My Comeback Post

So I accidentally took some time off blogging. Not on purpose, really, I just stopped having time for it. The time off was needed though, I needed a break.

Back in March, I started a new job that has been really challenging and while I’ve enjoyed it, it’s brought on some new challenges along the way at home, in life, and with life balance.

Since becoming a working mama, I had this rule of four. You can manage four things really well. Anything else is likely going to suffer. For me, those things have been family, work, self-care, and [insert fourth thing here]. Whether that’s running, biking, friends, junior league, blogging – they all have waves.

comeback post

But I’m ready to come back. On my own terms, though. I need to stop comparing myself to the bloggers who blog for a living, and the bloggers that maybe don’t have children and have beautiful homes, have perfect photos that they spend hours shooting, and just…have more time. We all have different stories and for me, it was a season where my story needed a break from blogging. 

I know that I’m not going to be a blogger that rakes in big money, nor am I going to be a blogger who spends thousands of dollars at the N-Sale and then returns half of it after doing photo shoots. I’m okay with this. Bloggers, I think are becoming the demise of the industry they created.

A while ago, I spoke with Renee about this on her podcast – when her and I started blogging over 10 years ago, blogging was about community. Connections. Somewhere in the past decade, that got lost. I miss that. I miss the connections I made through the DC blogger community. Blogging often seems about monetization. Everyone doing it as a hustle. I’m not going to lie, I have enjoyed some monetization from blogging BUT nominal in recent years. 

So, Where do I Go from Here?

I have a backlog of pretty outfits that I’ve been sporting and some #MomLife challenges that I’m ready to share. Here’s what my blog is going to focus on going forward:

  • Outfit posts – because I love these. My photos are self-taken most of the time, with the occasional husband photographer photo.),
  • Mental health – this is a battle I’ve been fighting recently, as some of you may have seen from my Instagram stories. I’ve found that as a working mom, fighting this battle can be lonely and overwhelming. As a mom in general, this battle can be lonely and overwhelming but I want to share my struggles and triumphs because it’s so important to let people know that you are NOT alone.
  • Fitness. I’m a run coach, I’m a fitness enthusiast. The friends I look forward to the most are the ones I run with and/or workout with. I love trying new workouts, new challenges, and I love sharing them on my blog.
  • #MomLife. As a parent of a child with some special needs, life can be a bit harried. There’s self-doubt, worries, anxiety, and triumphs. I’m not as eloquent as some of the other mom bloggers out there BUT we do have a story to share as we embark on the kindergarten journey in the next month.
  • Marketing. Listen, I’m not a GREAT blogger, but I am a content marketer by trade so I know some stuff. I’ve been around the blogging block – I understand best practices, I’ve taught others, and if there’s one thing I could talk for DAYS on its marketing and blogging and social media.


So hey, community, I want to know – what do YOU want to see here. Leave a comment! Tell me what’s been new with you!