Fit4Mom Body Back Transformation Recap: Lessons & Before/After

Friends, I’m at the end of my first Body Back transformation journey. A journey it’s been and a journey it will continue to be. I already signed up for the September session and I’ll be kicking butt with these women at least two nights per week going forward because I just feel so flipping awesome thanks to this program.

You are stronger than you think.

Handstand pushups? Sure thing. Rocky punch sit ups? No problem. Three rounds of 1-minute planks and 45-second side planks? I got this. Twenty-pound bicep curls? Easy peasy! My body is stronger than I ever gave it credit for and when you stop to think about it, you can do anything for a minute. One of my coaches said something the last week of class that really resonated as we went into our assessment – “The workouts didn’t change. You got stronger.” 

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

When I don’t meal plan, I fail my body and myself. I slip backward into bad habits. By not planning, or setting yourself up for success, you’re more likely to “fail.” That being said…

There is no fail. It’s a journey.

Journey it is. There’s no perfection here. That glass of beer with colleagues? No problem. The glass of wine with Junior League? Make sure to bring lunch and get your workout in. It’s a journey and it’s just beginning

Stronger together

The women that I worked out with inspire me so much. They push me and challenge me and lift me up when I don’t think I have one more rep in me. I am so grateful to have found this village and to get to spend the time with them each week that I do. 

All about that accountability

Having the accountability of showing up to class (hi. I paid for it!) and getting my food journal checked out every week forced me to hold myself to a higher standard. I was less likely to go to happy hour with colleagues (not that we go to happy hour often but I stopped altogether for the past 8 weeks, indulging only for special occasions like a dinner with my bestie or date night to a brewery with the hubs.) and also letting myself eat lunch out only once per week also kept me accountable. Not only did I save money on lunches brought from home, but I also developed healthier habits. 

It’s not just about the scale

Total loss is only about 3 and a half pounds. BUT the inches man. My clothes fit better. $hhh!!!!tttt,   I wore a black t-shirt dress that I would NEVER have worn 8 weeks ago. Total inches lost? 6.5”. With 2” coming off my hips (they don’t lie) and 1.5 off my waist. Clothes that once looked awkward are fitting better than they have in a couple of years. The scale only tells a partial story friends, consider how your clothes are fitting. 

Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard

I didn’t cut anything out of my diet. I ate MORE but I ate better. Your body needs fuel. Eff the shakes. Eff the “cleanses” – been there, tried that. Eating healthy, whole foods is just what my body needed and it’s working. Skipping meals won’t help, and I bet as soon as you’re done with that whole “intermittent fasting” trend, you’re going to just put the weight right back on. Healthy doesn’t have to be hard, nor does it have to be expensive. But you do have to be mindful of what you’re putting into your body. 

Make it a family affair

Our family has transformed – not like that – but hubs and I are healthier together. He supports my journey. I am so grateful he’s taken the charge after work when I peace out after dinner to get a hot evening run in or jaunt off to my body back workouts. We’ve laughed together getting through the at home workouts in our basement after bedtime and recently, we started a 30 day push up challenge with my sister-in-law on the west coast. It’s absolutely become a family thing. 

My biggest accomplishments?

Increasing my push ups from 3 to 10. Increasing my squats from 39 to 62. Increasing my plank time from 1 minute and 14 seconds to 2 minutes and 7 seconds. Increasing my bicep curls from 23 to 30. I can solidly do 18 sit-ups – an increase from 5 at the start of this and my side plank (which I loathe) increased almost 30 seconds from 43 seconds to 1:09.

As for my body?

The photos show it all.
3.6 lbs down
6.5 inches lost

I still have a ways to go to get to my goal weight BUT I’m on the right track. Where as I was straddling the 160 line (aka too close to my weight at 39 weeks pregnant), I’m much closer to 155, my goal for next round is to get to 150 because I know the impact that those 5 lbs will have on my running, my strength and my overall level of health.

It’s a journey my friends, and my coaches – bless them – never fail to remind us of that through the ups, the downs and every hurdle in between.