Holiday Fun: 9 Things on My Holiday To Do List

Ahhh the holidays. It always seems to go by FAR too quickly and there never seems to be enough time to do everything I want. This year though, I’m making a list. Little man is super into Santa and our Elf on the Shelf, so that just makes this whole time of year more festive.

  1. Bake cookies

    My favorite recipe is one that I remember my Nana making every Christmas (similar). I know they’re Peanut Butter based, so I’ll just make sure to NOT give them to E’s teachers. But this year I’m making four types of cookies, inspired by this post – candy canes, pinwheels, traditional sugar cookies and of course, peanut butter blossoms. If I’m inspired, I’ll also make my cranberry, white chocolate chip cookies to boot.

  2. Donate to a good cause

    I gave to Junior League of Annapolis on Giving Tuesday – an organization I’ve been involved with for nearly 8 years. I also plan on giving to the Alzheimers Association – that I do every year, usually on the anniversary of Nana’s passing, but this year we were low on funds so I’ll do so before the end of December. We also pick out angel tree families from church and E’s daycare as well to help teach him that it’s good to give back to kiddos with less than you.

  3. Go ice skating

    Hubs is afraid of ice skating but I grew up ice skating on weekends with friends and had many cousins who play(ed) hockey so I absolutely want to make sure Little Man learns how to skate. This year is the year where the three of us will head out to an ice rink under the lights and have a fun family night out!

  4. See a train garden

    There are a couple in Anne Arundel County that are supposed to be fun to check out – at least two of those being outdoor train gardens in Pasadena, so we’ll be sure to visit before the season is up/they close down!

  5. Visit Santa

    We’re doing that this weekend at Homestead Gardens when we get our tree, since the line was SUPER long to see him at the Lake Shore Plaza tree lighting last night.

  6. See Miracle on 34th Street in Baltimore

    We keep meaning to do this, but this year I actually want to trek up to Baltimore to see it. Apparently, it’s incredibly fun and festive to walk around, and I think little man would LOVE it.

  7. Drive around looking at lights/Go to Lights on the Bay OR Festival of Lights at Watkins Park

    We did this last year on Christmas eve when little man was sick with a high fever (we ended up in the ER because we couldn’t get a good read on it, and he was super lethargic – viral. of course) but it was a lot of fun.

  8. Run a seasonal race

    I haven’t signed up for it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be running the ugly sweater run on the 16th in Odenton with my MRTT friends.

  9. Watch Elf

    Not so fun fact: I’ve never seen Elf. I’m more of a Love Actually/The Holiday kind of gal myself. BUT this year I want to see it. Hubs is less enthused but it’s going to happen.

What’s on YOUR holiday bucket list this year?