Blogher Day 1

Alternatively titled…why I hate flying longer than an hour and a half.

You know it’s going to be an interesting travel day when you get to the airport two and a half hours early (unintentionally) and find out your flight is 40 minutes delayed.

Furthermore, you know that traveling is not going to be fun when you sit down in your seat, on a full (over-booked) flight mind you, and find out you’re sitting in front of a screaming kicking toddler who won’t (pardon my french) shut the fuck up.

I kind of question parents who don’t try to calm their kids down in such a public, intimate setting like an airplane, no one likes tykes that screech. Especially when they’re mearly 18″ from your head, and no one likes a tyke who kicks your seat. As a gal I met last night said “it’s like they don’t realize that the front of their seat is the back of yours.” True that.

So tyke starts in before the door is even closed, and then my seat buddy sits down. First it was me and an older guy, minding our own businesses, I had just pulled out my book for SDBBE since it hasn’t yet been started, which meant putting aside the current book I’m reading despite absolutely loving it. Lady McDrinksalot sits next to me. I don’t know this because she bought a drink – though she did buy one for the dudes in front of us who didn’t have a credit card on them – but rather because she smelled of stale, stale whiskey.

Awesome. I hate that smell. I hate it when Fiance and I spend a night out drinking a lot and I hate it on a middle aged woman who’s sitting mere inches from me. Wait no, not really sitting. She reclined her seat back all the way (poor mom who won’t shut up her screaming kid…or not…) rolled onto her side as much as she could and had her backfat rolling onto my arm rest.


Upon cruising altitude, the guy in front of me proceeds to lay his seat back about as far as he could without hitting me – thanks man. You and your pals can just keep screaming at each other four rows apart. Aren’t plane rides supposed to be quiet?? No? Damn.

Upon our descent, my first thoughts? OH MY GOD, IT’S SO FLAT HERE!!!!!


Remember kids, I come from Vermont. Sure we don’t have the Rocky Mountains but we do have the Appalachian mountains which are older and still mountains in comparison. What is the tallest peak in Illinois? I’m curious.

Got in, saw an awesome hot dog joint that I recently saw featured on the Food Network that I may need to try just because I’m here…but they don’t put ketchup on their dogs. I need ketchup. I don’t care if that’s “not how you eat a hot dog.” Maybe not in your weird midwestern way it’s not but there’s nothing better than a snapper dog with lots of ketchup. If you don’t know what snappers are? We can’t be friends anymore.

Decided, after getting my luggage, that I was NOT in any way, shape or form patient enough to deal with trying to get downtown on public transit – as much as I want to ride the Ell – so I shelled out the cash for a shuttle. $20 was way worth it.

Until, the horrors of my travel day came to a peak. If there’s one thing every DC driver loathes, it’s motorcade traffic.

Apparently, last night Obama decided to jaunt over to Chicago. Leaving me stuck for about 15 minutes under the Hyatt hotel in motorcade traffic. I was…literally…two blocks from my hotel.


Alas, I arrived. We went to dinner. Life was good. The girls I’ve adored for the past, nearly two years, are all fabulous. The parties…well….I think it can be summed up with this….

With that…onward to day 2!!!

  • LOL you go all the way to Chicago just to get stuck in the President’s motorcade!!! The irony would have killed me. Have fun! 🙂

  • Sounds like a nightmare start to the whole thing, but I’m sure everything will only improve from there! Have fun!

  • Ugh, poorly behaved toddlers on a flight. Backfat on your arm rest? Poor thing!

    I do have to say that growing up in the Catskills near some mighty fine mountains that Chicago was an adjustment. My dad grew up out there and lets just say that our driveway has more of a slope than his “sledding hill”

  • SO great finally meeting yoU!