Baby Gift Ideas

We’ve gotten some outstanding baby gifts since finding out about Baby Schmidt – seriously, people are so super generous when it comes to welcoming new life into the world.

But as I’ve read, some items make better gifts than others. I mean, you’re bound to receive dozens of onesies, which doesn’t mean they’re any less awesome as a gift because there are some genuinely cute onesies out there. Here are 8 great (original gift ideas for welcoming a new baby into the world (especially if you’re anti-registry like I know some people are). Of course there are more practical items – but check those out on my registry must have’s list.


Baby Gift Ideas


-Blankets – More specifically, these Aden + Anais swaddle blankets – these are super cute, super soft and a great overall, versatile gift for babies.

-Books –  It’s never too early to start baby’s library and classics are a great way to start – our favorites include Good Night Moon, Babar, Curious George, anything Doctor Seuss and this amazing Good Night series (which we have for Vermont, LA, DC and NYC)

Baby Onesie cardigan – seriously super cute, and if you’re going to buy an outfit, get baby a cute outfit that I guarantee no mum or dad is going to want to spend $20 for themselves.

-Toys – there are some great toys out there for babies – Skip Hop, Baby Einstein, Melissa and Doug are great brands among many, many others.

-Artwork – if you know the mom and dad’s taste then this is a great go to – there are some super cute nursery artwork pieces on Etsy, some of my favorites include: this set, this one, and this – but really, there’s something for everyone over there.

Gift sets – there are gift sets for EVERYTHING baby: lotions, baby supplies, bottles, everything. And I guarantee you, mom and dad will probably use it and appreciate it!

Boppy – a boppy has so many purposes – not just for feeding but they’re also great to rest baby on and use for tummy time for baby. Pick one up with a cute cover and that makes an amazing gift.

-Sophie – Every baby should have a Sophie the Giraffe toy! Hubs sent me a great Wall Street Journal article on it a couple years ago and why it was so popular, so right after we found out we were expecting, the first thing he did was go out and buy baby Schmidt a Sophie toy and wrap it up to give to me.

What was a great, original gift that you received?? Anything I missed off this list? 

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