Only One Mom: Episode 2 | Can’t Let it Go

Hubs and I are huge podcast fans. We each have a few we follow regularly, one of which is the NPR Politics podcast. Each week, they do a segment called can’t let it go. Where they share news stories that they can’t stop talking or thinking about. Often, they are hilarious and incredibly noteworthy.

So once a month, I’m going to do a Can’t Let It Go segment. Just recapping what happened in the month prior – whether in life or in the news. As a kick off to Only One Mom, I roped hubs into being my guest as I experiment with editing, filming and you know, all the things. Adam talks about his new favorite show and I talk about my love of the Olympics and one skier who KILLED it over in South Korea.

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First Mom on Team USA Kikkan Randall:…
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What are YOU not letting go of?