Bone to Pick

Having worked at a gym for almost two years part-time in DC, I’m struggling with the new gym here in CT. Like, really struggling.

You see, out of caution, we don’t like to leave our crazed, separation anxiety laden, unable to be crated pup by herself. When we first moved up here, we got a package at a playcare facility down the road for a good price but I’ve been trying to save those days as much as I can since the package is running out and we don’t really have the money to buy a new one.

Today, I went, as usual, to the gym when hubs got off work. My days are spent hanging with pup, taking her for walks in the bitter cold, and applying to jobs, and waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting on certification programs. Because now, apparently, some private schools don’t hire substitutes that aren’t certified. A little part of me just died.

I digress, so going to the gym at 6:30pm, I’m not stupid, I expect the gym to be busy. This gym is significantly smaller than the gym I worked at. So much so that I had to wait 15 minutes for a treadmill.

In ADDITION, and this is where I get really annoyed – two points –

1. Put a lock on your locker. TWENTY lockers I opened – at least – before I found an empty one. Ladies, I know this is a tiny locker room without towel service (hate), but jebus. Put a freakin’ lock on your valuables or else next time you’re done not breaking a sweat on the elliptical, you’ll find your North Face fleece on the floor with my stuff in your locker with a lock on it. Always. ALWAYS use a lock. Much like a c*ndom. Protect thyself. Lock it up.

2. In addition, there are signs around the gym that say “limit your workouts to 20 minutes when people are waiting for the machines.” There were at least 3-5 of us waiting for a treadmill. Yet, still, I saw a number of people with 45 minutes or more left on their workout, that had already been on the ‘mills for at least 15-20 minutes. I get it, I’ve done the treadmill for an hour (against my will but it was too cold to do that 5 miler outside with no running gloves), but during peak hours? Right after people get out of work when EVERY OTHER MACHINE IS BEING — USED? That’s just rude and inconsiderate.

3. No towel service. No jaccuzzi. I never see floor staff around. People not wiping machines after use. Seriously, what kind of second rate gym is this place?? Towels just make it more sanitary. The jacuzzi, well, I was spoiled what can I say.

A big part of me misses DC. My gal pals, my book club, my gym, being able to have a life. A part of me is beginning to resent the dog – and I realize it’s largely our fault for not trusting her/training her well – she regressed while we were both unemployed. Not surprising but it’s not her fault.

At least I’ll have junior league starting next week, and I WILL get a job – sooner hopefully rather than later, and I have three races before June, so it’s not like I have nothing. Sometimes, it just feels that way. *sigh*

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  • Awww, that’s hard. Ihope things look up for you! Are there any other gyms around you? That one sounds horrible 🙁

  • Once you start taking classes at SHU, you can use their gym, and think of me…I did my work study there for four years! Love!

  • Since we live so close together, I need to know what gym you go to! I used to go to Planet Fitness on Courtland Ave before I got a treadmill.

  • About a year ago I started saving for a house, and I decided to cut out unnecessary bills. The first to go- my gym membership to Bally’s. I figured there was no point in having it when there was a perfectly good gym in my apartment complex that I plopped $300 down to use when I moved in.
    Hol.lee.crap was that a change in lifestyle… what do you mean there isn’t a raquetball court??? Or a steam room? The [outdoor] pool isn’t open year round?
    It’s a tough transition, but you get used to it.
    Oh, and the a-holes on the ‘mill for 45 mins+… just push them off. [j/k]


  • Having to adjust to these kind of things when you move is so tough. I hope you start feeling settled soon.

  • Question: why do you spell condom as c*ndom?

    Just curious.

  • aw that is difficult and quite irritating. one of the main reasons (besides the fact that i had no motivation to drive before or after work any more) i work out at home now (thank you wii fit) is because i’m so impatient and hate waiting for people. i think some people should be enforcing the time limit when people are waiting because that’s just plain rude.

  • love the new page !!

  • I hope things start looking up. Sounds like they will!

    I love all the things you said about the gym. I don’t go to the gym, but I can imagine how annoying all the resolutioners are!