Lessons from Body Back: How I stay Motivated

So I’m over a quarter of the way done with round 4 of Body Back. Granted, Round 3 was a mini session over the holidays, but this will put me at three, full 8-week sessions and 1 four week session- 28 weeks, 56 insane HIIT workouts that have made me stronger than I’ve ever been.

The other day I saw my coach share a post of mine on the Fit4Mom Severn board and asked “how do you maintain motivation through four sessions? Any tips?” 

I had to think about it because while there are lessons I’ve learned, I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s kept me MOTIVATED perse. I mean, goals. The community those are really the two biggest things that keep me going back for more, but here are four lessons and facts that have kept me motivated and goal-focused.

  1. You are stronger than you know.

    Hand-stand pushups? Check. 9-minute mile? Check. One legged pushup. Check. When I started Body Back on that hot day back in June, I did 3 pushups. Maybe 5 situps? We switched the minute of burpees for a 1-mile run (9:14! My fastest mile since before Little man!) this round, but previous rounds – burpees have been my nemesis BUT burpees with a chattarunga pushup? Ain’t no thang.  If you don’t test your body, you’re not going to get stronger. Push your own limits, you’ll be surprised what your body can do. When I feel unmotivated, I find something to focus on – something I want to test, limits I think I can bust past. Keep testing yourself. Every week, every day. Find something new.

  2. It takes a damn village

    October was a pretty stressful month for me – work was crazy busy and we were beginning to feel the pinch of Adam’s military ETS. But man, these mama’s lifted me up. They pushed me. On those nights when I just wanted to stay at home and not shuffle across town, this village kept me motivated.

    It’s really hard for me when I’m not focused on specific goals – which mind you, I wasn’t super focused round 2 and mini round. But now? I’m focused. I have big goals. My village keeps me accountable and they keep me driven to succeed. I’m pretty competitive by nature, but having that accountability to show up and leave it all out there, is pretty fierce to keep me motivated and accountable.

  3. Be specific about your goals

    My coach said to me as I embarked on round 4, that she was going to challenge my goals. But then, my goals were super specific and she was really excited about them. I don’t think I’ve been as specific as I’ve been this round – I want a sub 30 minute 5k, I want a sub 2 hour Cherry Blossom 10 miler in April and I want to be under 150 lbs by my 35th birthday in April, because strong or not, and whether we tell ourselves the number on the scale matters or doesn’t – to some it does. To me it does. I want to be a healthy weight for my height and I’m closer than I was in June, but I’m not as close as I’d like to be (roughly 4 pounds away to be exact from this shorter term goal. Longer term I’m about 20 lbs away from where I’d LIKE to be). But knowing I have specific goals has kept me focused, I upped my running to 2-3 days, and while I have not been 100% to plan, I’ve been closer to 95% which is better than the 80/20 I was doing. So keep those goals SMART – when they’re not, focused and specific, I promise you’re going to have a hard time staying motivated (that was me, round 2 in the fall – it was a tough few months for me though).

  4. It’s Your Money

    Homies, Body Back Transformations is NOT the cheapest program in the world, but it is worth every penny. You pay for the meal plan – stick to it. You pay for the coaching, lean on them. The Facebook group? Use it to hold yourself accountable. But seriously – it’s an investment. If you don’t lean on the recipes, the coaching, the group and the workouts – both class and at home – you’re not going to see the results you want. Knowing that I paid for this ish, keeps me motivated and accountable. The fact that I did NOT gain weight over the holidays I fully attribute to that 4-week mini session. #accountabilityyo

Fitness goals are tough friends. Running goals are tough. Setting personal goals for YOURSELF as a working mom is tougher. Taking time for yourself is really hard, but be the example for your LO’s friends. Be. The. Example. That is one of the things I have loved most about Body Back is that it’s for moms, by moms. It forces us to take time for us, with an emphasis on self-care – like they say “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Truer words have never been spoken, friends.

I remind myself that every Tuesday and Thursday when i go to class and E asks if I’m going to “mommy gym” or every saturday when he sees me get up at the crack of dawn to run with my MRTT group that I am being an example to him of healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. Goals aside, wanting to be that example for kiddos, is motivation enough.

What keeps YOU motivated mamas?