Making things happen

Things got monumentally worse yesterday.

In Hubs’s and I’s quest for the #movenorth, we’ve, in so many terms…lost a lot of money. Gone into some debt for him to take his job. I quit a job, albeit a minimum wage paying one, but a fun one. I loved the gym. He was “consulting” and was brought on full-time to his job just this month thus giving up other consulting clients for his job, and taking a pay-cut to do so. A pay cut. After taxes, etc…which his company will now be paying for, he will be bringing home significantly less than the past few months of “consulting” while also losing a significant amount of outside income. I am…kind of freaking out.

It was, in addition, non-negotiable.

My biggest fears: Are we going to be able to survive? Are we going to be able to not go bankrupt? Will we be able to eat? Will we be able to keep puppeh in kibble? Oh. Em. Gee. The list goes on and on, because while Hubs is incredibly supportive about me pursuing my dreams, the reality is – and I’m realizing this faster than he is – I need A job. It won’t likely be THE dream job, but I need…A job. And I’ve been applying, to part-time, freelance and full-time jobs. But guess what kids…the economy is still crap and well…I’ve had ONE interview since we moved up here. ONE.

I’ve applied to at least ten private schools, ten public schools for pretty much any position that will allow an uncertified teacher – substitute, teaching assistants, etc.. I found out the other day that Stamford Public Schools have SIX HUNDRED substitutes. They TURN teachers away. Same with Wilton. I need to follow up with a few other schools but can I just say…holy. Crap. Me teaching is likely not going to happen any time soon – I’ve still got my fingers crossed for grad school but in the mean time…

Crap crap crap crap.

I’ve begun, slowly, applying for more freelance jobs. Mostly because this teaching thing? Is going to be slow going and me? I love to write. A lot. I think you can tell by my blog right? Right. I might as well wait, wait for grad school or a private school gig, and do something I enjoy in the mean time that may just allow me to make some money. Keep your fingers crossed.

In addition to my quest for freelance gigs, my longing to teach, my marathon training, my soon to be tutoring, I recently started a project that has long been in the works – there’s about eight other bloggers – with a few others that are currently getting started on the site that haven’t been introduced yet. It’s a wedding blog. A blog that came to fruition at BlogHer and took this long (for me: 1 wedding, 1 move and a job and a half later) to get off the ground.

Currently, we’re in the middle of a redesign to make it a pretty wedding blog. Soon? I want to be bff with the big time wedding bloggers. Sharing pretty pictures and dreaming of the wedding that could have been. I loved my wedding, every minute of it – from my sister waking me up super early to give me my wedding gift, to having breakfast with my mom and sister in the morning, to stopping at our frequented liquor store in full wedding attire after the ceremony to get some champagne for the limo to the after party in our suite. I loved it. But I also love the thought of planning weddings – seeing everything come together – the details, the colors, the dresses, the coordinating – everything about weddings I love.

So this blog, is a source for REAL bloggers to write about their weddings. Not that all wedding bloggers aren’t real bloggers but I just found that some of the wedding blogging out there is…less than stellar. And for some reason, I have a small condescending attitude towards bloggers who created their “blogs” to blog for a wedding blog. Or bloggers who write for a wedding blog who had never blogged before. I dunno, it just kind of turns me off. Judgemental I know, and I don’t claim to be the next Anne Frank but sometimes, you just want to read bloggers who can use a semi-colon properly. Am I right?

So, my project, unpaying but oh so fulfilling with some of the best bloggers out there (IMHO) is up and running: The Bridal Bloggette. And in the meantime, while I wait for my teaching dreams to come to reality, I’ll keep writing because it makes me happy and if there’s one thing I need to stay in our dour situation is happy.

  • Keep your head up it will all fall into place! But I know how you feel it is very very stressful to feel like you have no control because of the economy. I can’t wait to check out your wedding blog!

  • Uh oh. Now I’m paranoid about my semi-colons.

    I can’t wait to see your wedding blog; however, I may be a horrible writer.

    Guess I’ll just have to read instead 🙂

  • You’re really an inspiration. And, I’m so happy about your new project. I have had so many friends (that aren’t bloggers) recommend wedding blogs to me since getting engaged. I have put them all in my reader and half of them don’t update and the rest aren’t too impressive. I can’t wait to dive in!

  • I am a terrible writer but I love my blog buddies : ) Please don’t grade me on punctuation usage. The teaching career will come. I waited on my “dream” job for 4 years 3 months and 2 days. Im serious. I did work somewhere else in the meantime but now I am actually dong what I love. You will too. Randomly here in Florida we need teachers terribly! Anyone can subsitute!!! Good luck Ill be down here cheering for you

  • I still can’t get over the fact that Stamford has 600 subs! That’s insane! I’m also shocked that Wilton has too many, they used to ask me to sub constantly, to the point where I said no! Have you tried any schools in NY? Westchester isn’t too far away.

    Good luck with the job search! I hope something happens for you ASAP!

  • First off, you’ll make it through. You may have to live off of Cup O’ Noodles and make other sacrifices, but you WILL make it through.

    Also, I’m interested in participating in your bridal blogging. If you have a hot second, please contact me at LizzieInProgress at hotmail dot com.


  • I saw on Good Morning America a couple of ways you can earn extra income from home.
    Who knows, it could be helpful. I believe one is even writing freelance. Basically you choose what you want to write about, write it and if they like it they will pay you for it.

  • what about waiting tables in the meantime while you work on the grad school/teaching/freelance thing? if its at a place that serves alcohol tips are good… and it would get you out of the house….

    Good Luck!

  • I know you have a lot going on but everything will work out. It’ll be okay 🙂

  • I wish I could write as candidly as you about our financial situation. I think I need to email you….

  • you can do it heidi! and i’m so glad you started the bridal bloggette because i am loving being a part of it already.