Craziness Ensues

Alternatively titled: This is why I left Vermont for civilization.

So I grew up in Vermont – it’s not an unknown fact – I’m quite proud of my roots though it took me a few years to really appreciate.

This weekend, I went back to the 802 by myself to see my big brother who was home on R&R from Afghanistan – coincidentally my trip coincided with his birthday (best sister ever? Me. Except not. I’ll get to that later.)

So Saturday, I hauled my butt to work at early o’clock, in hopes of leaving a bit early to start my 6 hour trek early to see a cousin who was in town.

Leaving early fail. I left the store around 2:30 only to get to my car and realize my keys were MIA. I searched, and searched and searched until it dawned on me. I left them in a bag sitting on the passenger seat – i switched out my bags at the last minute because I didn’t want to leave my laptop in the car.

FAIL.(FAIL #1 if you will)

Two hours after my original departure time, my coworker and I MacGueyvere’d our way into my car with a hanger, a pair of scissors and some packing tape. Thankfully I had left my drivers side window open a touch so my colleague managed to slip the hanger in and open the door handle with it.

Sometimes, I am not the brightest. And my original hair color shows it’s true colors (I’m naturally a dark blonde. Less brunette than I am now.)

So I finally get in the car, get through Greewich and make my way to I-95 with no problem. Then traffic in Norwalk. Then traffic in New Haven.

Traffic…FAIL (fail #2). By this time I had missed my family BBQ at my aunt’s house that I had hoped to make it to. There was just no way.

Three hours in, I get to Vermont. Halfway there. But hungry.

Sooo I make plans to stop in Brattleboro – except Brattleboro – a small town in the southeast corner of the state (exits 1-3 on I-91) is the only town on I-91 between there and White River Junction that has food.

I found this out the hardway. Hubs and I have stopped there for food before, I’m a big fan of Taco Bell since I like their little fresca menu – it might not be the greatest but I’m convinced it’s a million times better than a big mac or whopper any day.

I missed the exit. I missed the effing exit. Of course I did. I thought I was looking for exit 4 – no no, pretty sure it was exit 3.

EFF MY LIFE!(Fail #3!!!)

I stopped at a little parking area to gnaw on some of my trail mix I picked up for the road – smart move? Yesh.

So I get off at exit 5 (mind you I’m only going to exit 10 but there’s like a million miles between each exit on both I-91 and I-89 in Vermont) and realize after about two miles that the blue sign with the freakin’ dinner plate, fork and knife that promises food LIED. LIES LIES LIES! All. Lies. (fail #4)

I turn around and make it back to exit 5 and head up to the next exit. Same sign. Same promises. Same lies. (fail #8)

Except this time I got stuck in Bellows Falls – another small, podunk town. A town that happened to be having a fireworks festival that night. Hello detours and rednecks and some dude driving down the road in a fucking golf cart asking for money to pay for the $20,000 fireworks display. What. The?


I give up when I get back on the highway at the exit after that, stop again for more trail mix (I’m awful at multi-tasking when I drive – mostly because I’m kind of a nervous driver so I don’t like to be distracted by phone or anything – trying to eat trail mix when i don’t want any raisins is no easy feat when you’re going 65-75mph.) and vow to get off in White River to pop over to Lebanon, NH (aka CIVILIZATION) for dinner. At…taco bell.

How much time did I waste? About 45 minutes. FORTY-FIVE FLIPPIN’ MINUTES FOR NOTHING!

Do these podunk towns not eat or something? I mean jebus!

Anyhow, I made it to my mom’s at like 11pm. (fail #9)

Visited my brother Sunday for lunch – he treated mom and I to lunch – even though it was his birthday. Whoops? I owe him a care package. Big time.

Had dinner with sister and her boyfriend and his kids – a nice little cookout with salad, corn and steak tips. YUM.

Then i went home, watched The Next Food Network Star (oh cable how I missed you!) and caught up on the delightful trashy reality that is Jersey Shore.

Woke up at 5 to be out the door by 5:30 and over to my grandparent’s by 6. Had breakfast with my nana (omg. love her.) and left by 7am. Was on the highway shortly after 7:30 and back to Stamford by 10 of 1pm and at work for 2 after a quick visit with the hubs.

It was…a whirlwind to say the least but I’m really glad I made it home. As I’ve grown up I’ve really learned to appreciate my family much, much more than I have in the past and I’m incredibly thankful to live in a place where I make spontaneous trips home like that – you know, breakfast in Burlington with my nana and then home by lunch time. It’s nice.

This week has been crazy – lots of working and getting ready for BlogHer!!! Are you going? Are you going to the 20sb meetup Saturday night? I hear there’s going to be a mechanical bull (!!!!) – note to self, don’t wear a dress.

Stay tuned for a post later tonight on my outfits for blogher, why I’m a lazy ass, and in the next few days, the winner of my #gapmagic giveaway (have you entered? You have til 11:59 ET tonight!!!)

  • Themoderngal

    When it rains, it pours.

    Have fun at BlogHer!

  • I was always soooo jealous of my cousin who grew up in Montpelier. I wanted the cold.

    I was in Saratoga Springs this past weekend! Sorry…I was excited to see it on your map.