Sweating through the Holidays: 31 days of workouts

Or sweating to survive the holidays as I call it.

Sweat Through the Holidays 3

We ran a turkey trot up in Vermont on Thanksgiving. I decided then and there that I needed some healing and I would commit the end of my year to running. Nana was always super proud of my running, and some of my favorite races were VCM 2009 and the Unplugged Half Marathon 2012 when she was able to be there to cheer me on.

So I committed myself to the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak – a mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Then life. Five days in. So instead, I rethought this, because I know that it’s nearly impossible for me to run every day, I decided it would be a Holiday Sweat Streak.

What is a Holiday Sweat Streak?

Sweat once a day. A mantra I lived by for a year when I worked at lululemon. So that’s what I’ll do. I’m shooting for 100 miles between Thanksgiving and New Years Day – there will need to be a couple of longer runs, but I’m up to 5 for 5 (4 days of running, 1 day of Bikini Body Mommy) so far – even when traveling.


Mileage: At least 50  miles to round out the year

Workouts: 16 Bikini Body Mommy workouts to complete the 6 week challenge. I’ll do running for my cardio days and strength days i usually double up upper and lower workouts.

How do you stay active during the holidays? Are you taking part in any holiday challenges?