Recipe: Sausage Zucchini Boats

God bless pinterest.

I mean really, it’s like an encyclopedia for life. In search of the best cookie recipe for the holidays? Search and seconds later, half a dozen amazing (and easy!) cookie recipes are at your fingertips. Need to know what to make with your {insert random vegetable/grain/meat here}? Pinterest’ll tell you what to make for dinner – the only thing it won’t do is cook it for you. Need workout inspiration? Hundreds at your fingertips waiting to be completed. Welcome to the internets my friends.

We’ve made it a point to eat healthy this year. So this week I planned out our meals and took my meal planning to pinterest to try something new. Voila! This whole meal planning thing means we’ve eaten in every meal and tonight, the new recipe I had on my meal plan was made – something my lazy bum hasn’t done in ages.

Had Ethan not had a diaper explosion and/or demanded bath time in his grunting and angry ooo-ing ways, he would have gotten to try some of the deliciousness. But while it baked and wafted delicous marinara smells into our kitchen, homeboy got his bath and was down to bed by 7p.

Anyhow, I’m going to link to the recipe, since I didn’t alter it. SkinnyMom is a favorite website for easy, healthy recipes, if you’re not a reader of them yet, I highly recommend for all things related to being a healthy mama.

Here are my unattractive, but still delicious looking zucchini boats. It was like lasagna…but with zucchini and not pasta. So slightly healthier if Hubs hadn’t doused it in cheese. Mmmm cheese.

Also, the zucchini was smaller, so they didn’t hold all the “stuffing” very well. Silly out of season veggies. Whoops?

{recipe here}

All in all, a pretty easy meal that was super delicious and mostly healthy. I highly recommend!