Not a Morning Person

I’ve never been a morning person.


My mother used to fight with me to get me out of bed, and I was consistently *nearly* late for school. Fast forward to college – if I didn’t have my hour to get ready (check email, shower, check facebook, get dressed, dry hair, etc….) I would skip. This was…often the case. Mostly due to laziness. Generally, it was a rule of mine to not schedule classes before 10:30. Freshman year of college I had 8am courses all five days of the week – that my friends, was brutal.

Now a days, I wake up by 7:30 to be out the door by 8:30 to be “on time” for work.

However, I should be getting up earlier.

As I mentioned yesterday over on the fitness blog, marathon training starts this week. My sinus infection is gone, I’m off my antibiotics, and I’m feeling fully functional. I’m 14 weeks out, so I’m roughly 2 weeks behind myself but not due to laziness. Due to legitimate illness.

Last night, on schedule was 30 day Shred, yoga and some pushups. As well as finishing my save the dates for the wedding. Well, save the dates took priority, and working out was pushed off till this morning.

Until I couldn’t get out of bed that is. In my defense, I have to set my alarm for an HOUR before I want to get out of bed. The snooze button and I have that kind of relationship. It was set for 6:15a – fiancé had intended on getting up at 6:30. I finally rolled out into the shower at 7:32, 15 minutes AFTER the alarm turned itself off. Fiancé rolled out after my shower at the ripe hour of 7:50. Jerk.

It should be noted, that despite our best efforts, my fiancé is even less of a morning person than I am. So our efforts need to be tripled before the results are even visible.

I decided long ago that I need to become a morning runner/worker outer. I need to get up at 6am. Get in my run or strength training and then just be done. I get home far too late to keep doing this crap at night and by the time I do get home, I want to eat and then get into my sweatpants and relax which I’m prone to do regardless of my workout schedule. (Whoops?)

I’ve done it before. In fact when I was training for Marine Corps, until I stopped doing it (getting up early that is) I would regularly be up at 6:30 to run, and out the door by 8:15 or so to be to work by 9. This was of course before this job. Just before I was fired from the Evil Government Relations Firm. I’ve had a lot of bad jobs what can I say. Besides the point. I know I can do it, I just need…motivation. Perhaps not having a warm fiancé who smells good and a puppy on my legs warming them is bad for business…I mean it’s all well and good…until they make me not want to get out of bed.

So here’s where I ask y’all for suggestions. Are you an AM or PM workout person? What are your strategies (aside from the obvious which for me is not going to bed at midnight – fiancé and I are so nocturnal) to getting up early? What’s your motivation?

  • i never had a class before 10 in college and luckily now i don’t have to be to work until 9:30 because i am definitely not a total morning person. but i am working on it by working out in the morning, we’ll see how that goes.

  • i am not a morning person (in high school i had a standing rule that no one in my house could talk to me before i left for school, because I was not a pleasant person:P). but now that I have to catch a train at 5:50am I have better adjusted. I am a PM workout person.. and my strategy is to workout as soon as I get home (no checking mail, phone, or random sitting down).

  • Madilyn

    I generally feel my best in the evening. I dislike getting up early, before my body feels fully rested.

    That said, I’m an adult. I get myself out of bed and on time for things because it’s required of me. I do what’s necessary, regardless of how much I dislike it, because being an adult means that I have the maturity to understand that the fun stuff in life comes secondary to the necessary stuff – this is not an option.

  • Suz

    I am not a morning person at all! I have 5 alarms to get me up in the morning (2 on clock and 3 on my cell). I decided 2 weeks ago I HAD to become a morning person to fit in my workouts because like you I get home too late to fit it in. How many times have I got up early since then? zero! It is easier said than done. I think I need to put my alarms across the room to force me to get up and not hit snooze for an hour or 2 each morning!

  • I definitely feel you on the morning situation. I have ALWAYS hated getting up in the mornings. Lately, I’ve just been using guilt to get myself up and to the gym, as my mom works at the gym and expects me to be there. If she gets home (she goes to work at 6 and gets done at 11 – inhuman, I know…), and I’m still in bed, it’s judgement city.

  • I have to go right when I get home from work or else its a lost cause!! But maybe I’ll try working out in the morning when its nice out- or when the treadmill is 10 steps away from me downstairs in our basement… good luck with your training!!

  • I like to think I’m a morning person, but I’m not. I wake up at 6:15am and I’m out the door by 7:13am…. Somehow I shower, dry my hair and straighten it and get out the door. LOL

  • I am not a morning person either. I just have to get on a schedule where I wake automatically, or I would mever get up at all.

  • I would say I’m a morning person, but I do have a hard time getting out of bed. I had morning practice 2-3 times a week in college, and either chose 8.30 classes or work at 8.30. I would prefer to work out in the morning, but unless I’m meeting someone or have practice, I ignore my alarm going off, so I tend to know work out after work.

  • I succeed at being a morning person only when there’s something I really HAVE to do. I’ll get up early when I have a lot of essays to grade, or when I have to be at an early hearing for work. Otherwise, though, it doesn’t really work out. I frequently sleep through alarms/hit snooze/etc. even when I’m sort of awake if I can’t muster the motivation to get started with the day.

    I think the key, then, is to make yourself really care. But how to do that, I just don’t know. Good luck! And glad you’re feeling better …

  • I quickly learned that classes before 9 a.m. were trouble for me. Unfortunately, all the language courses I took were at 7.30. *dies* I didn’t do so well in them, obviously.

    Depending on my work schedule, I’m either a middle-morning workout person or a night person. This month, I don’t go into work until 1 p.m., so I (attempt to) work out in the morning. Next month, it’ll be the opposite as I have regular hours.

    I’m not a morning person, though. And since I’ve been sick, pup’s and my working out has been severely cut short.

  • Well my gym is in my office. I guess I would say I’m a PM workout person, because I go right when I get off of work, at 5pm. It’s nice, because there’s hardly anyone down there, so I can watch WETA or MSNBC to my heart’s content. It’s a good way to decompress after work, too.

  • I hate the morning, but I understand wanting to get the workout over with. What I don’t get is people who go to the gym en route to work. I like getting ready in my own house.

  • I’m the worst morning person. When I lived at home, my mom hated it because I wouldn’t talk to her. When I’m staying with the boyfriend, I can only muster grunts as we’re getting ready for work.

    This makes me an evening workout person. I wish I could be a perky morning person that has time for a workout and a coffee run before work (I can’t even get make-up on before work!).

    I’ve always thought you’re either a morning person or you’re not, and that you can’t change. But the fact that you used to get up and run proves my theory wrong. And it means you can do it again!

  • I’ve tried over and over again to become a morning workout person, and it just never works. I don’t even have to leave my house until 9:30 every morning and still can’t get myself out of bed earlier than 8 or 8:30.

  • Lately, it seems like the only time I’ve been working out is in the early afternoon when I’m working the night shift or have the day off. My schedule is so skewed though — one day I’m working days, the next I’m working nights, so I’m not in a routine. When it was more regular, I was able to do an am workout routine, but I think I prefer running at night (when it’s warmer, of course)

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  • Leila Mota

    I suffer with getting up early, I’m in the last year of my course at university and I’m afraid of loosing the term, because I simply can’t get up early every day. I fell tired and painfully every morning and I shoud get out of the be at 5.45 am…
    I would like to know what should I do in order to help myself in that matter…