’m a social media junkie, and work in marketing in my 9-5.

When I’m not mastering my marketing prowess, you can probably find me soaking up cuddles with my pre-schooler, attempting to be paleo, or trying some new fitness trend.  I grew up in New England, so while Maryland is currently home, my heart will always be with those beautiful Green Mountains.

My blog, is a showcase of my attempt to find balance in life, and happiness in the every day. I write about style (well, attempts at style, most largely inspired by people way more stylish than I), fitness (see: sometimes runner/fitness enthusiast), and family. My hope is to build a community and teach women – working moms, stay at home moms – that there’s beauty in the simple, and balance is something we all strive for and that as moms – we’re never alone.

The Characters

only one heidi family Hubs and I got married in 2009 with a beautiful and most perfect DC wedding. After a brief stint in Connecticut, we landed on the shores on the Chesapeake and since 2010 have called Annapolis, MD home. He joined the Maryland National Guard in September 2011, and less than two years and 2 cats later, our family grew by one – enter #babyschmidt as he’s often referred to on the blog.  In early 2016, we bought our first home in Anne Arundel County between Annapolis and Baltimore.


duathloningMarketing. Running. F. Writing (when I have time). Being healthy. Feeling balanced. My family. My friends. Good food. A good sweaty workout.

Why Only One Heidi?

When I rebranded from the now defunct “Life in Pink” blog in 2015 (a blog created in my 20’s that I didn’t feel represented me much anymore), I kept trying to find something that fit all my different interests. The joke was, in a conversation with a couple of colleagues at the time, that I was only one Heidi, but wanted to blog about all of the things. Thus, One of Me was born. I’m still not entirely sold on it, but I do love the Only One Heidi aspect.

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