My sister. I don’t write about family much here. But I’ve gotta say, my sister is pretty awesome. Ten years ago, I would have said quite the opposite, probably to the extent that I didn’t care if she was alive or not, but these days, my sister is pretty bad ass.


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The other day, my sister and I were bad ass enough to go into NYC, she hadn’t been since she was in grade school and I figured “why not?” So we woke up at the butt crack of dawn, hopped on the train to Grand Central and scooted up to Rockefeller Center and were on The Today Show!!!

We stayed for about an hour, getting there a few minutes after seven and leaving just before eight am. It was fun and! We definitely got on TV once! Which given the cold on Wednesday AM, was good enough for us.

We also saw the Rockefeller Tree (it’s from CT!!!); went to Times Square; walked down to Macy’s and walked around and sent letters to Santa (because I’m 5. Really. I am); walked down 34th Street; met up with my dad for lunch; considered going up the Empire State Building – decided we didn’t want to spend the money; considered walking up to Radio City Music Hall, decided it was too cold; walked around Bryant Park – took some cute pictures of ice skaters; and finally got a train back here to Stamford where we met up with Hubs, came home, ordered chinese and finally crashed.

I’ve learned, over the past couple years especially, to appreciate family. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m glad that I have a good (but dysfunctional) family. My sister and I, especially, haven’t always had the best relationship. A few as five years ago, we were barely on speaking terms. But ultimately, I’m glad I’ve got my sis. She’s been through a lot but she’s strong, and I admire her for all that she’s done for herself, not to mention I’m immensely proud of her. I’m really glad we’ve grown to appreciate one another over the past few years, growing up it was quite the opposite. I was always jealous of her over-achiever status and thus set my life goal to one up her in everything I could. I wanted the attention, I wanted the same kind of attention that my mother showed her.

But we grow up. I stopped caring about our class ranks, the fact that I was in National Honor Society and she wasn’t. It’s about family. We’re blood and sometimes, when there’s no one else, you have your family and you just gotta get by with them because no matter what you think? They’ll always be there for you. I’m lucky. I’m lucky to have parents who love me, siblings who are pretty awesome – a sister who’s picked herself up from an abusive relationship and has worked her way up the corporate chain, and a brother who cleaned up his act at eighteen and is now active duty military getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan. I’m immensely proud of both of them, and am constantly reminded that you can’t give up your family no matter what. They’re just that, whether you like them or not, sometimes? They’re all that’s left.

{photos by Megan Garrison}

This visit with big sister has been MUCH MUCH better than the last, and I finally feel like she’s not just my sister, related to me by chance, but that 1. she’s a friend – the type a sister should be and 2. I’m finally grateful that she’s my sister. Our personalities, as I’ve realized are completely opposite – my weaknesses tend to be her strengths and vice versa (or so I’ve observed). I’m just…really thankful. For her. For a lot of things.

Side note, despite the impending travel craziness (DC this weekend, Southbury next week, VT the weekend after and New Haven with friends for New Years Eve), I am still trying to keep my fitness blog updated, as well as this one here! And the bloggy project is almost ready to be announced, as soon as I can get the $*&(*#&$(ing theme fixed. *rage* Lot’s going on, unfortunately, not much motivation to write. Too much else to do, including getting my etsy shop ready, sending out Holiday cards, Thank You notes (almost done! Twenty more!), baking and applying to various teaching programs. *sigh*

Are you ready for Christmas next week? Pretty sure I could use another week. At least.

  • It took me a long time to appreciate my sister as well. Our roles are reversed – I am the older overachiever, and I think she resented that. Now that we have both matured a bit, we get along so much better. I am happy you had a good time with your sis!

    I just realized Christmas IS a week away. YIKES!

  • Sonya

    I could totally use an extra week before Christmas as long as I don’t have to work!

  • this post just makes me happy. my sister and i definitely didn’t get along or even hang out until a couple years ago and i am quite grateful that we do. it’s so much better that way.

  • Have fun in my fair city!!! I could definitely use another week (of shopping time, anyway) before Christmas. 🙂

  • Yeah I’m totally not ready. I’ll be out holiday shopping after work tomorrow or at lunch. FAIL. What a great photo of you and your sister too. So cute!

  • What a fun sisters day! It’s funny how when we get older, we appreciate our siblings more and have better relationships with them. When my sister and I were growing up, we fought like cats and dogs. We’ve gotten a lot better now, and I am so happy to call her a friend.

    Are you ready for Christmas? I’ve got some wrapping to do, but I’m done with my shopping already.

  • KT

    It has taken a while for my sister and I to become friends again, but I think that we are finally at a point where we are not so competitive and instead proud of each other. It’s a great thing!