Currently | August

Today I’m linking up with Anne and Dana for the August Currently linkup. It’s a favorite link up of mine, even though I seem to forget every other month either way!


Hearting | My new favorite dress. Seriously, I have two colors and I am seriously considering a third. Big fat puffy hearts all over this dress.

Watching | I got into the Bachelorette during Katlyn Bristowe’s season, and now i’m hooked. I’m now fully enthralled by Bachelor in Paradise – it’s terrible. I know this, it’s complete garbage. But the trainwreck…I just can’t turn away.

Exploring | Nothing recently summer has been busy in that I was in Vermont for a weekend then Hubs left for AT and we’re about to head back up to VT. However, Hubs and I need to put a couple of new stops on our #tripnorth next week.

Creating | Trying to create a bullet journal. I have not yet started, though I did buy the journal I intend to use… and a pretty new pen and I have pinned a few posts also on the how to. I’ll get around to it eventually. Also, creating blog posts. Because those are always being created…though not necessarily being posted, in any sort of timely manner. Sorry y’all.

Eating | Everything zucchini. So much zucchini. I made this chocolate, chocolate chip zucchini bread this past weekend and took it to work – it’s pretty amazing. Not at all in line with my “I’m going to half-assedly try the whole 30” type eating goals. So much fail but that’s for another post.


Join this fantastic linkup on the first Wednesday of each month – next month, we’ll be sharing what we’re reading, trying, hoping, decorating, and to-do listing.

  • I have that dress in 4 colors… so obviously I agree. The BEST! Very intrigued by this bullet journal thing (my inner type-A list maker loves the idea), and it’s been zucchini everything around here too and I’m running out of ideas. Might have to try that recipe. Thanks for linking up!

    • legallyheidi

      Pretty sure i first saw that dress on your blog (i lurk. what can i say, big fan but rarely comment!) and now have it in soon to be 3 colors because it’s so comfy and versatile!!!

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      • Hehe – sorry, not sorry for passing along that obsession. I just bought the burgundy one actually and love the color!

  • Excited to see how your bullet journal turns out, Heidi–I just started mine at the beginning of last month and so far I love it. Also I might have fallen in love with that dress–I can definitely see why you want it in all the colors!

    • legallyheidi

      nice!!! I’m excited to get into it – i just need to sit down and get started 🙂 🙂

      YES! It’s a beautiful, versatile and comfortable dress!! 🙂

      thanks for the comment 🙂