Weekly Workouts

So you know you have a habit and sharing that habit kind of holds you accountable? I had that.

But then, I  kind of got out of the habit of sharing my weekly workouts and thus…I haven’t been great with my workouts. Cue, lack of accountability. Thus the number on the scale has been creeping up and I get stressed and it keeps going up. I’m learning that stress really, really affects my weight and I’m not a fan of that. So in order to remedy that, I’m refocusing on my workouts and eating better.

Hubs and I are going to meet with a nutritionist because I want to make sure we’re eating the best we can (no more drive thru dinners to Taco Bell when Hubs has class for this girl) and I’m going to recommit to the 21 day Fix Eating plan to make sure I’m really eating whole foods.

So onward…

weekly workouts

Monday – PiYo Sweat
Tuesday – PiYo Lower (AM)
Wednesday – Run 3 (AM)
Run crashing with my co-worker
Thursday – Run 3 (AM)
Friday – PiYo Upper  (AM)
Saturday – Pure Barre (AM)
Sunday – Run 3
(Ugly Sweater Run @ Fleet Feet Severna Park)

It’s been a month or so of half hearted workout planning – which I really need to do in order to keep myself on track. I’m kind of in survival mode through the holidays but I’m hoping that talking with a nutritionist and signing up for a couple of early spring races will really get me back on track come January. Until then? Survival of the fittest and surviving the crazy month of December.

How do you stay fit through the holidays?